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* **Preset Finder:** Find any Photoshop preset and download it for free right from
* **Tutorials:** Refer to a web site’s tutorials to get started with many of Photoshop’s features. There are many very helpful Photoshop books and magazines on the market. _The New Digital Photography,_ published by Peachpit Press, is available at retailers such as

## QuarkXPress 9

QuarkXPress was originally known as QuickDraw, and was a powerful graphics tool for amateur designers long before it became a layout program for professional designers. It has a raster image creation system that is built for professional graphic designers. QuarkXPress also uses a text-based interface that enables designers to place, format, and manipulate text. It supports a wide variety of fonts and enables designers to work with images. QuarkXPress does not have a standard publishing program such as Photoshop does, but the output that it produces can be directly imported to a publisher’s printer or ready for a finished PDF for the web.

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Photoshop Elements also works with Photoshop, but it lacks some of the professional features (ex: shadows and layers). Photoshop Elements’ predecessor, Photoshop Lightroom, is comparable to Elements although it is arguably more advanced.

This Photoshop tutorial covers all you need to know about editing photos, working with layers, masking and color adjustments. You also learn how to add text or design graphic images, and how to correct photos.

Creating an Image

Photoshop Elements has a pretty easy to use interface, similar to other graphic editors. The steps to create a new image are as follows:

Choose a photo or type out a text to place on the image. Choose from a library of pre-made templates and place the image where you like it. Start the editing process by resizing the image. Go to Edit → Pint Size. Reduce the size of the image to a specified height and width using the options available. (The width and height appear as the “Size” in the Options bar.)

Adding Text

Photoshop Elements can make many options available to you when adding text. For example, you can edit with a pencil, draw the text, add text boxes, change font styles, edit the text, and add special effects.

To add text, you first have to select the text. In Photoshop Elements, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A, to select all of the text. You can also select a rectangular area of the image by dragging the cursor in the image.

When you select the text, the cursor changes to a pencil and the edit toolbox (left side) opens. Use the arrow keys to select the pencil tool.

Editing Text

You can make changes to the text including wrapping, spacing and more using the pencil tool.

You can move the text with the pencil tool. To use the pencil tool, move your mouse cursor on the image. The pencil turns green to indicate the size and direction that you can move it in.

The pencil tool is the most common text tool used in Photoshop Elements. You can add text by dragging with it. Use the arrow keys to go in the direction you wish to move the text.

You can also select an object or an area of the image and move the object or object using the pencil tool.

It’s also possible to align the text by clicking on the text in the edit toolbox. On the top left corner of the screen, a small

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System Requirements:

PC Minimum:
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