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Adobe Photoshop is available for Apple Macs and also Microsoft Windows, but both of these operating systems cost money. If you do your photography on a computer that runs Microsoft Windows, you can get Photoshop for about $200 from a retailer or online site, but it requires you to master the program in order to be able to use it. You can download free trial versions of Photoshop on the Internet, but we do not recommend that you do so.

After you master Photoshop, you can dive into another powerful image editing application that enables you to apply creative effects using layers and masks and interact with images in other ways, such as rotating and cropping, creating web graphics with content that you can then use online, and more. We describe some of these programs in the later section, “More Tools That Edit Layers.” You can also use Photoshop to produce special effects for digital cameras, using a program called Photoshop Elements, covered in Chapter 9.

Using Photoshop for image editing

Photoshop is one of the world’s leading image editing programs. It includes all the creative tools you need to create, modify, or enhance most types of photographs. It’s available for both Macintosh and Windows systems, and although Adobe’s big-time advertising flogs it as a professional tool, it’s actually very easy to use for the image-editing novice.

Because Photoshop can display and print in a variety of image formats, you can use it to perform most of the necessary editing and correcting functions for your photos. It can retouch them, convert them to different formats, and even create new image formats. You can also adjust color balance, retouch areas of a photo that need a bit of help, resize images, and perform a range of sophisticated image-retouching techniques.

Adobe Photoshop is the image-editing powerhouse of choice for photographers, graphic designers, and other image creators. After a few lessons, you’ll be able to do almost anything you want with Photoshop.

Using Photoshop’s basic tools

Photoshop includes many tools for tweaking your images and constructing them from scratch. You have the tools for applying special effects and manipulating them, organizing them into layers and placing them on new layers, applying filters to layers, using selection tools, and much more.

The following list summarizes the basic tools in Photoshop that are commonly used to edit photos. For a detailed description of these tools, see the appropriate chapters.

Adjustments panel: The Adjustments panel, shown in Figure 2

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While Photoshop is designed for digital photographers, Photoshop Elements is designed for hobbyists, such as graphic designers and web designers.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is constantly updated with new features, tutorials and tips to help you create high-quality images quickly and easily.

There are many free resources available to help you learn how to edit images in Photoshop Elements, and why would you want to learn?

It’s very easy to learn the basics of image editing, then you can look at some more advanced techniques for yourself. There are many online tutorials that cover many different aspects of image editing, from printing to web graphics.

Photoshop Elements is a simple to use photo editor that is perfect for anyone who wants to try a few free tutorials, or create their own high-quality images.

While Photoshop has become an essential tool for many photographers and graphic designers, it is still too difficult for many people to use.

Some people may find that learning a new tool or app can be difficult, but if you just follow a few quick steps you can learn how to make a basic image edit in Photoshop Elements, like fixing an aspect ratio, colour depth, rotating an image, and more.

There are many things that you can do to an image, and Photoshop Elements is no different.

Even if you can’t use Photoshop yourself, learning how to edit images with Photoshop Elements can help someone who knows how to use the popular software to create simpler or simpler designs.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or graphic designer to use Photoshop Elements.

Ready to learn how to edit an image in Photoshop Elements? Here are 25 tips to help you edit your photos in Photoshop Elements.

1. Use the History panel

You can view and edit your previous edits by clicking the History button on the tool bar. You can also scrub through your edits to see what you have done, and remove unwanted edits.

2. Add text

Add text to your images using the Artistic text tool, by clicking the Text tool, then selecting Artistic text. Now you can edit the text, add text and change the font, size, rotation and alignment.

3. Remove objects from an image

You can make objects disappear from an image by clicking the Paint Bucket tool, then click on the Un-Select tool (Ctrl+U on the

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How do i Create a route that responds to a GET request but has a POST request within it?

I’m pretty new to the framework and I just got started on my knowledge of it but I feel like I’m missing something.
I have some routes set up like so:
Method | URL | Requirements
— | — | —
GET | posts | null
POST | posts | {id:’string’}

The id is used for my posts for us to display them in the front end. What I’m trying to do is in my posts.js route script I can do something like this:
.post(function(req, res) {

Post.findById(, function(err, post){

Essentially that will pull the post based on the ID from the url and allow the user to search it or get it if the id is blank.
How I want it to work is to be able to have the route POST the data into the model.
How do I go about this?


I think you’re mixing up a few different concepts. You’re confusing the route name and the method on the route. There is no concept of a route that has both GET and POST methods. It is simply a route that matches GET requests, no other way.
If you want to create a route that has POST requests to it, you simply route this:
.post(function(req, res) {

Post.findOne({userId:}, function(err, post){

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