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Photoshop uses a light and dark, or grayscale, color scheme for the interface and workspace. You need to set your monitor to match this to work with the program, but what this means is that the image you see on your screen will appear dark if your monitor is like mine — a 20-inch Apple with a light base and no back light. The same monitor can look darker on the right side, because its back light comes from the side. Figure 3-1 shows the color scheme.

**Figure 3-1:** Photoshop includes many helpful features, from easy-to-use to advanced.

The image in Figure 3-1, for example, was created on a regular monitor. Although the photograph is black-and-white, it was created using layers to create the image. The desaturated image was set with a 100 percent grey background, which is the middle layer, and then a black solid background with a gradient. Black is the middle layer, and everything on top is transparent, so it appears on the layer beneath it.

Here is the Photoshop layer arrangement that was used to create the image in Figure 3-1:

1. Set the color of the background to the color of your choice. I chose a solid black background.

2. Choose Layer⇒New. (Note: You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+N.)

You can also access this menu by right-clicking in an empty area of your workspace. In Figure 3-2, you can see the New dialog box, but the earlier image in Figure 3-1 doesn’t show this dialog box.

3. On the right side, click the color drop-down menu and choose grey for the foreground color.

The foreground color is the part of the image that is actually visible to the viewer, so it needs to be visible. If the foreground color is lighter, then it’ll be harder to see the details. This amount of grey will be used to adjust the brightness.

You can choose as many greys as you want, or you can create a gradient. Check out the help file for more on creating gradients.

**Figure 3-2:** Create a new layer by using the New dialog box.

4. On the left side, drag the Artistic Style radio button (or choose it) and then click the tiny button with the gurneys.

This creates the basic, nondest

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Use the following guide to learn how to work with Photoshop Elements as efficiently as you do with a professional copy. Whether you are a beginner looking for a basic image editor or an intermediate photographer looking to save some money, this tutorial will help.

Best Free Photos Editing Programs

Anaël: Editor of French language

Photodune: Italian language

Pixlr: Multi-language

ImgMod: English


(Image on the left) To access the slideshow, click or tap on the image in the slideshow.

Working with Images in Photoshop Elements

Step 1: Open an Image

In Adobe Photoshop Elements, you can open images to make changes in the image. The first step is to open an image. To do so, double click the file name.

If you receive an alert about the thumbnail of the file being empty, that means that the image is from an online resource (for example, from a website, such as Google images) where all the thumbnails are empty. In this case, you need to click OK to download the image and then you can work with it.

How to Create a Colorful Brush With Photoshop Elements

Step 2: Select Part of the Image

After opening the image, you need to select the part of the image that you want to edit.

To do so, you have two options:

You can pick the image with your mouse. Drag over the part of the image you want to select. You can also choose a new selection tool, if needed.

If you are editing a picture with layers, you can apply the same action to each layer. In this case, you can start editing with any part of the image and the changes will be applied to all layers.

How to Create a Colorful Brush With Photoshop Elements

You can access the tools found in the toolbox, located in the top of the program window.

Select the Paintbrush Tool located in the top of the toolbox, if you need it.

Another way is to press CMD + 1 to open the toolbox, then click on the Brush Tool.

Click and drag over a part of the image.

Step 3: Select a Color

After selecting the part of the image that you want to edit, you need to select a color. You can go back to the main menu and

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What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop EXpress?

Order Michigan Supreme Court
Lansing, Michigan

June 29, 2014 Robert P. Young, Jr.,
Chief Justice

148403 Michael F. Cavanagh

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop EXpress:

System Requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit), 8 (64 bit), or 10 (64 bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit), 8 (64 bit), or 10 (64 bit) Processor: 2.6 GHz
2.6 GHz Memory: 4 GB
4 GB Graphics: 32MB or above
32MB or above Hard Disk: 6GB
6GB DirectX: Version 9.0c
Version 9.0c Sound Card: Version 9.0c
Version 9.0c Additional Notes:

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