AI Net Zip [Mac/Win] [Updated]


The AI Net Zip application was designed to be a PKWare-compatible toot for managing .ZIP archive files.
This application requires the code / binaries from the Adaptive Intelligence .NET Framework, and utilizes all .NET code for manipulating the .zip files.







AI Net Zip Crack [Updated-2022]

A fairly straightforward archive manager that is fairly complete in its native file support.

The ability to add/delete/replace files in an archive.
The ability to move/resize/delete files inside an archive.
Some native file support:
A “file”-type reader that will read the contents of a zip file as zip files.
Support for extracting individual archives into zip-format archives.
The ability to add/delete/replace files in an archive.
The ability to move/resize/delete files inside an archive.
Some native file support:
The ability to append content to a zip file in-place (unzip)
The ability to copy content from a zip file to another zip file

The ability to access much more than just zipfiles natively.
One of the best things about this.NET zip code is that it exposes some pretty powerful features of.NET, thus allowing you to add something like System.IO.File.ReadAllLines to your.NET project and your code will now work with zip files.
For some more information or to download the source code, please visit this page.


There are some.NET standard libraries to read and process zip files.
You can find them here:

On.NET Core you may want to check out:


I would not go for the native.Net Core ZipFile class, as it is not intended to be used to deal with zip files in a program that is creating and appending to zip files. Instead, use the Open Zip functionality of the.Net Core 2.0 ZipFile class, which is built to be used in a code that creates and appends to zip files.
For the ZipFile class, see here:

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The Cracked AI Net Zip With Keygen application provides the same functionality as WinZip does, plus it also provides additional functionality that WinZip does not.
Net Zip manages.ZIP files that have compression. This application will also manage unzipped.ZIP files.
Add tags, split ZIP files, and even delete unwanted files. Open multiple archives at once, view embedded and external and external alternate streams. Switch between display and legacy text mode interfaces.
Additional AI Net Zip features:
Add to archive: Add an item from a file browser dialog box to a.ZIP archive. Drop the file onto the text entry area of the dialog box.
Create Archive: Opens a.ZIP archive to create a new one. Select the.ZIP file to create in the file browser dialog box. File browser dialog box can be customized.
Delete File: Deletes a file from the file system and the.ZIP archive.
Expand: The archive will expand to show the contents of the archive.
List View: Switch to display the contents of the.ZIP archive.
Close: Resets the archive to its original condition.
Copy: Copy files from one archive to another.
Split: Split a.ZIP archive into multiple.ZIP archives.
Merge: Combine multiple archives into a single archive.
View alternate streams: Switch between display and legacy text mode archives.
Keep related: The archive will be kept as related to its original archive name, when it was created.
List related archives: The.ZIP archive will be listed to a.ZIP archive’s parent folder.
Date time code: The archive will be renamed to include the current time, year, month, and day.
Sort by name: The.ZIP archive will be sorted by a file’s name.
Sort by size: The.ZIP archive will be sorted by a file’s size.
Sort by date: The.ZIP archive will be sorted by a file’s date added to the archive.
Sort by extended date: The.ZIP archive will be sorted by a file’s extended date added to the archive.
Sort by last access date: The.ZIP archive will be sorted by a file’s last access date added to the archive.
Sort by last write date: The.ZIP archive will be sorted by a file’s last write date added to the archive.
Source: Download the latest code from the Adaptive Intelligence.NET Framework

AI Net Zip files can be included and taken out of the archive in just one button click, which is a very important feature for an in the pocket application.
How to Create zip file with AI Net Zip in Visual Studio 2012:
1) First time you will create an application based on PKWare.
2) After completing installation of PKWare. You will get a zip file, which contains all the proper information about AI Net Zip.
3) Copy the Code for Creating AI Net Zip inside a Visual Studio 2012 and run the application.
4) PKWare will ask you to enter the Source/SHA1 Key, which is on the toot.
5) You can select two archive files, if you want to merge two archive files into one.
6) You have to enter the Source Key for the second archive file also if the second archive is not a local one.
7) AI Net Zip will create a unified zip file.
8) You can always test the zip file by unzipping the zip file.
9) For putting the zip file in to the toot, you will have to perform next steps:
a) Open the PKWare window, by clicking the “Start” button from the start menu.
b) In the PKWare window on the left side, select the “AI Net Zip” application from the PKWare app.
c) After that, AI Net Zip will ask you to enter the Source/SHA1 Key and the source file.
d) AI Net Zip will give you the option to merge the two zip files, by selecting it from the CheckBox.
e) Then AI Net Zip will show you how many files are in the archive and the total file size of the zip file.
f) Your archive will be converted into the.ZIP format.
g) You can now save and keep the archive for offline and on-line usage, and share it with the friends.


More options menu will be activated when you go to the File menu.

Note: The activation of Advanced Options Menu will make AI Net Zip more faster and stable by disabling the caching.
Help file by clicking “About”.

ZIP file Information:

When AI Net Zip is first installed, a zip file is created by creating a PKWare.toot application.
The zip file contains all the required informations for AI Net Zip.
The zip file is saved in the Application’s

What’s New in the?

The application contains AI.Net Framework Components (Static, Dynamic, Runtime, Class Library, Kernel, Thread) for manipulating.Zip files, and for archive export and import.

See also
PKWARE (software)
PKZIP, a PKWare (software) archive file format

External links
Download the
PKWARE.NET Software Development Kit
PKWARE.NET Software Developer’s Guide
Download application into a zip file

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2.0 GHz Dual-Core (Core i3/i5/i7) Memory: 4GB
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