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Apache POI is a set of Java APIs that can transfer data to and from Excel and other Microsoft Office file formats. It can be used for extracting text, loading tabular data and generate a document index.
The users who need to export data from Java applications usually have to deal with plain text, CSV or XML files. In order to use these files in other applications, the users need to use additional conversion tools or format the data manually.
A developer can use the components from this package in order to improve the user experience by exporting tabular data to Excel documents. Additional components for Word, Access and other programs are also included.
The APIs are able to convert the data to a format that complies with the Office OpenXML standard which allows you to generate XLSX, DOCX or PPTX files. These formats are supported by the latest versions of Microsoft Office and by other applications such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice.
Addtional Java libraries are available if you need to work with other Office files such as the Outlook messages or the Visio documents. However, each component is developed separately which means that the performance is different.
Some of the libraries support AES or RC4 encryption which allows the applications to read data from password protected files. Unfortunately, the support is not available for all file types.
If you need to create Java apps that can load data from Excel documents or PowerPoint presentations, Apache POI is good tool.







Apache POI Crack [32|64bit]

Apache POI is an open-source library for reading and writing Office Open XML files like XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, OOXML, etc. It can load data from Excel, Access, Word and other formats and exports to them.
The library contains the classes for accessing binary files, databases, and XML files with Java. It allows the users to perform tasks such as import/export, manipulate, read/write data in a file, create and read data tables and images, and more.
The library is developed by Apache Software Foundation and consists of the POI project. It is released under the BSD license. The project is available for download on the official website. You can use the current version of the API without having to compile it yourself.
The APIs are part of the Core API which includes the basic classes that you can use in your applications.
The package contains the following components:

In order to use the API, you will have to register yourself on the download page for the project and then choose the components that you need.
Note that the API is constantly being updated so you should check the latest releases for the classes that you need.
Java SE 7
Apache POI version 3.12 or higher
The only additional requirement is that you need to install the Microsoft Office plugin.
Also, the user’s installation must have an Office installation.
Additional Requirements:
Apache POI for Excel XSSF support for the newer versions of Excel 2007 and 2010 is missing, so users should use an older version such as POI 3.6.0.
Apache POI API Extensions and Formatting Support
The XSSF supports style formatting of cells and rows but the support is not available for the other formatting styles.
In order to get the formatting support for XSSF and HSSF, you should use the older POI 3.6.0 version.
Versions of the APIs Supported by Excel for OpenXML File Formats
The Excel OpenXML documents are XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, OOXML or ODF.
POI version 3.12 is a current version of the OpenXML API. The older versions of POI are not compatible with this version.
In order to use POI on XLSX files, you should use version 3.12 or higher.
Versions of Apache POI Support for ClosedXML Documents

Apache POI Crack+ Product Key

The Apache POI package consists of APIs that can read and write data from and to Office formats and other formats such as JSON, XML or a proprietary database.
The components from this package are a small set of Java libraries that can be used in your application to load tabular data from files, make XLSX documents or export selected data to another format.
Apache POI uses the Office Open XML format which is the format that is used by Microsoft Office. These formats can be loaded in other applications and they are often used by applications such as OpenOffice.
This package consists of many components that cover several types of data that can be read or written. Table generation, data conversion and other functions are covered by the components from this package.
Because each component is developed separately, the package offers many features that are not available in other packages.
Apache POI Features:
Apache POI has several components that can be used in your applications.
XWPFWriter – The components can be used for generating Excel documents from Java classes.
XWPFOpener – The components can be used for creating a new XWPFDocument. The document will be automatically saved to a location that you choose.
XWPFPackager – The components can be used to create XWPFDocument or XWPFDocument that will be able to be saved to other formats such as PDF.
XWPFParser – The components can be used to read a XWPFDocument from files.
XWPFReader – The components can be used to read XWPFDocuments from files.
ExcelIT – The components can be used to read data from files and generate a Table or from a blank document.
Charts – The components can be used for generating Bar, Pie or Line charts from a blank document.
SheetUI – The components can be used for generating the Excel user interface.
ExcelPackage – The components can be used to export data to Excel documents. The package consists of several components that can be used to export Excel documents to other formats.
JAXB – The components can be used to write data to files or use data in REST service calls.
SpreadsheetMLWriter – The components can be used to generate spreadsheets that comply with the Microsoft Office Open XML standard that will be compatible with most applications including Microsoft Office.
SpreadsheetMLReader – The components can be used for reading spreadsheets that conform to the Open XML standard.

Apache POI

Apache POI is an open source suite of Java APIs designed for working with Microsoft Office files. In addition to its text processing support, it also covers the table support and the data binding. The APIs are low level and are designed to be flexible and easy to use. You can use the package to read or write data to or from Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Visio and many other Office formats. The data can be from databases, flat files, web services and XML documents. You can also export data to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Key Features:
Good performance when writing data.
Support for AES or RC4 encryption.
Support for all Office documents including XLSX, DOCX, PPTX, WB1, WBP, MHT and XML files.
Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office.
Support for reading password protected Excel files.
Support for loading all types of datas from a variety of sources.
Support for creating Word, Access, Outlook and many other files.
Support for.NET including.NET Core.
Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2019.
Automatically create table formats for all types of data.
Automatically generate indexes and file names for all output file formats.
The package includes many examples that illustrate how to use each component.
Support for updating the package is available.
Apache POI Support:
The support can be accessed through
The documentation can be accessed via
The user manual includes detailed instructions about how to work with the package.
Apache POI Licenses:
Apache POI is released under the Apache License 2.0 which means that it is free for any user.
If you are looking to distribute the package, you need to cite the source and include the link to the license.
If you need to use the package in your own software, you have to license it from the Poi.apache.org site.
The discussion group for Apache POI is at
If you have any questions or comments about this package, you can contact the Apache POI Team at [email protected]
You can also join the Apache POI user group at

What’s New in the Apache POI?

Apache POI can be used in order to perform the following operations:

Add or replace different Office file formats into the JVM. You can use it to add MS Office files to the JVM or to open any other Office files.

Add or replace any Java data type into the current working document. This can be done in order to convert data into different file formats.

Unzip Office files (MS Office files) and extract data from them. It is possible to load data from Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other formats.

Convert Office files. There are different components that can work with different file formats. You can work with MS Office files such as XLSX and DOCX format.

Create XLSX and DOCX files. You can generate a document using POI. This file is in binary format which is much easier to edit than the plain text files.

Create a document index using the document contents. This is useful for easy navigation of the document.

Create any text file that complies with the Office OpenXML standard. In this case, the format supports XLSX, DOCX and PPTX files.

Export data to Excel, Word, Access, or any other Office formats. You can use the POI components to export different types of data and add the data into the current document.

Export data to SQL tables. It is possible to export tabular data to any type of database using JDBC driver.

Export file contents to another file. You can create a zip file from the current document.

Understand the Apache POI, you will be able to write your own applications.

Download Apache POI:

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