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AtomicReverb Crack

– Add a high-quality, highly customizable reverberation effect to your output
– Available in VST, AU, AAX, and Audio Units versions (iPhone/iPod)
– Easy to use and you can start experimenting immediately
– 10 Versions:
– Normal
– Atmospheric
– Ambient (Room/Hall)
– Dolby Surround
– Stereo
– X-Grid
– Magneto
– Yamaha
– Urban
– Acoustic
– Higher frequency lowering

AtomicReverb offers a full range of parameters which may easily be adjusted from 0% to 100% depending on your needs. This extends the flexibility of this universal virtual room and makes it a very power-user friendly tool.

– High number of presets, provide a variety of ambiances and a reference for live performances
– High number of filter types, more than 60 filter types
– 10 common types of reverb (Vallejo, Cathedral, etc.), but also surround sound and other types
– 10 filters types (Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, LPF, HPF, etc.)
– Multiple frequency curves
– Ganging
– High and Low Cut Filters
– A wide range of combinations (stereo, dual mono)
– Reverb time, decay time, and reflection tap
– Echo type : continuous echo, bandpass, narrow pass and low pass
– Attenuation (dB) and Density (ms)
– Decay type : Linear and Power
– Degree : 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 180°, 240°,…
– Waveshape : Sawtooth, Exponential, Linear, and FFT
– Style : Thin, Medium, Thick, Dark
– Input Reverb level
– Output Reverb level
– Portamento
– Output volume envelope
– “Store” (only AU version): Save the various parameters of a preset for your convenience

Plus, AtomicReverb offers a feature that allows you to make very precise and quick changes to all the parameters of your presets by hand.
By clicking on ‘Toggle’ next to the parameter to be changed (such as Density, or Decay Time), you will see a window that allows you to define the new parameter value. All you have to do is to type in the new value and click on ‘Apply’.
Then, to return to the original value

AtomicReverb [Latest]

Get rid of stock sound effects by using a live controlled room acoustic in your audio applications. 
AtomicReverb Free Download gives you full control of the room acoustic including the control of the spatialisation, delay, pre-delay, of the reverberation, and many more room characteristics like frequency response and level.
AtomicReverb gives you constant control of the reverb delay during the plugin’s playing and allows for infinite variation possibilities.
AtomicReverb is designed for the following use cases:
•  Recreating & Enhancing Earliest versions of commercial Audio Plugins –
AtomicReverb is a great tool to improve the sonic quality and to “balance” the sound of the old pre-echo plugins (like by auto-detecting old plugins which present their “room” characteristics) – of the old plugins, similar to the emulation of the original hardware plugins.
•  Adding new feeling to existing Audio Plugins –
AtomicReverb is a flexible environment for experimenting with new reverbs, completely customizable and fully controllable.
AtomicReverb Features:
•  Room Size or “Imaginary Room Size” –
AtomicReverb allows you to use any size room (e.g. like a room concert, the live room of a studio or a open warehouse).
The size of your room will be detected and the room impulse response (IR) will be set accordingly during instantiation. All room parameters including the time-domain frequency response can be freely defined and changed by the user.
Theoretically it’s possible to simulate rooms with an area up to 5000m², but for a human perception a 1000m² size is enough.
Use the “m” setting in the configuration dialog to set the default room area in meters.
•  Room-impedance & Total Reverb Time –
The “impedance” of a room is defined by the resistive and inductive components in the air, the floor, walls, furniture and pipes.
The total reverberation time is defined as the negative cumulative time-domain sum of all IR slopes
of the whole room response. The total reverberation time can be freely set by the user and is important for the sonic result of the plugin.
The typical IR attenuation of an eight-chamber real or IR room is about -6dB.

AtomicReverb Crack + Product Key Download

AtomicReverb is a fully OSS application using OpenAL audio API.
The classic ‘reverb’ effect is simulated using acoustical modeling techniques which takes into account the acoustic reflections of the source signal from the space.
AtomicReverb simulations were optimized to create ‘sour’ sounding room response without having to include a lot of ‘dead air’, which in the end gives you a more realistic result.

You can adjust any parameters in the configuration file, there are almost no limits at all, do whatever you like, for example, you can include any other type of reverb-effect.
AtomicReverb is highly customizable and feature-rich.

As you can see the AtomicReverb application creates environment effects with maximum flexibility.
Most mainstream and non-mainstream plugins do not offer you the maximum amount of features available in AtomicReverb.
There are more than 200 algorithms at the disposal of the user, this provides the user a lot of opportunities to use them and experiment with them.
Here are some of the features provided by this unique, open source reverberation plugin:

* Realistic room-acoustics
* Volumetric room-acoustics
* Room-response collection of up to 4 rooms
* Lots of room-preset configurations
* Fine-tuning of the preset-collections
* Open and customizable configuration
* Built-in mixer to easily set parameter values for single and multiple output channels
* Real-time and automated gain-balance of user-presets
* Volume-balance of presets
* Grouping of presets for the many options and possibilities
* Built-in input/output collection for most major audio-engine/host-programms
* Built-in effect for processing of single/multiple input channels
* Channels per tab
* Output choice for the built-in output channel
* Built-in output collection
* Built-in effect for processing single/multiple effect channels
* Built-in effect for processing single/multiple output channels
* Built-in effect for processing single/multiple input channels
* Built-in effect for processing single/multiple output channels
* Built-in effect for processing single/multiple input channels
* Built-in effect for processing single/multiple output channels
* 10 presets for most major audio-engine/host-programms, like FL Studio, GigaStudio

What’s New In AtomicReverb?

* Reverb in real-time
* 4 sliders (reverb-width, delay, density, spectral-texture)
* High-quality realistic reverb
* Mono or stereo output
* 7 additional presets *
AtomicReverb was created as a fast, dynamic and versatile convolution reverb algorithm. You can control all the aspects of the effect (range, number of reflections, diffusion, decay time) using a configurable Web-GUI. The GUI also gives you complete control over your presets. You can display a high-quality high-resolution spectral graph that precisely shows where the reflections are coming from and how much of them there are. You can also display a real-time graph of the decay of the echoes in each reflection. A classical convolution reverb has a problem with the ‘lake-effect’, the reflections become much more coherent. AtomicReverb solves this issue in a very simple way. You can control the width of the reverb by setting up ranges of reflection distances to apply the reverb on. It’s a very simple concept and it doesn’t sound any strange to me: let’s say you have a room with the dimensions of an office, and that there are people in the room and your music is emitted into the room and the room is also emitting its own echo, and the distance to the walls of the room are shorter than the distance to the ceiling. With a classic convolution reverb you would have reflections from your music in the walls, ceiling and a reflection of the room reverberating on everything in the room. With AtomicReverb, you take a larger range for the reflection of the walls and the ceiling. So the reflections are more distant and not bound to the floor.
You can do all this without making a reverb-room file. You can use 5 different presets (1 stock reverb-room file + 4 additional presets). You can select the range of the reflections you want to hear, you can set how many reflections there are and you can also pick out a portion of the reflections you want to hear. You can play sounds and mix them with the reverb of AtomicReverb before sending them over any outboard equipment. You can also amplify the reverb as high as you like.
When you switch to ‘Other’ you see all the 7 presets you created so far. Each of them has 5 modes, left to right:
* ‘Energy’
* ‘Range’
* ‘Delay’

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or later (Windows Vista compatible)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz/AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 2.8GHz or greater
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or AMD HD 5000 or greater
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 7 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card
Additional Notes: Minimum 10 MB free hard disk space.

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