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If you feel that your presentations are not as lively as you expect them to be, and you are affected by the modern-day phobia that is public speaking, or you simply think that your diction could use some improvements, resorting to a software utility such as AvarWord could make a difference.
The application is capable of extracting text from Word documents, which is subsequently read by an avatar you can customize to a certain extent.
Helps you translate text to speech
Featuring an approachable user interface, the program is a tool that can be figured out in no time, regardless of how tech-savvy you are. You need to start by opening a Word document, with the app being able to automatically extract it. While this saves time, the truth is it is a bit frustrating not to be able to manually select the Word file, especially considering that working with multiple documents could become a challenge.
On the bright side, AvarWord does let you take control of your avatar, or at least to some point. To be more specific, you can select one of the default voices in Windows, David and Zira, and you may also adjust the volume and word rate.
Lets you customize the avatar
Aside from that, you can make changes to the light, the zoom, and the position of your avatar. As regards the way you control the avatar, you may want to know that there are Stop, Pause, and Play buttons at the bottom of the main window you can use in order to ensure everything sounds perfect.
When you are done, all that is left for you to do is save your project, and you are ready to integrate it with your presentation.
Is affected by some inconsistencies
On an ending note, AvarWord is an intuitive program that helps you convert words to speech, while also letting you create an avatar that would make the entire project more interactive. While the app is indeed easy to handle, the fact that you are unable to select the file whose contents it uses as a starting point along with the impossibility of choosing only sections of your text makes it a little counterintuitive.
Moreover, as regards the customizations of the avatar, not much can be done – you cannot enhance the default appearance or decorum. But even so, you could still give it a try and see for yourself if it meets expectations.







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AvarWord is a Windows application capable of extracting text from any Word document and making the words in it sound like it does. This way you can highlight sections of your document with text-to-speech and add an avatar to the presentation.
Key Features
This software brings all the following functionalities to your table:
Extract text from any selected Word document
Make the words in your document sound like they do
Create an avatar
Add a header and a footer
Save your presentation as a.pdf or.ppt document
How to Install AvarWord on Mac:
Close all running applications
Download and open AvarWord.app
Install the app on your Mac
Run the program
How to Install AvarWord on Windows:
Uninstall all previous versions of AvarWord
Download and open the installer
Install AvarWord on your computer
Run AvarWord
How to Use AvarWord:
Start AvarWord.
Open your.docx,.doc, or.pptx document.
Choose a voice from the options provided
Select a custom name for your avatar
Save your presentation
Start your presentation
If you need more help or have questions, visit the official website here:

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AvarWord With Keygen

It’s not very often that you get to use an app that lets you communicate with a cute avatar. AvarWord lets you connect to your presentation via a speech-enabled avatar. Its primary focus is to help students with communication problems. Here is how it works: AvarWord uses the PowerPoint’s text feature to convert a Word document into speech. This presentation can then be listened to by a Windows Digital Human being as if it were a video. To make things easier, you can customize everything about AvarWord, just like you can the character itself.
Download AvarWord:
Get AvarWord Here

oh yeah thats kinda cool but a bit too technical for me


Thank you guys for your comments, I did a beta test some days back, everything you said is true, users feedback was positive on that. Hopefully AvarWord will be an interesting addition to your presentations.
@Jason you can select the words, and the user can customise the font and type. What’s not to like, i.e., AvarWord can be used for small children’s presentations, hearing impaired people, people who get nervous while presenting, or for any purpose where simple voice over would not cut it!


Haha… I was really looking forward to this until I saw it couldn’t play any media, even a text file.


I think you should read my comment again. Thanks for your comment. I had one more in mind. I realized your comment from the OP. Let me just clarify – it can convert some media files, but it just converts text. I think you can convert other media with some other program.

In the comments, some people suggest that you could use a freeware tool like AvarTranscriber, which converts text into speech, and then uses the built-in speech synthesizer.

You could do the same thing, except you have to manually edit the file.

So the answer to your question is – yes, you can edit the text in a.docx file manually, but it’s still a very inconvenient way to edit, IMO. It’s not the preferred way.

Yeah, like you said, it can convert images, graphs, etc.. But if you use a media player like Windows Media Player, or VLC Player


AvarWord is a ‘Spell Correction’ tool. Instead of highlighting the error in the text and then correcting it, you can create your own avatar that will listen to you and make the spelling errors disappear.
With AvarWord, you can create your own avatar that will listen to you and makes the spelling errors in your document disappear.
This is a companion app for the Spell Cone automatic spellchecker. You don’t need to download Spell Cone, just open a text document in it and add some text.
AvarWord is fast and effective. Its quick buttons, smooth mouse movement and the use of artificial intelligence software make AvarWord a tool that can change your life.
Create your own avatar!
Create your own avatar in AvarWord and then get rid of all the spell-checks, punctuation errors and overall errors in one go.
AvarWord is a spell checker that can correct the mis-spellings and can be used to create your own custom avatar.
Add AvarWord to your workspace
Productivity is driven by the methods that you use, and as such, it is essential that the apps and utilities that you are going to use are capable of making your day to day tasks easier. The same applies to AvarWord, the Spell Cone automatic spellchecker is fast, effective and helps you carry out a variety of tasks like correction of the mis-spellings and correcting the punctuation.
Download AvarWord
Ordering AvarWord now?Check out our step-by-step ordering guide below.
The Program:
AvarWord is an outstanding app that helps you create an audio avatar that will listen to you and correct the mis-spellings and other errors that you come across.
The software was created by a team of developers whose goal was to empower users to correct any grammar and punctuation that they may spot in Word documents. This is something that we believe AvarWord is capable of doing, and it is up to you to find out.
In order to use the software, you just have to open any Word document on your computer and then hit the play button. The software will then start listening, and AvarWord is capable of, respectively, quickly detecting the typical errors in the document that you make, all of them without having to select an option first.
In order to make AvarWord more effective, the application allows you to select a few segments of the document, along with the

What’s New In AvarWord?

In this article we are discussing about AvarWord. AvarWord is a free application that will translate text into speech for you. This is a great tool for anyone who has a presentation to give, or if they have to prepare a presentation on the go. AvarWord will help you out by speaking your words aloud, so that you can sound more natural and the audience will be able to understand you. Here are some of the main features AvarWord has:
●Extracts text from Word documents, which is then read to you by an Avatar that you customize, and you can also play it with audio
●Options to use the default Avatars or to build your own
●Automatically adjust the pitch and rate of the speech
●Translate text to speech and speak it
●Super easy to use
●Speaking is an easy process
●There are support for a variety of versions of Microsoft Office
Note: A read-me file is present if you open the zip file.

AvarWord Pros and Cons
What do you think about AvarWord?
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AvarWord lets you extract text from Word documents and speak their contents, while also letting you create an avatar that will speak for you.

AvarWord lets you convert text from Word documents and speak their contents, while also letting you create an avatar that will speak for you. The program’s interface is intuitive and that it has a variety of options makes it easy to customize.

It is easy to use and functions smoothly, with the only drawback being that you are unable to select the files you intend to convert into speech. It is a decent application for anyone who is planning to give a presentation, or who just needs to prepare their PowerPoint presentation on the go.

AvarWord Pros and Cons
What do you think about AvarWord?
Rate This App!

AvarWord lets you translate text into speech and speak its contents. It is a unique software that makes a valuable contribution to the solution of the current problems that are related to public speaking.

AvarWord lets you translate text into speech and speak its contents. It is a unique software that makes a valuable contribution to the solution of the current problems that are related to public speaking. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use and get it to work the way you would like.

It is easy to use and functions smoothly, with the only drawback being that you are unable to manually select


System Requirements:

– Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
– DirectX 9.0
– minimum 1024 x 768 (800 x 600 recommended) resolution
The game will check for and install the following drivers at launch:
Microsoft DirectX 9.0
Microsoft Windows Media Audio 9.0
Microsoft Windows Media Audio Codec
Microsoft Windows Media Video 9.0
General Notes:
• Some game settings may be reset to factory default, especially network settings. The recommended settings are included


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