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Install BackupChain DriveMaker on your computer
After registration, you can activate the download link and save BackupChain DriveMaker installer on your desktop.

Use Windows Installer to install BackupChain DriveMaker
After activation, you can use the program’s setup file to install BackupChain DriveMaker on your desktop.

Use BackupChain DriveMaker uninstaller to uninstall

BackupChain DriveMaker Crack + Full Product Key Free Download

Modern infrastructure technology allows many companies and organizations to quickly store data in multiple locations, with little-to-no regard for the overall picture. So far, so good: there are no legal or political issues involved, and virtualization is also a welcome backup solution.
As to the question of where you want to store that data, most people would say, “On a local machine, of course. Why would I want to store it remotely?”
While this is a valid answer, it can be risky to proceed with this approach. A slow connection, updates being made, and server maintenance, among other things, can lead to overwhelming results if you don’t have a solution in place.
On a side note, you must consider, and avoid, related limitations:
a. Depending on the location of your data, access might be restricted due to the SaaS-provider “firewalls”.
b. You must calculate the needs of the data and the storage power of each.
In addition, a team using “local” storage might be working on data as soon as a “remote” service reaches a capacity or suffers any unforeseen issue. If you are not working in this way, you may end up with a lot of redundant data that will cost you time, money, and bandwidth.
With BackupChain DriveMaker Crack Free Download, the job is done with one simple tool that can be incorporated into your company’s and organization’s storage strategy.
Makes it easy for you to decide what data to backup
On the way, the program offers basic functionality for the storage of data, including the ability to control the set of internal or external connected hard drives and the ability to add more when needed.
For you to decide, for example, you can upload a directory or specific folders, upload files, or just backup any file in a given directory.
This allows you to enable automatic or scheduled backups, or set up a manual connection to “restore” data, making it easier for you to focus on your business.
BackupChain DriveMaker Cracked Version Features:

Built-in backups for directories

Resume-able and temp-able connections

Backup to local drives

Backup to FTP servers

Backup to FTP servers with password protection

Backup to FTP servers with password protection

Backup to SFTP

Synchronization of all directories with specific options

Offline synchronization for the backup process

Transfer files with or without compression


BackupChain DriveMaker Crack +

BackupChain DriveMaker Features:

Connection types – FTP (Basic, Passive), FTPS (Basic, Passive), SFTP (Basic, Passive), S3 and any SFTP-compatible (Advanced, Passive), plus S3 (Advanced, Passive)
Site – The folder to be mapped
Port – The port number the client will connect to
Basic profile name – Define a profile name
Profile name extension – Define a profile name extension
Profile name behavior – Define if a profile name should be displayed
Profile name overwrite – Define if the profile name should overwrite the existing one
Client – The client to be used for the connection
User – The user that should be used for the connection
Password – The password to be used for the connection
Connection timeout (seconds) – Define the connection timeout in seconds for the connection
Client-side encryption – Define if the connection allows client-side encryption
Server-side encryption – Define if the connection allows server-side encryption
Server charset – Define if the connection should be in a user-preferred server charset
Block requests (KB/s) – Define the maximum size of the connection (for excluding the request, the connection can be blocked for the amount of data transferred on a segment basis)

Active recovery – Provides FTP, SFTP, and S3 recovery of the crashed remote instance; and FTP recovery of the crashed local instance (regardless of the type)

Synchronization – Automatically rename the file on the local instance with the same name in the remote instance

Mapping to drive – Define the drive letter on the local instance where the remote instance is mapped

File timing – Automatically rename the file on the local instance when the file on the remote instance is updated

File activity – Automatically delete the file on the local instance after the file on the remote instance is updated

Security manager – Ensure the connection security for the remote instance on the local instance (S3, FTP, and SFTP)

Connection leak prevention – Ensure the connection is protected from the use of the private ports

Symmetric algorithm – With FTP/SVN/SSH, the supported symmetric algorithm is AES 128bit

Server-side auth – With FTP, the supported authentication method is BASIC

NTFS access mode – With FTP, the supported access mode is ACCESS_ACESS

Multiport Support – With SFTP

What’s New In BackupChain DriveMaker?

What users can say:

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System Requirements:

Minimum Recommended Operating System:
Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 7 SP2 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.9.3, OS X 10.10.0
Important: Please read the Installation Notes.
Download archive from the link provided above.
Windows users:
Extract archive to your desired location.

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