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One of the main concerns regarding online currency exchange is, of course, the whole 'privacy' issue. This is probably one of the main reasons why, although Bitcoin and other similar digital currency have picked up a fair bit of popularity in the past years, they are still far from being accepted by both the general public and major corporations.
This is why the valiant efforts of the team behind the community-based project called Bisq should be greatly commended since they've managed to create an open source app that is easily accessible, highly secure and decentralized from everything remotely resembling an authority or third-parties.
Bisq – decentralized and privacy-aware bitcoin exchange
In just a few words, Bisq is a useful piece of software that allows you to exchange bitcoin for national currencies and even other, similar digital currencies, all while keeping your privacy data protected from possible surveillance institutions, governments or banks.
Before anything else, you should be aware of the fact that your privacy during the transactions is closely protected thanks to end-to-end encryption protocols routed with the help of the already popular, Tor – The Onion Router.
User-friendly interface and streamlined installation process
Both deploying it and getting started with this app does not require anything more than a basic understanding of computers, so even novice users should be able to get through this process without encountering difficulties.
The interface strikes a very good balance between modern looks and functionality with a very well thought-out layout that provides intuitive access to all the app's features.
Intuitive layout and novice-accessible workflow
There's a top toolbar that allows you to quickly access self-explanatory sections such as Market, Portfolio, Funds, Settings and Account. The Market section is basically the place where you will spend most of your time while using this app and it will most probably involve you having to stare and wait until the most profitable opportunities to arise.
All three sections, Offer book, Spreads and Trades within the Market section do a stellar job at providing you with accurate financial statistics, both in numerical and graphical forms.
Exchange Bitcoin for national currencies with practically no effort on your behalf
Once you get a basic feel for the app's functionality and before you actually start trading, it's advisable that you head over to the Account section and be sure to setup your online trading accounts for national currencies. Quite interestingly, for Bitcoin there's no need to set up an account, as you can manage your Wallet within the aforementioned Funds section.
This said, all that's left for you to do now is to either create a new daring offer or take up on an already existing one from the provided lists.
Decentralized project that removes third parties from exchange transactions
All in all, Bisq is a very exciting application that provides the average user the power and the control necessary for exchanging Bitcoin for national currencies, without having to worry about possible stressful, privacy-related incidents.
If you like what Bisq community is all about, you can read all about this praise-worthy project by visiting the official Bisq website.







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Bisq is a decentralized application that makes exchange of digital currency possible without having to trust any single entity for security or for privacy.
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Bisq is a decentralized, user-to-user bitcoin exchange. It allows you to buy/sell bitcoin for national currency, without any centralised entity taking your privacy away. It’s completely trustless and allows you to choose from thousands of merchants.

Bisq Main Features:
1. A fully open source and decentralized application using blockchain technology
2. An app built from scratch, focusing on giving the user a good and pleasant user experience
3. End-to-end encryption
4. GUI & CLI interfaces
5. Decentralized and trustless
6. Simple to use and easy to setup
7. Speed. Users around the globe can now exchange bitcoin with each other easily

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and it is currently the most popular. When it comes to other cryptocurrencies, there are just as many. You have your major ones, like Ethereum and Litecoin. You have others like Neo, Zcash, and Monero. But what does any of this mean? Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not a scam. The reason we are not telling you this is because we don’t want to mislead you. It’s not that the cryptos are a scam. It’s the Bitcoin exchange that we want to talk about, in this case,

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They follow all of the regulations, they are incorporated in Florida. The main people behind Best Bitcoin Exchange are the most a reputable group of individuals that could be associated with any type of service.
So, should you use this site? That’s really up to you. They’ve made a lot of improvements in the last few months and every new thing they add tells me that they’re a trustworthy company.
Why isn’t Best Bitcoin Exchange

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Bisq is a decentralized exchange (DEX). It aims to improve the user experience of exchanging cryptocurrency for national currencies. It aims to be as privacy-oriented as possible, with no central server. is all about helping app developers develop successful apps for the android platform.
Material design provides a unified look and feel across all Android device types.
Bisq is a straight-to-the-point top 5 crypto app. Just like Bitstamp or Coinbase.
Main features of Bisq:
✔ Friendly, easy to use cryptocurrency platform.
✔ Built-in DNS and Tor hidden service integration.
✔ User-friendly interface.
✔ Lightweight and fast app.
✔ Simple and intuitive to use.
✔ Exchange Bitcoin for national currencies, no-one on the other end.
✔ All trades are end-to-end encrypted.



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What’s New in the?

Bisq has been designed to provide you, the user, with a fully-decentralized system that lets you exchange your Bitcoin for national currencies with low fees and, most importantly, without risking your personal data.
Bisq is the first ever fully open-source application that will provide you with a decentralized platform for exchanging digital currencies, privacy and security on your own terms.
Bisq interface is user-friendly, giving you a simple way to start exchanging Bitcoin for national currencies, securely, without having to worry about exchanges being centralized or connected to third parties.
Bisq Best Features:
+ Fully decentralized and fully distributed application
+ Delivers a secure, unique user experience
+ Supports any digital currency and allows you to convert to over 40 national currencies with low fees
+ Offers Bitcoin & Altcoin exchange directly from your wallet
+ Peer-to-peer in nature, eliminating the need for third-party intervention
+ Keeps your personal data safe, from prying eyes
+ Allows you to exchange your digital currency to another digital currency
+ Base price includes USD-backed, fiat currency deposits and withdrawals
+ Works for you, not the company
+ Open-source
+ Crowd-funding campaign

Buying Bitcoin in an easy and secure way
The ultimate Bitcoin exchange. Trade directly with your national currency.
All Bitcoin deposits are in Fiat.
Best of the best, trust worthy and safe.
100% USA-based.
Added Security, Added Privacy
Bisq is the world’s first completely decentralized, peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange and the first to adopt the Tor network protocol for all transactions.
You can trade with national currencies directly from your very own Bisq wallet. Your funds are stored in a secure offline wallet that is completely under your control.
Start trading today!

Buying Bitcoin in an easy and secure way
The ultimate Bitcoin exchange. Trade directly with your national currency.
All Bitcoin deposits are in Fiat.
Best of the best, trust worthy and safe.
100% USA-based.
Added Security, Added Privacy
Bisq is the world’s first completely decentralized, peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange and the first to adopt the Tor network protocol for all transactions.
You can trade with national currencies directly from your very own Bisq wallet. Your funds are stored in a secure offline wallet that is completely under your control.
Start trading today!


System Requirements For Bisq:

* With the use of the Internet, please use only the browser and not any other device.
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