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Bzip2GUI is a graphical interface to the command line bzip2 program designed to compress and uncompress files using the bzip2 format.







Bzip2GUI Free Download [Mac/Win] (April-2022)

Bzip2 is a free, fast and small file compression program which makes it possible to compress files that are several GB to a few MB size.
Why you need Bzip2 GUI:
Bzip2 is a free and small format and is ideally suited for compressing a great variety of files (TAR, ZIP, CD-R, DVD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM, Exchange, ZIP, RAR, ISO, and many others).
It’s not free for commercial use, but a licence is available for free.
It’s very fast to compress files, although in the uncompressing phase it is not as fast as gzip.
File format:
The bzip2 format is a self-describing file format, which means that you don’t need an additional program to read the files created by bzip2.
File support:
The bzip2 file format is defined in RFC1951 and is widely supported by many different operating systems and computers.
File size:
Bzip2 is much smaller that rar.
File decompression:
The file is decompressed in several “streams” if you decompress a file in the main window.
Input/Output options:
The program is designed to work without requiring a command line interface and has a graphical user interface as the default.
Bzip2GUI has a user-friendly, drag and drop interface (like gzip, zip, rar).
Possibility to open non-supported files (DVD-r/RW, ISO and so on).
Support for decompressing many file formats (MS-DOS, ISO, ZIP, RAR, ZIP64, 7-Zip, etc).
Support for decompressing large files (100s of GB).
Bzip2GUI Compression Options:
Compression quality levels:
The default compression quality level is “default”, this means that the file will be compressed with the default bzip2 parameters. All the available compression levels are specified in the “default” submenu in the file options.
Selecting a compression level requires entering the number of “compression units” that the file will be divided into, using the default compression algorithm.
LZMA, or Lempel-Ziv-Markov-Algorithm, is a compression technique developed by Igor Lempel, Ziv Oren Markov and related variations. It

Bzip2GUI Crack

Bzip2 is a free and lossless data compressor. It achieves the highest
compression ratio while minimizing the memory usage by using a
block-sorting lossless compression algorithm. Bzip2 is much more
efficient at compression than the well-known gzip program. It can
compress files five times faster than gzip, and decompress files two
times faster.

Compression ratio with bzip2 -0.9 to 0.2% lower than gzip according to
Decompression speed is twice the speed of gzip according to
Efficiency index of 4.0 to 4.3 according to


Bzip2GUI Free Download can be run as an application from any file manager. To run
Bzip2GUI from the shell prompt, enter the command:

java -jar bzip2-gui.jar

When decompressing, the filename for the resulting file is displayed in the top frame. When compressing, a file to be compressed is displayed in the bottom frame.


Compressing/Decompressing files using bzip2 is performed using the /File/Compress (compress)/Restore (uncompress) operation. This offers a more convenient interface than using the bzip2 and bunzip2 CLI binaries.

Bzip2GUI supports the -0,-1,-9,-v,-vv, –help-decompress/–help-compress, and -t/-T options in the Compress operation. The -0 option uses the default compression method, which is the most efficient available method. The -1 option specifies the fastest compression method available. The -9 option specifies the best compression method available, which is at least as efficient as the -1 option. The -vv and -vvv options have no effect, but they let you read the command’s output more easily.

When the /File/Compress operation is performed, a dialog to edit the compression level is displayed for a /File/Degree of compression.

What’s New

Version 1.1.2:
* Fixed bugs in the “Append” operation when the ”

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Compress/Uncompress/Print Bzip2
(*) From: The GNU site
(*) From:
This is a GUI program for the bzip2 compression utility. It allows the user to compress and/or decompress files of any kind, and to view detailed information on the progress of the compression and decompression process.
The main things this program is capable of is:
Compressing a file.
Viewing the progress of the compression.
Compressing an entire directory tree.
Viewing the progress of the compression.
Compressing any input file in any output format.
Viewing the progress of the compression.
Uncompressing a file.
Viewing the progress of the uncompression.
Viewing a list of all files that were compressed.
Viewing the progress of the uncompression.
Printing a list of all files and a directory tree that were compressed.
This is a beta version. It is capable of doing the most things, but it is not yet ready for public use.
Bzip2GUI Features:
Convenient file type selection system.
Quick Compression/Decompression system.
Convenient GUI interface.
Directory tree compression/decompression system.
Compression/Decompression of various data formats.
Convenient menu system.
Online help.
GUI system to decompress files, without unzipping.
Online help for decompression.
Selectable GUI colors.
Bzip2GUI is written in the Tcl scripting language.
Bzip2GUI is copyright by Peter Fankhauser. However, it is released under the GNU GPL.
This program was created by Peter Fankhauser. He can be contacted at [email protected]
Bzip2GUI was tested on GNU/Linux platforms using the Sun Solaris 8 release, but should work on any standard GNU/Linux distribution.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to email me at the address listed above.
Bzip2GUI License:
This program is released under the GNU GPL.
Bzip2GUI is free software, and may be used for any purpose.
If you use this program and include its source code in a product, we ask that you also make the source code available.
This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty. See the GNU GPL for more details.

What’s New In Bzip2GUI?

– Compress / Uncompress Files
– Create bzip2 archives
– Edit bzip2 archives
– Uncompress / Uncompress Files in the Command Line
– Manage bzip2 files
– Edit / Move / Copy bzip2 files
– Extract files from archives
– Extract To / Paste to Current Directory / Select Directory
– Create / Uncompress or Extract bzip2 Archives (bzip2 file format)
– View text / Binary / Pdf / Text / Graphics Compression Data
– Convert several files into one bzip2 file
– Shrink / Grow / Move / Copy Files
– Convert Binary / Text / Pdf file format to Compress / Uncompress / Copy files
– Edit / Convert / Expand a bzip2 archive
– View Files in a bzip2 archive
– Search / Edit / Convert / Convert / Copy / Move files
– Delete / Verify / Check files in / Remove files from an archive
– Verify / Check if files in / Remove files from a folder
– Create / Uncompress bzip2 files
– Create / Extract bzip2 archives
– List bzip2 files
– Create / Uncompress / Expand bzip2 archives
– Extract to / Copy to Current Directory / Create / Delete / Rename or Move / Rename a Folder
– Extract / Copy / Move / Merge a folder with another folder
– View / Lock / Edit / Delete / Rename / Copy files / Move files into a folder / Remove files / Copy files to another folder
– Extract / Convert / Merge / Combine files from a folder
– Delimited Text Files
– View / Convert / Extract / Expand / Check / Search for files in a folder or archive
– Fast Text / Binary / Pdf / Text / Graphics File Viewer
– Delete / Verify / Check files in / Remove files from a folder
– Merge / Combine files into a folder
– Extract / Convert / Text / Pdf / Binary
– Open / Convert / Extract / Text / Binary / Pdf / Image
– Extract / Compress / Text / Binary / Pdf / Image
– Remove Files / Folders
– View / Move / Copy / Delete Files / Folders
– Check / Verify / Remove Files / Folders from Archives
– Verify / Check if files in / Remove files from a folder
– Modify / Replace / Delete / Cut / Split files from / to folders

System Requirements:

The requirements for this mod are as follows:
Requires the latest version of Minecraft Forge.
See the Forge Wiki for more information.
This mod adds an anvil to every Crafting Station. Crafted items can then be used at the anvil to upgrade materials or make them usable in other recipes.
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The item currently held in the player’s hand is—3264bit-Latest2022.pdf

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