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Webcams and online cameras are extremely varied, there are several that are constantly streamed online that users can access and view at any point. CamDVR is an application that can load and stream multiple webcams at the same time onto their desktop, from a variety of different video sources, as well as record the footage displayed.
An easy-to-use interface that can set up multiple streams in only a few moments
CamDVR features a very simple interface, streaming webcams via a program can be difficult, but the application makes it easy. Users select the Add New Camera option from the Camera menu, which opens up a separate window with various options. A selection of different camera formats are available and, when the URL of the camera they want is entered, then the image loads up. A test option is available, which allows users to preview the image, but that is it.
The software supports multiple cameras at once, from various different formats, including online cameras of various varieties, personal webcams, different video feeds from media players, as well as online sources like Youtube. However, this comes at a price, the ability to record from multiple streams will cost, so the versatility is a must.
CamDVR offers a multitude of different options to manage and optimize the multiple streams
Users can – if the program is used to its limit – stream up to 11 different cameras at once, not including the option to have multiple feeds displayed in a single slot. Given how many streams that is, CamDVR offers several options to minimize the strain on the bandwidth and make the application as efficient as possible.
The main feature is the ability to include a motion detector, which only displays the stream if any movement has taken place compared to previous frames. The tool is a useful addition, especially for those who have slower connections, as well as for those who only want to see active webcams. There is also a schedule option, to connect certain webcams at specific times, to view and record from a specific webcam, at a specific time.
A useful and interesting program that provides great functionality, at a price that reflects its versatility
All in all, CamDVR is very easy to use and enables users to make the most of different online webcams and live streams. Its various features and format compatibility is extremely useful, but the whole application comes with a cost that might put some users off. While there is no lack of features, the price does put out casual users out of the range.









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CamDVR is a powerful application designed to make the best of your online webcam.
Using multiple input options including your webcam, online video cameras, DVDs, and media players, CamDVR will enable you to create your very own video blog which you can broadcast online.
CamDVR is optimized for use on all internet browsers, including mobile devices, such as the iPhone and iPad.
Also available on Android and Windows.

Additional Features:

Multiple Cameras – CamDVR supports multiple input sources, including cameras, DVDs and video players. A simple switch lets you select which input to use in each stream.

Multiple streams – CamDVR will stream up to 11 different input sources simultaneously.

Timers – CamDVR can run multiple streams, all set to a different clock time.

Schedule – CamDVR makes scheduling your webcams easy.

Alarm – CamDVR lets you wake-up your PC every so often and record what you’re doing.

New Features:

Motion Detection – For the real ultra performance. CamDVR detects when there is activity and only shows those streams to you.

Editor – For those with a little more need. You can make full edits on video using CamDVR’s Video Editor.

Stand-alone – CamDVR is built in a way that allows for the stream to be exported to a standalone Winamp plug-in.

Support – Need help? CamDVR’s forum is packed with helpful information and solutions.


CamDVR is free to download, however it is possible to purchase a license at any point should you wish to do so.

CamDVR Features:

Stream Webcams

Capture streaming video from webcam, online cameras, DVD, or media players

Multiple capture options

Multiple streams

Multiple schedules

Motion detection

Multi-camera support

Preview capabilities

A simple and easily understandable interface that makes managing the streams and getting the best out of the application quick and easy

Use different input devices to stream. A switch that lets you choose which input you want to use for each stream

Features include previews of all streams, automatic motion detection, a built in record application, timers and alarms and support for over 100 formats

Features of CamDVR:

Stream Webcams:

Stream video from webcam or your existing video device.

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Provide you with up to 11 streams simultaneously at a reasonable cost.
Streaming of live photos from anywhere in the world.
Support multiple configuration languages, including:

AACAM (The Sony DRU-6000 and the tiny brain of the PSP)
MAV (Both the AM560 and the MAV line of camera)

Other features:

Camera array support (Cisco cameras, GoPros, Webcams)
iPhone support
Integrates with iControlPad, Dragon Naturally Speaking (UK version only), AfterDawn (PS3 version only), “Lance Up” (PS3 version only), threeSorted (Exotic), and more
Multilanguage support, including:


All supported languages include a keystroke translation component

Time zones available for schedule management, both 24/7 support and HTML help documents

CamDVR Activation Code Latest Version:

CamDVR Latest Version:

CamDVR Features:

Up to 11 streams simultaneously at a reasonable cost
Supported camera array models:

Cisco cameras
iControlPad compatible
Exotic (work in progress)

iPhone support
Integrates with iControlPad, Dragon Naturally Speaking, AfterDawn, “Lance Up”
“Lance Up” and “Lance Down” allowing you to dial the camera by voice from any iOS device at anytime, anywhere
Software Update

Multilanguage support, including:


All supported languages include a keystroke translation component

Time zones available for schedule management, both 24/7 support and HTML help documents

What’s New in CamDVR:

CamDVR 1.6
Bug fixes for iPhone and iPad (6.1) versions
Bug Fixes for the iControl Pad (PS3) and AfterDawn programs
Added the latest video drivers (NVidia/AMD) for iControl Pad (PS3)
New Language Pack: Italian

Changes in CamDVR:

CamDVR 1.5.2

Bug fixes for iPhone and iPad (5.1) versions
Bug fixes for iControl Pad (PS3) and AfterDawn programs
Added support for iControl Pad on iPhone/iPad and Dragon Naturally

CamDVR With Full Keygen

CamDVR is a program that lets you stream multiple live webcams, and record all of the clips displayed. This software is easy to use, and capable of streaming from a variety of online sources, as well as many different webcam sources.
It supports multiple cameras at once, from a variety of different formats, enabling users to stream up to 11 different live video feeds from various sources. Not only does the software stream from cameras, but it also supports streaming from different online sources like youtube, and other online video feeds.
With a variety of features, users can easily set up multiple streams that follow the same webcam, record the streams, view the feeds at various different points, select what feed to use and if they want a stream to be recorded or not. The application also allows users to edit the stream they are viewing, so users can change the way the webcam feed plays out.
CamDVR is easy to use, with an easy to follow interface, users can input video feeds, and select where the feeds should be recorded and what format they want the videos saved in. With features to make the stream recordable at certain points, set the location of the cameras the live stream is from, and their recording speed, this is a great program that allows users to stream live webcams from a variety of sources with ease.
A versatile application with great features
CamDVR is a program that provides much versatility, with an easy to use interface. Users can view and record multiple streams from a variety of cameras of different formats. One of the main features is the ability to use a motion detector, which only displays the stream if any motion has occurred compared to previous frames.
This is a useful feature, as it allows users to stream from cameras with very weak connections, as well as those that can be hard to see by eye. With an application that allows users to record up to 11 different streams at once, it is very easy to make the most of live streams.
The multiple live streams the application supports can be found in a variety of different online sources. With the application streaming from different online sources, a user could, for example, record streams from the webcam of their laptop, and from the webcam of an online news source. This feature, along with the ability to link different feeds to the application as a specific webcam, as well as recording options that let a user record the feed or not, makes this a great application, in terms of streaming video from multiple sources.
Using the application

What’s New in the?

CamDVR is an incredibly simple application that allows users to stream live video on their computer screen from several different online sources, such as Youtube, and even cameras set up in the users home. The program can access cameras from a host of different video sources, as well as online sources like Youtube, MediaPlayer, Windows Media Player, Flash and direct streaming from internet video streams.
CamDVR is a very simple application, that works by simply loading up a selection of video streams. The application has an extensive list of source formats available, so there should be something to fit nearly anyone’s needs. CamDVR is a highly versatile application, as the number of sources it can access and manage is somewhat limited. However, the versatility is to be commended, especially given how much of it is offered at no extra cost.
The program offers a selection of different formats, depending on the source, including FLV, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, and even an option for Divx. This versatility is great, but it also comes with some of its downsides. CamDVR does not provide a way to record the streamed videos and, given that the application is extremely simple, it does not provide the option to do so.
CamDVR supports advanced features, such as the ability to watch the streams from different streams, and to include an option to have a motion detector that only starts a stream when movement is detected. There is also a simple schedule option, so users can see streams at specific times, without having to select them. All in all, CamDVR is an extremely versatile application that offers a great deal of functionality at a price that is fair.
Key Features:
– Supports multiple online and live video sources, including camera feeds from webcam viewers, USB webcams, video files, Windows Media Player, etc.
– Easily record and view live video on your PC screen from multiple simultaneous streams.
– Includes the ability to schedule viewing and recording of multiple streams.
– Streams can be paused and resumed at will.
– Includes the ability to play back recorded video from a camera, and start and stop recorded video at will.
– Supports multiple cameras at once, but only one live stream can be viewed at a time.
– Supports cameras linked to the remote computer, or those directly set up in the local system.
– Supports FLV, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, DivX and many other streaming formats.
– Supports cameras

System Requirements For CamDVR:

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista and 7.
Supported Processor: Any
Supported Memory: 4GB
Supported Display: 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1366×768, 1600×1200
Graphics: Recommended
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c or later
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive:
Install size: ~60MB
Game size: ~60MB
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