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CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder With Serial Key Free [32|64bit]

CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder Product Key is a freeware utility for the efficient management of attachment emails in Microsoft Outlook. It includes all the main features you would expect for a productivity tool: attachment reminders, message filtering and exclusion, keyword search.
All features work in a simple, intuitive way, thanks to an easy-to-use UI designed for a quick and hassle-free experience.
Completely customizable, the tool allows you to personalize the message you send, to specify keywords and more. Keywords are matched by its simple search engine and a popup menu with useful results is opened. It is possible to set whether to search for the keyword in body, subject, or both messages.
You can personalize the pop-up menu to prevent false alerts that may come from replying a message.
The application is available as a portable version that can run from a flash drive even if the program is not installed.
Combined License
CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder Free Edition is provided free of charge for use as a trial for the full version. After the trial, the full version can be purchased for less than 50 Euros. The combined license key for the trial and the full version is included. You can activate your copy here:
CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder
Simple, streamlined, and non-intrusive, this flexible program allows you to attach files quickly and efficiently while preventing you from forgetting to attach them.
With CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder, you can quickly scan the entire message before you send it, saving you time and nerves. It does this with a few simple steps:
Setup the Rules (0-10min)
First, you need to customize the interface with your own keywords. You can choose to search for attachments (i.e. files, Excel spreadsheets, etc.) in:
You can also exclude messages that are not yours, so that the application will not trigger false alerts. Also, you can set the application to send an alert only if the attachment has been missed, and when an attachment has been missed, you can choose to send a reply.
You can also set up the alarm that will notify you when a file has been missed, and choose to display the message that appears.
After you have completed the setup, you

CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder

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CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder

CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder is a software application that alerts users whenever they have forgotten to attach a file to their e-mail. You can also enable the application to put a note on the corresponding message.
You can browse the “Signature” note of the e-mail, and see the attachment of the message and perform a quick file search on the computer.
You can even view the message as a PDF file.
You can also put a note on the message. This can be a text, video, sound, or image.
An attachment can also be added to the e-mail to be part of the note.
You can define which message are to be excluded. If you don’t delete messages from the “Unread” folder (which can include e-mails generated by junk mail, that might not be deleted by your mail client), and in the case of mails that are not yours, they will be excluded from the scan.
Added text, image, video, sound, and an attachment.
You can also define the image size for the attachment.
Files that do not match the defined keywords will not trigger an alert.
You can select keywords that you want to include or exclude.
Microsoft Outlook or Windows Explorer are required for the application to work.
Application doesn’t require maintenance.
You can personalize the words that will be used when writing an alert.
You can customize the attachment used.
Users that have been detected as the email owner will not receive alerts.
The application automatically generates the e-mail subject based on the name of the attachment.
Saves you time and effort.
Simple installation process.
You can send an e-mail without attachment and the application will note that no attachment was added.
You can also change the message title to include the attachment name.
The application can support any Outlook version from 2003 to 2010.
You can control whether the application will be installed in Outlook or Windows Explorer.
Allows to exclude mails that aren’t yours.
Supports PC and Mac.
To find Microsoft Outlook in the “Programs & Features” list, find the Office program, then find the Standard tab. You need to open the “Optional Programs” folder and find the “Microsoft Office [Version]”, which is an.exe file.
When you have found it, select the Word icon.
To open Microsoft Outlook, select “Open File” in the dialog box. After clicking Open, the application will

What’s New In CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder?

-> Attach files in a matter of a few seconds. Never forget that important file again.
-> Best solution for Windows or Mozilla Thunderbird.
-> It can be assigned to either specific folders or tasks.
-> Intuitive user interface.
-> Review attachment for errors.
-> Send all attachments to a specific folder.
-> Set to silently ignore incoming e-mail from a specific address.
-> Set to allow concurrent attachments to a single e-mail.
-> Autosave workbooks in OneDrive.
-> Great for attachments.
-> Great for all of your e-mail using an integration with Office 365.
-> Brand new fresh skin for January 2017.
To learn more, visit our CodeTwo website.

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System Requirements For CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder:

Mac or PC, running OS X 10.5 or Windows XP SP3 with DirectX 10, or later.
512 MB RAM
1 GB free hard drive space
DirectX 9 or later
Controller Type: Keyboard & Mouse
Interface: Keyboard only
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