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CompuClock lets you use your computer as an Alarm Clock with a beautiful user interface.
You will have many options such as making CompuClock runs always with windows, Activate the alarm automatically every day, change the sound of the alarm, and many other features.
■ Microsoft .NET Framework







CompuClock [Updated]

CompuClock is a completely free application.
It functions as an alarm clock and can be used to wake you up in the morning or to change the computer into a digital alarm clock. You can see a screen on your computer while you sleep. You can set different alarms, sleep screens and you can use CompuClock to wake you up in the morning and to set your alarm clock automatically.
While you are using CompuClock you will also be able to communicate with other applications, use the memory and hard disk of your computer and to use the internet. You can also talk to your network while you sleep.
CompuClock Features:
a. CompuClock can be used as a wake up alarm and as an alarm clock
b. You can change the sound of your alarm and wake up alarm.
c. The screen when you sleep, is beautiful.
d. You can put the application in the traybar.
e. CompuClock can use all free memory of your computer.
f. You can use internet when you sleep.
g. CompuClock can use the algorythm calculation resources of your computer.
h. You can get your e-mail and display messages with CompuClock.

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CompuClock Crack Free Registration Code Free Download [32|64bit] [Updated] 2022

CompuClock Cracked Version is an easy-to-use Alarm Clock for Windows. CompuClock Crack lets you use your computer as an Alarm Clock. Just select the time and the time will be indicated as “10.20 AM” or “9.20 AM”. You can select the day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) and the compuClock will run CompuClock will be set as “always with windows”. CompuClock will activate the alarm automatically every morning.

The first prototype CompuClock was made for my employer because I was tired of listening to the noise of my alarm clock, so I made a simple GUI for my boss, he liked it so much that he gave me the source code as soon as I made the first version, then I decided to make it free for everyone, so CompuClock is now available. CompuClock is completely Free, and you can change what you see and do with the source code. CompuClock is free for personal use, I hope you enjoy it, you will be happy to know that CompuClock isn’t a virus or malware.

This interface was made in three parts, first the C++ GUI of the first version, then the interface was rewritten in Objective C to add CompuClockKit as a Mac OS X application, then the GUI was rewritten again in C# to add CompuClock to Windows. CompuClock will be working on both Windows and Mac OS X and you will be able to download CompuClock either on Windows or on Mac OS X and CompuClock will be working on both Windows and Mac OS X.

The project is very simple, it was tested on Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.5, and it has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, if you have a system unsupported by CompuClock please mail me and I will provide you with a new binary. If you have a Mac OS X 10.5 or later CompuClock does not run, please see what I’m talking about in the compatibility section.

How to install CompuClock on Windows
1- Unzip the archive and copy CompuClock.exe to the directory where Windows will find.NET Framework 4.0
2- Right click the file and select properties
3- Go to the compatibility tab, find.NET Framework 4.0 and select it
4- Click next, you must restart your PC for CompuClock to be active

CompuClock Crack + License Key Free Download [Win/Mac]

A Windows Form Application that uses the.NET Framework to control several devices. The CompuClock is installed on your computer and can be used as a dialup modem or a wireless network adapter.
Its primary function is to monitor the status of one or more devices connected to the computer.
A pop-up window displays text, color, or sound to indicate the presence of an event.
An alarm can be set for any period between one second and thirty days, allowing the computer to be woken up at that point in time.
CompuClock Features:
・Program can monitor up to three devices, it is also possible to use a computer as a dial-up modem.
・Monitors the presence of one or more USB devices.
・An alarm can be set up to wake up at any specified time.
・To indicate the presence or absence of a USB device, pop up texts, sounds, colors, or even a window.
・A slideshow function that plays music to indicate the presence of a device.
・An online help function to provide detailed instructions and additional information.
・A Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista compatible.
・The same program can be used for three computers via the serial port.
Install CompuClock :
Just unzip the program into any folder, and it will automatically start.
You can download the program from
For the installer that cannot find the file, please enable the option in the program, the file can be found in the settings folder.
If you encounter some problems with the installer, please install the new version which has the correct version.
For support please refer to the program’s site.
This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL (GNU General Public License).
You may copy, distribute and modify this code, but only for non-commercial purposes.
You can click on the license agreement to read the terms and conditions.
You can also see the GNU GPL page for more information on the license.
You can download the source code from
Examples of CompuClock :
This is an example of CompuClock on Visual C#.
The MS DOS example on Visual C#.
This is an example of CompuClock on VB6.
Win32 code by Cerebrum.
This example is of CompuClock (multi language).

What’s New in the CompuClock?

This app generates a daily and weekly alarm with a special sequence.
You can set an alarm time to run Windows Forms Application.
You can also set whether or not to activate the alarm before the alarm time, and you can change the sound of the alarm.
*** Ver e 2.2 (07/17/2012) ***
– Automatically open a specific window. (Previously, the window you opened must be focused.)
– Create a special alarm sequence. (Previously, the alarm sequence was fixed, and could not be changed.)
– You can change the sound of the alarm. (Previously, the sound of the alarm was fixed.)
– You can change the theme of the alarm. (Previously, the theme of the alarm was fixed.)
CompuClock.NET Version history:
CompuClock NET Framework is a high-precision timer application. You can use it to measure time intervals with high precision and a high time accuracy, and provide accurate timing solutions to users and programmers who need high precision real-time clocks.
Briefly, CompuClock NET Framework consists of two parts: CompuClock System Interface and CompuClock Core. The CompuClock System Interface, which is delivered with the NET Framework, provides high-precision real-time clocks, supports multiple platforms and provides customers with a flexible environment, while the CompuClock Core is delivered separately and provides support to a variety of frameworks.
The CompuClock System Interface is delivered with the.NET Framework and can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. It is primarily made for developers and those who need to measure time intervals with high accuracy. The CompuClock Core, on the other hand, is primarily for internal use and can be used by those developing applications that require accurate real-time clocks.
For details of.NET Framework, CompuClock System Interface, CompuClock Core, please see the following table:
.NET Framework Release
.NET Framework version
CompuClock System Interface
2.0 (2.0.50727)
CompuClock Core
1.0 (1.1.4240)
CompuClock NET Framework
1.0 (1.2.5)
CompuClock NET Framework
1.1 (2.0.50727)
CompuClock NET Framework
2.0 (3.0)
CompuClock NET Framework
3.0 (4.0)


System Requirements For CompuClock:

Recommended Settings:
Advanced Options:
The game will play a different administrator on your account with an active game in each of your other connected devices. The administrator from your phone will have restricted access to the game and a stronger power-up to protect your account and your children.
You can adjust the game to turn adult content off if you like. This is a toggle switch on the main page for you to

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