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Atom is a simple and fast tool which gives you a wonderful way to organize, edit and view your files in a simple and straightforward manner. While the basic interface is similar to some other free file managers we’ve tested, it comes with more than just a basic toolkit.
The good news is that Atom comes in a portable package, it doesn’t add any more bloatware to your computer, and it doesn’t require any pesky administrative privileges.
What’s more, it provides a completely free of charge trial version that you can use to test the tool before buying the licensed version.
File manager with a simple and easy to use design
Atom is a simple file manager with a clean and straightforward user interface. The application supports Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. A huge advantage is that Atom doesn’t demand any certain installation procedure, and this makes it one of the easiest file managers we’ve tested.
The interface is simple and sparse, with a sidebar which contains the file and folder view windows.
Open the folder list view by clicking on the three line of the icon. The list will then expand by clicking on the plus symbol located in the upper left corner.
Unlike default Windows file managers, you are provided with a small preview of the files selected from the folder. This preview will allow you to make sure the file you want to open actually exists, since Atom won’t open nonexistent files or directory entries.
If you want to change the view, simply click on the icon located in the upper right corner. In addition, you can open the file name, size, and more list view by clicking on the first icon located in the upper left corner. The drop down menu will be expanded by clicking on the next icon.
The context menu has five basic operations. You can open the selected file by double clicking on it, and you can create new folders, copy/move items, remove items, rename items and copy items.
The only down side is that the application does not support all features, such as seeking through a file by clicking on a certain line, duplicating files or copying folders.
You can save files to the desktop and to an external hard disk by clicking on the right arrow located in the lower left corner. There is also the option of selecting the ‘New Folder’ button, but we suggest using ‘Create Desktop Shortcut’ instead, since that way, you won’t be forced to use the shortcut icon located on the desktop.
If you

CPU Usage

Both CPU Usage Cracked Accounts and memory consumption go down when the task is closed. We’re not talking about a forced-close type of task, but a normal shutdown. This could make it possible for you to restart your PC and keep on browsing without any worries about the amount of resources you’re draining from it.

Control panel allows you to set up the color settings, regulate the volume, turn off the microphone, as well as control the PC’s language.
■ Provides vast control of your PC’s audio device
■ Adjusts the volume levels and stores them for later use
■ Allows the fine-tuning of the mic
■ Language and other operating system settings can be changed from this menu
■ You can perform everyday tasks with this control panel
■ It is accessible through the “Multimedia” menu or via the settings window
■ Easy-to-use
■ Windows 7/8/8.1/10
■ CPU Usage Crack Free Download Description:
Both CPU usage and memory consumption go down when the task is closed. We’re not talking about a forced-close type of task, but a normal shutdown. This could make it possible for you to restart your PC and keep on browsing without any worries about the amount of resources you’re draining from it.

The Weather Channel Desktop App is a handy software with a beautiful weather widget. The weather forecast and weather news is in an easy-to-use interface. The weather map serves you better with its detailed temperature and precipitation information, and the actual local weather forecast will guide you in your next vacation.
Do you want to know when it will rain, snow, or be hot?
As weather predictions come on the “Get Weather” page, you can get a detailed forecast by time zone. It can also display the weather conditions for many locations and you can select your favorite one or many.
You can easily access the forecast, hourly forecast, sunrise and sunset times, a five day forecast, or an advanced forecast for the next seven days, along with a rainfall graph.
You’ll get more information about the weather conditions as soon as you select the forecast you want.
The app comes with a built-in weather map interface, which displays all the latest weather conditions in your region, including temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, and wind direction.

With Free PC Phone Viewer, you can

CPU Usage Torrent X64

This lightweight application should not be running in the background while your computer performs other activities.
When this tool is running, it will display a permanent blue bar to indicate its usage.
The application has an optional system tray icon which can be used to pause or stop the application at any time.
You can have as many items in a list as you want.
In fact, you can store the list of items to several internal or external drives, and you can use any standard method in order to access the list once you’re ready to use it.
Known Issues:
You can’t have more than 3,000 items in the list at one time. And a single email address which contains more than 3,000 entries is not supported.
How to use Synonyms Storage:
1. Install the application to your computer.
2. Create a list containing any words you’d like.
3. Copy the list of words you’d like to to the clipboard.
4. Paste the words into the text editor you’d like to.
5. Select the text you’ve pasted into the text editor, and click Add.
6. You can add the selected text to the current list by clicking “Add” again.
7. The application will start storing the list of words into the file “SynonymStorage.txt”.
8. When you’re finished adding items to the list, save the list to a file or floppy disk.
If you are using web service from your ISP, you can access the same through a POP3 client.
■ POP3 Client for Windows
■ Instant Messaging / Multi-user chat
■ Basic Chat Client (Direct Messaging), including upload and download
■ Usenet Client (Search and download), including upload and download
■ Newsgroup Client (Search and download), including upload and download
■ POP3 Email Client (Message Submission)
■ Online-Gaming Client (Real-Time Voice/Chat & Broadcasts)
■ POP3 Email Client (Instant Message & Broadcasts)
■ POP3 Email Client (File Transfer)
■ FTP Client
■ Web Browser Client
■ POP3 Email Client (File Transfer)
■ H.323 IP Client
■ A/S/V Client (Voice/Video)

What’s New In CPU Usage?

Its a multi threaded add on. All the heavy lifting is done by the background worker. Once a page is loaded any traffic and video is done on a separate thread.

Full description

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December 28, 2018

Hit up this extension for some super deep detail on your sites page, alt tags, meta and more

You’ll get what it says. This extension is super powerful and detailed.
It’s much more than just a Google Chrome extension tracker. Take a look at the options, and you’ll see even more that you can use to further enhance the experience.
It’s pretty easy to navigate and use, but it does prompt you a lot of information at every step.
This one’s definitely worth checking out.

Full description

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December 6, 2017

*Not the reason you’re browsing the web in the first place.

This extension automatically remaps all the urls/links in the page to point to the browsers history.
It’s easy to use and you can configure it by enabling and disabling certain features.
It adds a little bling as well by showing you a simple tabbed interface on top of your chrome browser

I’m trying to remember the name of the developer but I’ve tried a number of similar ones over the years and I’m fairly sure I have a full history here.
This one is just such an amazing tool.
It’s a simple, clean, intuitive and effective tracker that has helped a ton of me out.
No sifting through through multiple pages. No tracking and fetching information from multiple sources.
It’s now simply convenient.
It automatically goes out on your system and pre-emptively gets that data.

It’s really a huge time saver.
Of course you can configure it to show certain data.
Some extension have a lot of options, and some, not so much.
This one is very bare bones, but does not have many options to tinker with.

That all said, it’s a simple little tracker with a clean UI that adds a whole lot to your google chrome experience.
No bulls**t.

Compatible with


System Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher
Processor: 1.8 GHz or higher, Intel or AMD
RAM: 3 GB or higher, 4 GB recommended
Hard Disk: 1 GB or higher
Graphics: DirectX 10
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Input Device: Keyboard and mouse
Network: Broadband internet connection
Before installing the game, you will also need to download a patch, which fixes an issue with the game saving.
To play the game, download the ZIP file from the


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