Dating Sites For Friendship Only


you may meet your soulmate on okcupid. the site opened up dating in the 1990s, and users have sent over 100 million messages to other users. the site gets high marks for its users’ success. there is some problem with site’s security. on august 29, the company revealed that hackers had gained access to account information of 20 million of its users, including their email addresses.

the site removed those stolen accounts and that wasn’t all. the hacker also reached out to over 36 million other accounts on okcupid to download members’ contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, and made them publicly available.

a site that caters to a niche group of people. overall, the site has a good rating, but it is worth noting that it is not 100% free. on the other hand, this review says that the site is legit, and it’s not wrong to say that it provides quality chatrooms. besides, with this site you will find people who are looking for sex discreetly or some people who are looking for a friend. in short, you can turn out to be an amazing friend or a great fuck buddy from this site.

pure is the best place to find friends or casual hookups with absolutely no strings attached. after registering with the site, users see how many people are in their area and can also choose to see recent matches in their city. the site’s algorithms are a combination of location-based and proximity-based.

experiment with a nubile female and put your best foot forward with this site. it offers only non-monogamous relationships, which means that you can have fun without any commitment. all the members are mutually interested in having fun, so you don’t have to worry about guilt.