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Davar Hebrew Dictionary

Hebrew Dictionary is the most advanced and user-friendly Hebrew Dictionary and Hebrew Bible Dictionary in the market. With Davar Hebrew Dictionary Cracked 2022 Latest Version, you can efficiently look up words in the Scriptures with the most complete database of definitions, cross-references, and verse navigator. Davar Hebrew Dictionary supports multiple Bibles and tablets simultaneously, and provides advanced search and powerful cross-references.
✔ Allows you to look up and compare synonyms, connotations and definitions between multiple different Hebrew/Hebrew Bible/English versions simultaneously
✔ Access to over 25,000 Hebrew/Hebrew Bible/English definitions indexed for both vocabularies and studies
✔ Synchronize your reading between Bibles
✔ Support for multiple Bibles/Books/Vocabularies
✔ Compatible with Kindle, Nook, Sony, and other e-readers
✔ Verse navigation
✔ Cross-references
✔ Powerfull and easy to use search
✔ Supports multiple Bibles
✔ Supports multiple tablets (Sony, Kindle, Nook, etc.)
✔ Supports multiple dictionaries
✔ Supports multiple Languages
✔ Note taking feature
✔ Supports Arabic, Persian, and other Languages
✔ Supports multiple Book versions
✔ Supports Chukka Numbers
✔ Supports Hebrew Numeric Alphabet
✔ Supports Hebrew Numeric Braille
✔ Supports Hebrew languages (Hebrew, Modern, and Ancient)
✔ Supports Character and Numerical Braille
✔ Supports Greek, English, Latin, and other Languages
✔ Supports Unicode
✔ Supports Hebrew Bible and Biblical Hebrew
✔ Supports Hebrew/Hebrew-Bible/English Bibles
✔ Supports Hebrew/Hebrew-Bible/English-Bible/English Versions
✔ Supports Greek and Latin
✔ Supports Hebrew Audio (including Akhnaron and other popular audio versions)
✔ Supports Hebrew Audio (including NIVAC and other popular audio versions)
✔ Supports pictures
✔ Supports unlimited cross-references
✔ Supports unlimited Synonyms and connotations
✔ Supports unlimited definitions
✔ Supports unlimited Verses
✔ Supports unlimited Books
✔ Supports unlimited dictionaries
✔ Supports unlimited language support
✔ Supports multiple Books simultaneously
✔ Supports multiple Tablet versions
✔ Supports multiple tables simultaneously

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Davar Hebrew Dictionary Free Latest

The latest update of the Davar Hebrew Dictionary Full Crack includes a major change in the interface as well as some bug fixes and new options.
Features include:
– Ability to open multiple documents at the same time
– Full chapter search
– Vocabulary synchronization
– Polyglot support
– Equivalent phrases are displayed in all languages
– See and hear the word or phrase
– Transliteration and spelling suggestions
– Integrated lexicon of the Hebrew Lexicon
– Davar Hebrew Dictionary Crack Free Download Description:
The Davar Hebrew Dictionary 2022 Crack is one of the most powerful application for Biblical research and has been around for a few years now. It is one of the most popular applications in the world of Biblical research and comes with a well thought out interface. Davar Hebrew Dictionary 2022 Crack allows users to find, compare, synch and translate any word, phrase or verse.
Davar Hebrew Dictionary Key Features:
✔ Synchronized study
✔ Navigator-style verse search
✔ Cross-language dictionary
✔ Easy to use yet advanced features
✔ Polyglot support
✔ Equivalent phrases are displayed in all languages

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Synopse Your Bible 2014 Synopse Your Bible 2014 Key Features:
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Synopse Your Bible is an application especially designed to enable you to get a glimpse of the Bible and the New Testament writings. Your Bible is designed to be used both for self-study and for augmenting your present Bible study. Synopse Your Bible is completely free and includes most of the features you will need.

Davar Hebrew Dictionary Download [Win/Mac]

This product is a must-have for the serious student of the Word of God. The Davar Hebrew Dictionary is an application particularly created to offer you a simple way in which you can study Scripture. It enables you to browse multiple books at the same time to compare them but most importantly, it allows you to focus on understanding them in the original Greek and Hebrew languages.

User-friendly interface
Davar Hebrew Dictionary displays a comprehensive interface which has a well thought out layout. The main window of the application is separated into various sections that contain book browsing controls, a library tree from where you can access books, lexicons, dictionaries, audio files and pictures, as well as a large space destined for Scripture viewing and the actual research.

The interface of the application can be manipulated in the sense that windows can be resized and toolbars moved. This comes in very handy for when you need to open multiple books, dictionaries and such. Davar Hebrew Dictionary can hold up to 30 subsidiary windows which makes it possible to study any book in great detail.

Powerful search function
Davar Hebrew Dictionary comes with a verse navigator which you can use to make your way to a specific chapter or verse but it also incorporates a complex search function.

You can use it to locate a word or series of words in Hebrew, Greek or Latin. The search can be case sensitive and you can choose the book you want to look in. Moreover, it’s possible to set the range in which you perform a search and all the results are displayed in an easy to read list.

A complete Scripture analysis tool
Davar Hebrew Dictionary is a fairly complex piece of software, not in the sense that it is hard to work with but because it offer so many features. You can compare books, synchronize reading between them, add research notes and much more. So, with that in perspective, it’s safe to say that it is a complete solution that you can use in your studies.

What’s New

Version 1.4.0
– Bugfixes
– Full Screen option (the tab icon at the top right corner is now a full screen button).
– Possibility to cancel the Hebrew Dictionary when it is running.
– Davar Hebrew Dictionary now requires Android 4.4 or later.
– Android Market no longer shows download errors.
– Many more options and settings have been added.
– Although Davar Hebrew Dictionary will

What’s New in the Davar Hebrew Dictionary?

Study Scripture through the Ancient Words of the Bible
[Image removed at copyright holder’s request]
In addition to translating the original text of the Bible, Davar Hebrew Dictionary offers all scholars an unprecedented way of studying the words of the Bible. This book is a user-friendly research solution designed to carry out an in-depth analysis of any biblical text.
You can compare books, synchronize reading between them, add research notes and much more. So, with that in perspective, it’s safe to say that it is a complete solution that you can use in your studies.
Supported Scriptures
Davar Hebrew Dictionary offers support for the Hebrew Bible, the Greek Old Testament, the New Testament and the Apocrypha. It is also possible to search the different editions of the Bible.
Real-time simultaneous navigation
You can navigate, read and compare books simultaneously. Once you’ve chosen the book you wish to study, you can navigate into it and use it for any research you like. For instance, you can compare the book you are reading against the other books that you have open simultaneously and search in them at the same time.
The comparisons carried out by the application run in real-time, which makes them very user-friendly.
Powerful search function
You can use the powerful search function to locate the exact words you are looking for.
Graphical highlights
You can add your own highlights to the books in different sections and visual read them. A really useful feature because it allows you to comment on what you are reading and gather notes and you will be able to do so quite clearly because the font is big and the text is easy to read.
Multilingual support
The application supports 4 languages, English, Greek, Latin and Hebrew. You can choose to work in one language or in all four simultaneously and you can switch between them at any time. It’s a real help when you are studying something like the Bible which is written in several languages.
Any book of the Bible can be quickly and easily opened. It will display the book view where you can read from any book.
Davar Hebrew Dictionary Review
Looking to learn Hebrew? Develop a better understanding of the original text? Want to memorize it? With Davar Hebrew Dictionary, you will have the help you need. It is a great tool that you can use to speak or read the words of the Bible in the original language and it will show you every little detail and nuance of

System Requirements For Davar Hebrew Dictionary:

Broadband internet connection
Adobe Flash Player (Adobe Systems Incorporated, 512.21.96.103) or higher
Supported Web Browser
Mac OSX: 10.4.11 or higher
Windows XP or higher
To play the game click on “Play Now”. If you want to use it with your computer you need to download it and install it on your computer. If you have any problem, ask for our support.


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