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Do you always worry about your personal information which is very important to you and never want to someone else to see? And how can you safeguard your privacy, store these in deep sub-folder or set them hidden attribute? NO, all that you have done, definitely not enough for safe your sensitive files. You should take more care for that.
Now SilySoft Software has provided a best way for you. Deep Lock is a new member of SilySoft Softwares which is a fast file encryption software that can password protect folders, encrypt or lock files. Quick and easy, that would be Deep Lock leading feature.
The way to lock and protect your most important documents, pictures, passwords and more inside of impenetrable folders encrypted with powerful 256-bit AES encryption—so you won’t have to worry. Encrypting Files Has Never Been Easier and Faster. Also Deep Lock support multiple accounts in one computer.
You can create as many Lockers as you want. Different users can create different Lockers with different passwords as well. Each user has personal setting with Deep Lock.
If you have tried or used some software before, you should give Deep Lock a try. You will surely appreciate the functionality of Deep Lock.


Download –––––>>>

Download –––––>>>






Deep Lock Crack+ Product Key Full

– You can create multiple Lockers.
– Each user is assigned with their own unique password.
– You can encrypt your files by generating a password.
– You can protect your most important documents, pictures, passwords and more.
– You can protect your sensitive files with High AES-256 Encryption.
– You can choose from a variety of protection Modes.
– You can easily and quickly encrypt files.
Deep Lock Free Download Features:
– Multiple accounts in one computer.
– Secure documents, pictures, passwords and more.
– It’s faster than any other encryption software.
– You can lock folders quickly with a single click.
– You can also lock individual files with custom intervals.
– You can choose from any Mode.
– You can choose the algorithms and key sizes.
– Deep Lock supports Multi-threading Algorithms.
– It provides easy installation.
– Deep Lock is a free piece of software with no time limit.
– You can download the trial version and give it a test run.


If you are wondering about whether you can have the ability to lock folder or files. This software will be able to lock files or folders. So you will not worry about your files can be accessed by anyone. Once the files are encrypted you can easily lock it.
However, this program does not support every kind of files in every kind of operating systems. Now, you may see that DeepLock mainly supports Zip, PDF, JPG, Microsoft Office files, and a few other documents. However, if you want to encrypt files that do not belong to any supported file format. You need to convert them to supported formats and then only DeepLock can support them.


You will be able to add a password to your files or folders so that nobody can access it. If you want to install this DeepLock as a free version, you are allowed to have several locked file or folders. You will only have limited number of locked files or folders per computer. However, if you want to have unlimited access to your files or folders, you have to purchase this Deep Lock Pro version.


– New Updates with Bug Fixes.
– Minor bug fixes.
– Latest changes are available here
– Just download and

Deep Lock [Latest 2022]

1. Self-extracting
2. Portable
3. Create as many Lockers as you want
4. Cloud integration
5. Encrypt or Lock files
6. View password-protected files
7. Decrypt password-protected files
8. View passwords for file
9. Stored passwords
10. View and Edit passwords
11. Restore files
12. Create different lockers for different users
13. Email, Zip, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive,



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How to set my password to be cleared after update?

I’m running the latest Ubuntu. Every time I restart my computer my password is “changed”. I want to clear it after updating. I can’t figure out how to change it back to the default.


If you didn’t use the automatic login feature, you have a problem.
The problem is that after the upgrade to 16.04 the “login password” is automatically stored in the
/etc/skel/ directory.
Your users and groups need to be configured properly for the new user, otherwise the user will not be able to login.
Open gedit and open /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.
Change the following line as written below:

Change the above line to:

The above line will allow all users to login via their usernames and not use a password.

I can’t figure out how to change it back to the default.

If the user’s gnome-keyring password is set to the default, the new pass for lightdm should not change that default.
You may want to check this article for more information.

name=Punishing Fire
effect=Destroy target creature. Its controller loses 4 life.

Deep Lock

1. Deep Lock for Mac 10.6.2 and 10.7 usersMac Deep Lock is a robust application in the market that is compatible with most files. However it is compatible only with Mac OSX folder. So What if you are having Windows folder? Deep Lock 10.6.2 and 10.7 Mac version is compatible with most of the files on the Mac and Windows as well.
If you had plans to back up your Mac to a Windows computer, this may be a solution.
2. Run Deep Lock Mac application under 10.7 or higher Mac.If you own macbook you can run the Deep Lock Mac version as your operating system. You can install the Deep Lock Mac version by simply unzipping it and running the installer. Then run Deep Lock and take care of the installation process. It’s quite similar process as you installed Deep Lock 10.7 or higher.
3. Run Deep Lock under 10.6.2 Mac.You can download Deep Lock 10.6.2 and install as it is. Please ensure that you have Mac 10.6.2 or above installed. If you have Mac 10.6.1 or 10.6.0 installed, you will face problem during installation. So make sure you upgrade to the latest version of Mac OSX in order to avoid this issue.
4. Move/Copy/Convert your files to Mac Deep Lock.You can move or copy your files to Mac Deep Lock folder as well. Just put all of your files including pictures, documents, video clips, music into Mac Deep Lock folder on your Mac. You can also put your digital pictures, songs, videos, documents, etc to Mac Deep Lock folder on your computer to have that where you do not lose it. You can put those files in Mac Deep Lock folder, and then move/copy/convert them to Mac Deep Lock folder on the Mac.
5. Import or Import/Export your files from Mac Deep Lock folder.If you need to import all of those files or wanted to export those files from your Mac Deep Lock folder then you can easily do so by using the Deep Lock Mac plugin.
The Deep Lock Mac version is quite a powerful and easy to use powerful application that lets you protect your important files from unauthorized users and keep them safe. All you need to do is just to follow few simple steps to lock the files, folders, and drives from outside. Once you unlock the files and folders, they will be available to use only

What’s New in the Deep Lock?

1. Open Deep Lock to encrypt or lock files.
2. Choose the type of encryption you like.
3. Click on “Generate a Password”.
4. You can also generate a Random Password directly in the right dialog.
5. The password will be displayed on the left.
6. Please check that you have entered the password correctly or not before you want to start Deep Lock.
7. Then click on “Lock Folder”.
8. The Deep Lock has totally encrypted the selected folder. You can lock it with your password.
It means you can not access this folder without password.
9. Now you can lock it and store it in a safe place.
10. If you forget the password, you can do it again.
11. Just remember the original password, then you can unlock the folder.

1. For the shortcut to create a new password, you can right click on it and select “Shortcut” to navigate to the shortcut tab.
2. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can right click on the shortcut and select “Properties” to open properties.
3. For Windows 8, you can double-click the shortcut to open the shortcut.
4. Deep Lock will use the user’s default language and make localization easily.
5. In the Properties / Details window, you can see the language, security and the type of encryption.
6. To change the language or type of encryption, click on the gear icon and set it to your preference.
7. If you set your language is English, you can click on the button of “Change the encoding to Chines-Unicode” to change to Chinese.
8. Deep Lock has built-in file type filtering function so that you could lock or lock a folder or file type that you don’t want to lock.
9. Drag and drop files or folders to Deep Lock.
10. If the password is weak, you can change the password.
11. Please download it and test it to see the effectiveness of Deep Lock and advice to you.

Deep Lock License:

Deep Lock is free for home use. You can use it without paying for it.
But Deep Lock Support Update Network, so you can update and use the most recent version. And also, you can use Deep Lock free trial to test the effectiveness of Deep Lock.
Your email address will not be kept in–Jho30

System Requirements For Deep Lock:

Genius Energy Drink’s Power Yoga is a game that has an E-shop and system requirements, you can see them below:
OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon (2.4GHz) or AMD Phenom (2.6GHz)
GPU: OpenGL 2.0 compliant video card
DirectX 9.0c compliant video card
Hard Drive: 20GB free space

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