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DEFCON was originally released on October 30, 2008, and was nominated for the Choice Award for Best Audio. It has been enjoying tremendous success since its release with over 2 million downloads, and 10 million players registered on the official DEFCON website.
DEFCON is a fast-paced game of skill where you must gain points by racing through the stages.
DEFCON features an innovative new style of game play that’s never been seen before. The game features weapons, power-ups, and the slow-motion dash-jumping capability, which allows you to effortlessly gain a wide range of points within the levels.
As a free-to-play game, players will be able to unlock more content and extra features by purchasing add-on packs in future updates.
DEFCON is the perfect game for fans of driving games, shooting games, and racing games. Whether you’re new to the racing genre or you’re looking for something a little more intense, this game will definitely keep you engaged for hours on end.
Unique Timing System
– A unique timing system keeps players at the edge of their seat all the way through the game.
Innovative Dash-Jumping Capability
– With the dash-jumping capability, players can maneuver through the game without slowing their pace.
Special Weapons
– The game features a robust set of weapons that allow players to customize their playstyle.
– A full range of vehicles are featured, ranging from bikes to monster trucks.
– DEFCON has also been featured in a series of professional film trailers, the most recent of which can be found below.
Minimum Requirements:
– Windows XP
– Windows Vista
– Intel 3.2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 x 2
– 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive:
– 6 GB available space
Additional Requirements:
– Internet connection is recommended, but not required
An Internet connection is required to play DEFCON Online. To download the game to your computer, please go to, and look for DEFCON in the files section. For more information on installing the game, go to the Help menu and read the tutorial.
For this title, all rights are reserved to Defiant Games.
The information above is based on the information provided by the


Features Key:

  • Listen to live performances of the soundtrack

  • Listening to the soundtrack in alphabetical or chronological order

  • Listening to the soundtrack in order of the track listing on the album

  • DEFCON Soundtrack lyrics

    DEFCON Soundtrack Game lyrics by Dan The Automator at >. Powerful, euphoric, delicate, edgy, moody, dynamic, rocking and inspiring music by Dan The Automator. Two versions of the score. In the header, we have:

    “I… “In Full Steel”
    “Look Right Through Me”
    “Out Of Sight”
    “Perfect Day”
    “Potential Armageddon”
    “Pick Up The Pieces”
    “Plants and Trees”
    “My Force”
    “No Future”


    DEFCON Soundtrack Free Download For Windows (April-2022)

    4, 3, 2, 1, Go!
    You are the game.
    In this atmosphere of mass hysteria, which events will you witness, and whom will you meet along the way?

    The game is now sold as a bundle with the DEFCON 5 game and carries the same retail price.
    To purchase the bundle and a copy of the Deluxe Edition of the game, please visit [url=


    “DEFCON Soundtrack Cracked 2022 Latest Version” is the name for the “artistic treat” included in the 2009 release of the real-time strategy game DEFCON 5. Created by Alistair Lindsey, this musical treat will help you get away from the games. These tracks take you on a journey through a mysterious atmosphere, a journey where time is being broken down into parts that you can pass through without noticing. This music was selected for the game in its entirety, aiming to be a soothing, calming mix of ambient music.

    Already as a stand-alone piece of music, “DEFCON Soundtrack Serial Key” is a compilation of atmospheric soundscapes that are a true pleasure to listen to.

    “DEFCON Soundtrack” is a result of the nomination “Best Audio” for DEFCON 5 in 2008. The file was released via STEAM, and can be downloaded for free.

    If you are curious, “DEFCON Soundtrack” was created using the “DCC Audio Converter” freeware software.

    Track List

    “Music for DEFCON 5” is the title for the original piece of music that guided the development of the game. This soundtrack was created by a group of collaborators with different musical styles. The “Ghost of DEFCON 5 Past” or the “Ghost of DEFCON Future” was the first song released.

    “Music for DEFCON 5: 2 Minute Scene” is the second and third track of the piece of music. This track replaces the entire “Music for DEFCON 5” with a track that consists of a combination of melancholy and melancholic melodies, with a doomy and deep tone to them.

    “Music for DEFCON 5: Half Minute Scene” is the fourth track of the piece of music. This track consists of a


    DEFCON Soundtrack Free Download PC/Windows (Final 2022)

    Scramble to survive the events of the game, but avoid being shot by those looking to fulfill their own agenda.

    Incredibly difficult game mechanic:

    The game begins in an inescapable situation where the player’s actions from that point forward determine whether or not they live.

    The game is a single-player shooter and uses a variety of guns, hand-me-downs from the DC Universe, and does not feature the use of cover.

    The game is a combination of both on-screen and mouse-driven actions that simulate actions that would be initiated by a controller.

    The game is a prequel of sorts to “Defiance” with the first of three episodes planned, “The Reality Check.”

    3D Realistic models:

    Every person, vehicle, and location is modeled to be “3D-realistic.”

    Every object in the game, no matter how small, is easy to see and track without the use of sight magnification or enhancement.

    The in-game graphics make excellent use of the netbook’s capabilities for both visual, visual and audio playback, as well as its ability to play back multiple resolutions simultaneously (native resolution, 800×600 and 1024×768).

    Keyboard/Mouse Controlled:

    This game takes full advantage of the netbook’s excellent keyboard as well as the mouse.

    The mouse can be used to aim weapons, exit menus, and perform other actions.

    The keyboard can be used to activate the game, switch weapons and other inventory items, assign a target, and much more.


    An easy-to-read menu is used that allows the user to select weapons, items, and other gameplay elements.

    The menu allows the user to click-through all available weapons and items available for use.

    The menus are very easily navigable by either keyboard or mouse.

    Game Design:

    The game attempts to explore the means of survival, dealing with issues of fear, reward, and value.

    This is achieved by using a combination of mechanics and gameplay systems that reward exploration and deliberation to achieve a greater overall gameplay experience and greater longevity.

    The game does not allow the player to truly predict a single event, but rather encourages the player to react to what they encounter.

    The game features a series of action scenarios that occur in a logical, sequential and non-random order, but which can and do change with


    What’s new:





      Created by Toshinori Omi, the SURVIVAL GEAR 3D HD COLOR SOUNDTRACK features songs used throughout the game which are recorded in exceptional clarity.

      [h2]Release Date: August 21, 2018 (Limited to 3000 copies)

      Pre-order link opens: May 27, 2018

      Post-order opening date: July 9, 2018


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      Product information

      Tori’s Layout

      Aceline’s Layout

      Alpha’s Layout

      Bi-Bi’s Layout

      Sherry-J’s Layout

      Shin’s Layout

      Sadie’s Layout

      Bitan’s Layout

      Dan’s Layout


      [b][content style=”BACKGROUND: #F5F5F5; COLOR: #3366CC; TEXT-ALIGN: center” width=610 gutter=10 align=right][size=3]






      [h2]Track List


      (Online track list as of 11:20 PM on July 9th, 2018)

      1. Prologue ~ SURVIVAL GEAR 3D ~ (2:45) 2. Enter the Gear! (Dance Mix) (6:28) 3. Tabloid (J-POP Mix) (4:09) 4. Trauma Alliance (4:27) 5. Med. Pack (4:54) 6. The End (7:49) [/enctype]

      (Online track list as of 9:45 PM on July 9th, 2018)

      1. SURVIVAL GEAR 3D COLOR SOUNDTRACK (Introduction) (PV Ver.) (3:54)


      Free Download DEFCON Soundtrack Crack + [2022-Latest]


      How To Crack DEFCON Soundtrack:

    • First of All Backup your Original DEFCON ISO File
    • Extract DEFCON Checker to any Location you want in C:\
      For Example : c:\raiders
    • Restore Your Entire C:\raiders\copypasta\Vid add-ons\
    • Copy the Content back to C:\raiders\players\
    • Find the DEFCON Item and Convert to CAB file.
    • Make a DEF CON folder in same location mentioned above
    • Double click on the DEF-CONC file(We heared its already a CAB file )
    • Install the CAB file into DEF-CONC folder
    • Try and play in the game using the CAB file
    • Now enjoy Music in Your Game…
    • That’s… it



    System Requirements:

    PC Hardware:
    Windows 7
    Dual Graphics: Recommended
    Intel Core2 Quad CPU @ 2.66 GHz
    6 GB RAM
    WineHQ version 0.8 or later
    DirectX version 9
    GeForce GTX 250 or Radeon HD 4870
    1 GB VRAM
    4 X DVD ROM drive
    9 GB available space
    512 MB VRAM
    DVD ROM Drive:
    (4X DVD-ROM drive only)
    DVD-ROM drive can be used to watch The Witcher games on Windows XP


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