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DFasma is an open-source, cross-platform software utility that can help you compare audio files through various means, primarily by analyzing waveforms and spectra. Moreover, it enables you to listen to fragments and discover differences audibly.
The application even allows you to modify the alignment and amplitude of the imported files, but it is not designed to function as a full-fledged audio editor.
Compare audio files based on their waveforms and spectrograms
DFasma supports a number of popular audio formats, relying on the Libsndfile library to open and process these files. There are notable exceptions, such as the MP3 format, but there are still quite a few options at your disposal.
Once you have added two or more audio files, the application generates a set of graphical representations in order to help you compare them visually. It can display the spectrogram, amplitude spectrum, phase spectrum and group delay.
Correct the alignment and gain of audio files and estimate their fundamental frequency
In addition to helping you analyze audio files, DFasma also allows you make some small modifications. For instance, while in Edit mode, you can move the waveform to the left or right by simply holding down Ctrl, and you can increase or decrease its gain by moving the cursor up or down.
Using the Ctrl + F combination, you can estimate a file’s fundamental frequency, and you can then perform a re-estimation at any time, either for the whole file or a certain selection.
Great tool for audio analysts, provided you know what you are doing
It goes without saying that DFasma is intended to be used by those who have at least some experience with these operations. Documentation is included, but it is not particularly extensive, so novices may find the app to be somewhat confusing.
On the whole, DFasma is a powerful open-source program that allows you to analyze audio files using multiple methods. It offers an impressive set of features, and it even has basic editing capabilities.







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Open source, free and cross-platform.
Set of settings for visualisations and spectrum manipulations;
Code for the program is publicly available in this repository;
Ability to compare audio files visually, by using waveforms and spectrograms;
Auditory comparisons can be done with frequency, group delay and amplitude spectrograms;
Audio file comparison can be done in realtime, allowing you to view an instantaneous difference between two audio files;
You can save/load comparison result files for batch processing;
Can modify the amplitude of your audio files and align them visually;
Performs an automatic estimation of the fundamental frequency of an audio file;
Can estimate the fundamental frequency of a given selection of a file;
Can do a re-estimation of the fundamental frequency of a given selection of a file, as well as a re-estimation of the whole file.

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10-Key speed dial: Change filters, adjust parameters and export audio clip based on your preference.
Automatic peak finder: Return the peak, peak under frequency and peak above frequency.
Mass finder: Find the peak and interval search. Use it to search the audio waveform.
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Welcome to DFasma!
It is my pleasure to announce the public release of a new audio file comparison utility: DFasma. This open source application was originally designed by Simon Vogl and myself (Mike Teece) for the purpose of allowing users to compare and analyze multiple audio files at once.
Starting from a simple editing mode, the program incorporates a number of commonly used analysis functions, such as spectrogram analysis, fundamental frequency estimation, and curve fitting, among others.
We think it is worthwhile to publically release this software, as it is our hope that it will benefit a larger number of audio professionals with an interest in comparing several files at a time.
Screenshot of DFasma in Edit Mode
What’s New in DFasma 1.10.2:
Feature: Edit Audio Files
These changes are a result of feedback we’ve received over the years, and for that, we thank you:
* The generated spectrograms can now be saved as Png files, along with the waveforms.
* The sample rate can now be selected for the GUI panels, as well as for the textbox within the sample rate inputs.
* A checkbox was added to the GUI settings for users that desire to keep the trackbar outside of the viewable window when editing files.
* A general performance improvement in the audio data handling has also been implemented.
Bug Fix:
* When users were navigating the GUI, the document on which the view was based was being cut off.
* The Save file dialog was not always being properly closed.
* The spectrum file dialog would sometimes not be colored correctly.
* Our thanks go out to all of the people that have given us feedback and encouraged us to continue with this project. Without you, we would not be here today.
* The following bug has also been fixed:
a. When used with a large number of audio files, it was possible for the program to crash on Windows 10 when trying to copy the non-zero count files in a given directory.
Changes in DFasma 1.10.2:
* Fixed an issue with exporting with the PNG file format, in which the image was not being saved
* Optimized a situation in which the “Mute Input” dialog would remain open until the specific audio input was closed
* Exported the waveforms and spectrograms as PNG files, which is now default
* Fixed an issue with the Autoscroll feature

What’s New In?

* Analyze audio files in multiple ways and compare them in detail.
* Generates rich visualizations of an audio file.
* Estimates the fundamental frequency of an audio file.
* Allows for basic editing of audio files and their duration.
* Supports popular audio formats and third-party plugins.
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