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The DiffVue suite consists of several independent tools, designed to be used together, as required for the various tasks of modifying the data on your computer. The software tool offers you a wide choice of options, allowing you to manage the files and folders on your computer. You may perform synchronization of folders between the local machine and a network storage system, or even synchronize two locations using the FTP server. The respective tools are included in the package: the folder comparison, file content and HEX code comparison, text editing, HEX code creator, linked file management, FTP client, HEX code changer, SSH client, Unicode conversion, MDI file management, extratext file management, I/O file operator and more.
DiffVue Key Features:
• Synchronize your local and network folders
• Comparing files by timestamp or checksum
• Trimming certain parts of the files with the help of HEX code
• Detecting file differences
• Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
• Unifying all kinds of lines of text
• Managing file name, type, attributes
• Automatic test for unknown OS types (e.g. NT, 2000 and XP)
• Deciphering file operators (i.e. UINT from PE header)
• Separating the specified columns from text in a multi-line text file
• Extratext file edition
• MDI file edition
• HEX code edition
• Managing size and exact path
• Detecting HEX codes, detecting embedded OLE objects, encoding and encoding indention
• Unicode conversion
• Transforming plain text to UTF-16LE/UTF-8/UTF-16GE
• Converting from UTF-16LE/UTF-8/UTF-16GE to plain text
• Deciphering the PE header, decoding the ASCII string and working with the special character
• Detecting BAM, AVI, CAB, RAR, MP3 and MID files
• Detecting the END of the file record
• Detecting the body of the manifest file
• Detecting the BARCODE tag
• Detecting the RTF file
• Detecting the DOC and XLS files
• Detecting the EBCDIC file
• Detecting the LNM file
• Detecting the PE file
• Detecting the DXE file
• Detecting the SWF file
• Detecting the XML file
• Detecting

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DiffVue Free [Mac/Win] [Latest]

DiffVue is a comprehensive software bundle, dedicated to file management, folder comparison and HEX code changing. The application allows you to synchronize files and folders between two computers, as well as merge files, in order to remove the apparent discrepancy between them.

Comprehensive file management tool
With several components, designed for specific functions, DiffVue allows you to compare files and folder contents, in order to synchronize them. DiffVue itself is a simple to use component, which can display two folders in parallel view and indicate the files that match. The program can open text documents, using the Text Editor component or other types of files, with the help of FullVue function.

Other components include Unicode HEX Conversion Utility, DiffVue Shell-Menu Configuration, DiffFTP and DiffVue HEX Compare. The various file states are indicated in colors, which you may easily modify. Moreover, you can change the method of file comparison: the software supports matching files by timestamp or checksum, using the CRC32 scan method.

Synchronizing functions
DiffVue can perform the folder synchronization with local folders, meaning transferring any file stored in one of the two directories in both locations. The process can be started with a single mouse click, using the shortcut in the tool bar.

Otherwise, you can synchronize a local folder with a different location, on a FTP server, using the DiffFTP tool. The component allows you to configure the connection to a FTP server and allows you to apply the folder synchronization. You may also create links between files or folders from different locations.

HEX code editors
DiffVue and DiffVue HEX Compare allow you to manage the files at HEX code levels. Not only can you perform a thorough comparison, but you may also modify certain lines in the code. Moreover, the Unicode HEX Conversion Utility allows you to transform plain text lines into UTF16LE, UTF8 and UTF16GE Unicode or to HEX strings, as well as vice versa.

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What’s New In?

With several components, dedicated to file management, folder comparison and HEX code changing, DiffVue offers the advantage of a detailed explanation. It supports the simultaneous display of two folders, with the ability to highlight the matching files. Several components allows you to compare files, open text documents and archives, as well as merge folders or synchronize folders. The program is available as a trial version for 30 days and the trial also allows you to import and export files from the program.

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With Windows 10 as released today, it’s a time of reflection for


System Requirements For DiffVue:

Microsoft Windows 2000 or later
Intel Pentium III or later processor
512 MB RAM
40 MB hard disk space
Please note, if you have the retail version of game, DO NOT RUN THE EXE OF GAME. You have to run patch.exe first.
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