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EasyTrans Crack + Serial Key For PC (2022)

[url removed, login to view] is a geodetic coordinate transformation tool – easy-to-use software to convert latitude and longitude (and other geodetic parameters) of a geographic coordinate reference system into the desired local height coordinate system. The local height coordinate system is frequently used in precision engineering, metrology, GIS applications and GNSS receivers and is commonly designated by national authorities (e.g. Swiss Geographical Institute). Technical conversion parameters can be calculated or measured from data. A common case is the conversion of ellipsoidal heights into plane polar coordinates. Also, Euclidian coordinates of regular grid points of raster images can be converted into coordinate systems using an interpolation function provided by the program.
EasyTrans Professional Edition offers the following enhanced functions:
– Generic transformation (generic polyconic)
– Choice between different gazetteers, including GNSS receivers (e.g. ALBERTA INSPIRE) and GNSS base stations (e.g. ESTEC EXTRA)
– Download of patent information (e.g. in the UK) for the supported sources (e.g. IERS conventions)
– Ephemerides within the framework of IAU-2009 and IERS XXXXX-XXXX Conventions
– Geographic transformations over the world
– User-friendly interface
– Selectable output formats (YAML, CSV and SHP)
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EasyTrans Crack Mac is an ‘all-in-one’ application to transform coordinates. It’s easy to understand and to use, either accepts coordinates entered via keyboard or via files, and that can be used in addition to existing software packages or exclusively as a tool to transform coordinates fast and uncomplicated.
With the professional edition you are able to execute Affinity- and Helmert-Transformations as well as to compute their transformation parameters and to use global or regional geoid information to transform ellipsoidal into locally used heights.
EasyTrans Description:

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EasyTrans Crack With Product Key

• Uses its own 2D-Viewer to visualize your workspace.• You are able to define transformations by clicking on them in the workspace.• Upload coordinate transformation data (like e.g. FreeArc GIS files) or enter them via keyboard.• Data remains in the form of files or has been uploaded.• You can print-out the commands or copy them.• Various modules (CAD-Projections, raster grids etc.) can be added to your scene.• Panning mode is supported.• Transform your own coordinates easily and quickly to any common coordinate system.• Reverse engineering and calculation of affine transformation parameters are supported.
EasyTrans Professional Edition:
• Not only 2D, but also 3D coordinates can be transformed.• You can create/edit your own raster grids with shapefiles.• Edit and merge your own surfaces using raster grids.• You can use global height data.• 3D Affine Transformation, Helmert Transformation and more.• You can also use your own geoid data in order to perform local transformations.• You are able to edit regions with edit regions.
• Print-out of transformation parameters and read-in of new transformation parameters is supported.
• Interactive GUI for 3D coordinates.
• Editable region on the X-axis to transform locally on the X-axis.• Editable region on the Y-axis to transform locally on the Y-axis.• Positioning of coordinate axes relative to the transformation point.• Panning of the scene.
• Centering of the scene coordinates in the 3D space of the scene.
• Interactive Geoid-Viewer in case of “Edit regions by height data” (e.g. included the image below):
Interactive GUI for coordinates and transformation parameters:

Using EasyTrans we could transform the coordinates faster than using the “regular” ArcGIS tools for ArcObjects. With EasyTrans you don’t need to learn the language of the programming which is used by ArcGIS. Using the EasyTrans toolbox you can transform coordinates as fast as you can type a new coordinate of the target.
There are some other features of the EasyTrans package that make it different from the other tools for arcGIS which only have a final transformation result. With EasyTrans you can compare the new coordinates with the old coordinates and view them in a 2D-Viewer so that you can check the transformation. All transformation parameters will be printed for you

What’s New In EasyTrans?

It’s also a desktop-application which can be used as a complete package for a short to medium project as well as a tool to transform coordinates fast and uncomplicated.

TranslateCoordinates can be used to convert any coordinate system to another coordinate system (if supported by the input document) and/or to transform coordinates between two different coordinate systems.
TranslateCoordinates Description:
It is a desktop application for Windows. TranslateCoordinates works on input coordinates in any coordinate system (lat/lon, Geodetic, Mercator,…)
TranslateCoordinates has two main functions:
* Convert coordinates using the ‘new coordinate system’. Any additional parameters, as for example Ellipsoid, need to be defined at the beginning of the transformation.
* Convert coordinates using a’simple’ transformation (no additional parameters). More detailed information about the transformation process can be found under Settings.

The implementation of the remote protocol is done directly in the Java SDK of the LibGeoRPC servlet, which can either be provided with the plugin or is integrated in the Metaprogrammer application.
After developing a geospatial service in Java (a Metaprogrammer application or LibGeoRPC servlet) it is possible to use the Geocode plugin (and the remote protocol) to establish a connection to another service with external coordinates that can be provided by the user or in which data can be upload.
Furthermore, it is possible to extend the internal geospatial data with any external coordinate format.
Geocode Plugin Description:
The Geocode plugin connects to a remote geospatial service, e.g. Geoserver, with any external coordinate format. It also saves the resulting data and creates a WKT representation for it. In combination with the remote protocol it is possible to use this service to fetch coordinates, for example, from Google Maps.

TranslateCoordinates can be used to convert any coordinate system to another coordinate system (if supported by the input document) and/or to transform coordinates between two different coordinate systems.
TranslateCoordinates Description:
It is a desktop application for Windows. TranslateCoordinates works on input coordinates in any coordinate system (lat/lon, Geodetic, Mercator,…)
TranslateCoordinates has two main functions:
* Convert coordinates using the ‘new coordinate system’. Any additional parameters, as for example Ellipso

System Requirements For EasyTrans:

Windows 7 64-bit
Intel Core i3 or equivalent
1 GB VRAM (WDD) or at least 4 GB VRAM (HT)
16 GB RAM (minimum)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or equivalent
DirectX 11.0c compatible video card or equivalent
Intel Core i5 or equivalent
2 GB VRAM (WDD) or at least 8 GB VRAM (HT)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or


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