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New Fantasy Roleplaying Games (RPGs) require skillful guidance and management to survive in the Lands Between. Accordingly, we have created an original story in the world of Elden Ring, with a setting that is rich in mythology, drama, and adventure.

The narrative style of the game combines that of a traditional RPG with a discussion forum. Players see the fragmentary view of characters or interact with them as they speak with the character text. This method of play allows players to experience the game as if viewing a film or reading a novel. The game takes place in a world-spanning drama that intimately connects the characters and the players.

We created an online game that allows players to experience a diverse world while connected to others. Unlike most online games, you can directly interact with the other players, and there is no limit to the size of your group. The online elements are balanced against the character-interaction, such that the player has their finger on the button at all times. We designed the online experience to be inexpensive, but if you have premium service you can access advanced features such as the character improvement system, which allows you to create a character that will bring enjoyment to the game for many years to come.

Become an Elden Lord of glory in the Lands Between!
The order of the battle and the concept of a fair combat are being overhauled.

“As I look to the future, it becomes clear that my victory in that fateful duel will have dire repercussions.”


Even the gods have given up on you, and the goddess Minerva has laid her final fate on you. Under the orders of destiny, you are the last of the Elden, the Eluvium. The villainous Elden will be eliminated, and a new era of peace will begin. You will make this dream a reality.


As a powerful lord of the martial arts, Morgan has taken on a variety of foes with ease.

Take on the role of Morgan as he explores the lands between.

■ Summary

Pursue Yantar, the masked lord of the Elden bloodline. He aids the bandits, devils, and other Elden lords who are leading the assault on the other


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Permanent death, a hero’s high level, and continues support
  • Greatly increased difficulty for solo play and greater freedom in battle
  • A re-playable story full of humanity
  • The Main Battle System

    This is the flagship spell distribution system among fantasy action RPG games. Due to the recognition of the character’s history and the emphasis on story, the delicate balance of Battle System, HP and MP, Omen in the Magic Circle, and PVP Damage is kept.

    1) Specified as a battle system combining strategic play, time management, and a combative sense. Both the strategy and the action for enemies grow, and offers more variety than traditional action RPGs. 2) An unusual feature of ‘PERMANENT DEATH’ where if a character is defeated, that’s it! The character you have prepared your character for is lost forever. (i.e., there’s no refuges and saving point to return to and load the character page data. Do you want to use it or not?)
    3) A number of stages a character’s battle to see is gradually increased over time. So you can set many characters’ skills, and use variations like attacks’ ranges and varying effects on the use of skills, for a greater variety of play.

    4) A new element of magic, Omen in the Magic Circle, interacts with a decisive effect in battle, and each area has a different rule.

    5) PVP, powerful battles occur in dungeons where there’s a level 30 dungeon boss. The player who wins 5 times wins!

    The G-Rank Combat

    Orthodox fantasy action RPG battle. Although orthodox, this battle system is more strategic, where you can manipulate the skill set for each character with joy.

    1) Powerful destruction around the user’s avatar. (juggles placement) Various characters are given a status debuff status by multiple explosions, surrounding damage, and explosion. Depending on the unique status and area, there’s a difference in the damage of impacts. (For example, Steel damage, Light damage, and Dark damage.) If a status debuff occurs, increase the amount of damage dealt.
    2) Attack Combo Attack can have synergy


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    All Reviews:

    Warning: Review spoilers of The Land Between Below.

    The Land Between Below was a step backward for the fantasy RPG genre as a whole, offering little that the genre needed and lots that should have been left out. In a surprise move, GungHo is taking a game that focused on its major flaws and is adding in several elements to try and make up for the flaws.

    The game is set in the Land Between, a world that is at war, with the Mythril Kingdom losing its outer lands to monsters. The story follows a young warrior who joins the noble defense force as the only one who can bring down the Elden Ring Product Key that is preparing an attack on the Mythril Kingdom. Along the way, the player can team up with fellow defense units and bring down cities and monsters.

    The characters and designs are all over the place. Character designs are either generic or incredibly ugly, with the characters ranging from just plain, like Durenda, to just plain off-putting, like Elfrin. Characters not only look ugly, but they seem like they just started playing video games yesterday, as they struggle to figure out how to move and move their weapons, or they just stand there the entire time. The characters also spout generic lines that lack any sort of emotion or anything interesting.

    Story progression could have been handled better, as the game gives the player multiple endings and many paths to take. However, the main storyline is extremely short, offering only about ten hours of gameplay. A small amount of things are omitted from the story in order to speed the pace, such as a relationship between the hero and another character that could be explored in more depth. If there were more story, you would actually get to know the people who live in the lands between and like them more than just what you see in the cutscenes, as the people in the game are bland.

    The fast pace of the game is tough to handle, as most encounters lack any type of challenge. Enemies and monsters will just run past you if you hold them back for more than a few seconds, allowing you to run through the area and clear the area for a second time without even a single battle.

    During encounters, the game gives you an option of sticking with the


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    Get the game on the date of release.

    ** The images at the top of this page are taken from the “Endless Tower” illustration, a web comic of the same name, which can be read at

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    A Vast World Full of Excitement

    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

    Creature Information

    Equipment Name: Aether Bow

    Each Aether Bow can select between the following three skill levels. Level I Skill: Bonus weapon attack

    Level II Skill: Lightning attribute boosts the attack power of the Aether Bow.

    Level III Skill: Adds an additional weapon attack. Battle Gauge: Aether Crystal

    A source of weapons imbued with magical power, the Aether Crystal is a treasure of life and death.

    A treasure of life and death. Unique properties:

    – All weapons can be used to attack all opponents with the same strength, regardless of their level.

    – You can attack opponents in a group, even if they are not directly next to one another. However, if two or more of the same weapon target a single enemy, the attack will be nullified.

    – If you lose the Battle Gauge, you will instantly drop to the level of


    What’s new:


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    There’s lots of subtle detail work going on up in this palace. Currently I’m building this corridor and it’s….a lot of tiles. It’s a megaton of buildings.  


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    Game Screenshots:

    Introducing the ELDEN RING – The World’s Most Authentic Online Action RPG Game. Download Now!


    Elden Ring is free for unlimited play.

    ▶Vast World With Beautiful Landscape▶
    ▶Battle with 3v3 or 5v5 Atrioch Brigade▶
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    ▶Constant Updates and Improvements▶

    Elden Ring is the first 3D fantasy action RPG made by 3D engine, developed by E&D Games Inc, developed in South Korea by K3P Co Ltd., and developed by StarsEternal.

    E&D Games Inc is responsible for the most popular online RPG series such as Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy VI International, and Legend of Mana in Japan.

    K3P Co Ltd. is the developer behind the legendary RPG titles such as Chrono Trigger, Pokemon Red and Green, and Xenosaga.

    StarsEternal is the master of RPGs like Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, and The World Ends With You.

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