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・It is a fantasy action RPG created by Arktika Studios.

・As part of Arktika Studios, developer of the Arktika Online MMORPG, the world of Arktika Games brought this game to life and is now teaming up with KMS to bring it to the West in an awesome package.

・The director of Arktika Studios, Mr. Naotaka Hayashi, has overseen the creation of this game.

・As an ARPG, the gameplay of this game is very similar to other games such as Monster Hunter or Final Fantasy, and players are able to enjoy the game world while fighting over and over.

・You can hunt monsters in a variety of environments, and the organic world called “Alchemy” opens up even more.

・The tactics of this game are full of detail and are very easy to play, and various changes have been added to increase the thrill of battle and the appeal of the fight.

・Players can freely enjoy the story and experience the world of the Lands Between, and enjoy a unique fantasy action RPG that boasts the quality of Arktika Games and KMS, the developer of the Arktika Online MMORPG.

・One of Japan’s largest independent game development companies, KMS was founded in 1995.

・For the past twenty years, it has been expanding its strength in game development and creating games such as the ARPG Arktika Online and the fantasy MMORPG Arktika Online, which have enjoyed a cult following.

・In 2005, it began to expand its activities, becoming a co-developer of the open world MMORPG “Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer” developed by Daum, and as a result of this, has enjoyed an excellent reputation in Japan and overseas.

・It is now also serving as a partner developer of the open world MMORPG MMOFPS “MU Online” and the ARPG “Arktika Online” and is eager to continue developing new titles.

・Since 2006, KMS has also been cooperating with Square Enix on developing games such as the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, the SRPG “Diablo III”, and the MOBA “League of Angels”, and has expanded its game development activities.
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