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FIFA® 20 and FIFA® 21 each introduced significant improvements in AI responsiveness and overall realism. FIFA 22 continues that innovation, adding further improvements to the on-field AI and the ability for the game to automatically adjust the difficulty level for any player, be they amateurs or pros.

In FIFA 20 and FIFA 21, players could tweak the difficulty level of AI control (reinforcement learning) from Easy to Very Hard, or automate the difficulty by selecting the Toughest difficulty setting at the start of the game.

In FIFA 22, the difficulty of the AI has been significantly increased to Very Hard, with Easy and Tough already offering the highest levels of responsiveness and realism. The game’s difficulty can be further increased by adjusting the number of players in the opponents’ team, the number of CPU players and the way the opposing team is created.

AI responsiveness and adaptation

AI responsiveness and adaptation of game mechanics

Defending from set pieces

FIFA 22 introduces the “Adaptive Fullbacks” system, which allows each fullback to dynamically adapt to attacking play. Team tactics and play calling also depend on the opponents’ distance and forward line shapes as the defenders aggressively close in on the ball.

• The defensive line is split into two separate zones.

• Defenders close in on either side of the defensive line.

• Forward-oriented central defenders want to play higher up the field, while fullbacks want to play deeper as they look to latch on to crosses and build pressure on the ball with possession.

Adaptation by means of the players’ positioning and movement has been improved, and attackers should have more situations in which they can counter-attack and play one-twos to create overloads against the defensive line.

• Forward-oriented central defenders want to play higher up the field, while fullbacks want to play deeper as they look to latch on to crosses and build pressure on the ball with possession.


Fast feet and accurate shooting

High-speed aerial duels

Changing direction

Technique and fitness

Improved shot power and accuracy

Accurate shooting

Accurate shooting is now more of a factor in the game, and the on-ball accuracy has been improved. Every player will likely produce at least two shots on target per 90 minutes,


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team will include new items, gameplay enhancements, and targeting improvements. Will I be successful using FIFA Ultimate Team? 
  • FIFA 20 Mobile offers gameplay and career progression that feels similar to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, with different statistics that represent the popularity of the strategies used. 
  • We have expanded third-party content to the point where it provides a natural piece of that overall experience. 
  • Career Mode is now both online & offline. 
  • The matchday atmosphere has been improved, including crowd sounds. 
  • The UEFA Champions League experience has been rebuilt, including bigger stadium crowds, and amazing winter weather. 
  • There have been various technical fixes for the following:  

    • Overlapping player animations. 
    • Rotation players when you bring them down. 
    • Improving international goal celebrations. 
    • Breaks when switching to full-screen in certain circumstances. 
    • The left high-hat sound problem. 
    • Changed the positioning of the players in the third-person view. 
    • Improved the timing in headers and improved how many players can grab headers.
  • The “Boss Battles” feature has been completely overhauled, and added new options. 
  • More changes to gameplay have been included, such as:  

    • Improved take-ons for both attacking and defending teams. 
    • The ball control system has changed to allow players to take much broader steps. 
    • Improved handling in aerial duels. 
    • Small changes for better balance.


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    Watch our FIFA 20 gameplay reveal…

    Watch our FIFA 20 gameplay reveal…

    Help your team rise to the top of the FUT Champs League and make your journey to the FIFA eWorld Cup. Experience the FIFA experience and live the moments that make the sport of FIFA so unique.

    Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 lets you play and progress the ultimate edition of the most authentic, authentic and addictive football video game on the planet.

    All the ways that the game is different

    Play anywhere: Play your favourite authentic football experiences in the FIFA version of the real-life pitch – on the web, mobile devices and tablets. For the first time, start playing FIFA in a new mode: Home Stadium.

    More than 1 million players: play FIFA with your friends on Xbox Live and PlayStation®Network, and the thousands of new players on the PS4® version.

    Play in your own environment: With real-life maps that support the in-game action in smaller, more intimate versions of your stadium.

    Personalise your gameplay: Customise your team and yourself with licensed player kits, and customise your play style and tactics with the all-new 1-2-3 System and Goalie Goalkeeping System.

    Enjoy a new feature: Make your decisions in real-time by tapping in to a detailed and visually accurate HUD that shows you what you need to do in a split second.

    Become a champion: Top up your e-Elite Points Season ranking and reach the coveted FIFA eWorld Cup. Test your skills in all the appropriate modes: Online, Offline, and Exhibition mode.

    Powered by Football™

    In FIFA 22, pitch your skills in a more authentic way than ever before in a football video game. And what’s more, we’re using the power of today’s game engines to create real-life stadiums using real-life graphics, giving you a unique, true-to-life experience.

    You want it all: The FIFA experience. We know that being part of the FIFA community is a big part of the game for you, and we’re committed to giving you everything you want to make your football life a little bit better. That means exciting new ways to play and participate, with new innovations around the game, and a look to the future of football video games.

    Play in more modes

    There are more ways to


    Fifa 22 Crack + Free Download

    Develop the ultimate team of footballers that will take the field on your favourite team. Shape your squad around a variety of key attributes including Technique, Speed, Strength, Creativity, Intelligence, Power and Determination. Spend the coins earned from winning matches and your own FUT coins to unlock new players, or trade players with other fans. Use FUT coins in the creation of unique and powerful Legendary players, like Cristiano Ronaldo, and unlock an exclusive Collection that will bring them to life. You’ll also be able to compete online against friends and complete the all-new Leaderboards. Join the worldwide online community today!

    Challenge Mode – Can you defeat the meanest of opponents? Tackle new challenges as you rise through the ranks and test your skills in a variety of game modes that only FIFA 22 can offer. Take part in the most intense and realistic close-quarter action available in football. And with over 40 new Special Edition challenges, FIFA 22 will challenge even the most accomplished FIFA gamers.

    Online Multiplayer Modes: – EA SPORTS FIFA 20, the new version of FIFA is available in a number of online multiplayer modes. In competitive and co-operative play you can now take on up to 20 players in the all-new MP5 mode, as well as take part in 5 vs. 5 and now also 5 vs. 10 and 10 vs. 10 FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues.

    We recommend only newer FIFA users to join these new, multiplayer modes as they require a lot of practice to get good at.

    Price and Availability
    FIFA 22 will be available in retail stores on 11 August 2017 for Xbox One™, Xbox 360™, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Nintendo Switch™ and PC (DVD and digital download).

    For the first time ever, FIFA Ultimate Team has been completely rebuilt for FIFA 20 and includes new and improved gameplay, improved in-game features, and has been completely redesigned for the ultimate soccer experience.

    Players will now have the chance to take on new challenges in a number of brand new special edition modes in FIFA 20. New modes include a Target Practice challenge, where players will compete in a special mode to become the best in the game, using the best players and strategies from any club. New exhibition challenges have also been created where players will perform the best tricks and goals from around the world.

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    What’s new in Fifa 22:

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