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FIFA 20 introduced a new physics engine that allows players to experience the intelligent and highly responsive ball over unprecedented levels of speed. This engine allowed FIFA 20’s character artists and animators to expand the way players moved in the 3rd dimension. Players can now sprint on the pitch at full speed and sprint off the pitch in a new jump motion that allows players to run all the way to the other side of the pitch, and up to the opponent’s box. These new animations make the ball leap off the ground and into players’ feet in a smooth and effortless motion. These high-speed animations are powered by the new “HyperMotion” engine, which includes a new “Heat Map” feature. Players can choose to make a more exact shot by applying artificial heat to the ball before firing it, making players better able to control their shots.

Gameplay changes include a precision-controlled “off the floor” dribbling mechanic, an all-new “fusion” dribbling mechanic, “clear-cut” passes, “Chase” enabled pass types, and “precision passing” maps. Precision passing could be made easier by shifting weight and adjusting weight-shift in different situations.

“Fusion Dribbling”, a skill where players can make one continuous motion from one directional dribbling to another, and then transfer the ball from foot to foot to finish a pass. Players can now use all the mechanics in Fusion Dribbling at their disposal to create a more tactical passing experience.

Precision passing allows players to easily control the direction and speed of passes. Players can pass the ball using “fusion” dribbling or “clear-cut” passes.

Clear-Cut Passes

Players can use the new “fusion” dribbling or “clear-cut” pass.

Clearing the Ball

Fusion Dribbling

“Fusion” Dribbling is a dribbling and dribbling skill that can be performed with one foot, and is featured in FIFA 21. Fusion dribbling allows players to make continuous moves by passing the ball from foot to foot. Fusion dribbling allows players to perform a continuous motion from one directional dribbling to another, effectively enabling players to make creative passes and


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New features:
    • HyperMotion Technology uses accurate data and realism from real-world players to recreate football at a deeper level than ever before.
    • Better club management tools and more fan-facing features provide deeper connections with your fans than ever before.
    • The ultimate fantasy game of soccer.


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FIFA™ is the world’s most popular football video game. It’s the first FIFA game developed by Electronic Arts on their own FIFA engine. Electronic Arts developed the first FIFA game for the Atari 2600. Since then, it has sold over 350 million copies and is one of the biggest-selling sports games of all time. Millions of FIFA players around the world compete in more than 30 official competitions in matches played on the FIFA calendar, from amateur club tournaments to the World Cup™. The FIFA experience is more realistic than ever before, thanks to FIFA’s dynamic engine powering FIFA 22. In addition to spectacular gameplay, players can now take control of legendary players from all around the world and relive the greatest moments in the history of the sport. Filled with authentic teams, stadiums and kits, FIFA gives players an authentic and immersive football experience.

FIFA Ultimate Team offers a unique brand new game mode that lets you customise your own team of footballers from over 800 players with kits, balls, boots and team equipment like shirts and shorts. The game and a powerful trading feature lets you connect with friends around the world to team up and vie for the title of Ultimate Team Champions. With other players from around the world and new content added to the game regularly, Ultimate Team will keep you coming back for more.

FIFA Mobile is a mobile version of FIFA, the world’s most popular football video game. It’s free to play and allows you to enjoy FIFA online, compete in the World Cup offline, and play with your friends in real time on a mobile device. FIFA Mobile is available on iOS and Android devices.

FIFA 18 Live Mobile

FIFA 18 is now available on mobile devices for the first time ever. Play the game for free and unlock the full game by making in-app purchases. FIFA 18 features new ways to play the game on mobile devices including Brand New Story Mode based on the brand-new Clubs season mode; the ability to play the full game solo or compete in 1v1 matches with friends; play the full game offline for the first time since FIFA 1; and get the most out of your FIFA Ultimate Team with detailed Leaderboards and the ability to track your progress in your personal rankings. FIFA 18 is available on iOS devices and Android devices.

FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile is free-to-play game allowing you to play offline or online, compete in the World Cup or take part in your favourite Clubs’ official


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New ways to customize your Ultimate Team. With more depth and more strategies to choose from, you’ll have a better understanding of how to evolve your teams to dominate your opponents. The Draft tool lets you get started with a strong team off the bat, or you can use Quick Builds to put together a fresh look with a simple click of a mouse. New ways to unlock and upgrade your collections, including a brand new Slot to open up the game to your own player model, face and head shape. FIFA Ultimate Team also introduces MUT Squads, where you are free to choose from the available pool of FIFA Ultimate Team players that other Ultimate Team players you’ve played with can lend their characters to.

Dynamic Shadows. Dynamic lighting and reflections, more detailed stadium models and the new “Bloom” post-processing effect give new life to the spectacle of the football pitch.

Direct Control makes the job of directing players in an effortless way. Take control of one of the most action-packed football games with the most authentic controls and precision. Dive straight into making moves, executing passing and shooting. With a variety of control modes for all game types, there’s no compromise on control and easy to learn and play with.

Gyro – Enhanced control for FIFA fans by allowing you to control the pitch like no other game before. Handle the ball like a pro by controlling pitch shifts, instead of pressing directions with a button.

We are just halfway through pre-orders for FIFA 19 and EA have just announced a few more deals, which include some Exclusives for UK and Ireland customers. So as we have mentioned earlier in the review, this is a UK and Ireland deal only and to make sure you don’t miss out on some great offers, I suggest you get in quick and grab your pre-order in now.

EA SPORTS™ FIFA 19 delivers the ultimate football experience, including the new FIFA Football Journey ™ feature in Career Mode where fans can create their own story and drive their club to glory, as well as the all-new Player Impact Engine™ which makes every touch matter and delivers an entirely new type of injury system never before seen in a FIFA game. FIFA 19 will also include revolutionary gameplay enhancements such as Referee Tactics, set piece routines, more nuanced on-pitch celebrations and more formations than ever before.


FIFA 19 will include more


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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