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Key Features

Skill Kit

New Experience: Authentic gameplay

Ability to create your own players

Off Ball Control

New Experience: Individuality

Individual control of every dribbler and passer

Aerial Threat

New Experience: Pizzazz

Chance to dictate the pace of the match

Off Ball Dribbling

New Experience: Soccer Touch

Ability to use all on-ball skills with free movement


New Experience: Lost in the Game

Unparalleled control over your players

New Weaponry

New Experience: Aerial Threat

Ability to get on the end of any shot or pass

Depth Awareness

New Experience: Individuality

Individually controlled vision system

Fifa 22 Cracked Version will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 29th worldwide and will be available at retailers and digital outlets in Europe and North America, as well as at and

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Features Key:

  • Dynamic 3D World: Dynamic 3D technology brings the football pitch to life, showcasing all four corners of the World. Taking inspiration from the power of augmented reality, this revolutionary direction with the football pitch redefines virtual sports gaming.
  • AI Teams and Tactics: Break the rules, aim for greatness, and dominate your opponent, thanks to the most advanced artificial intelligence ever seen in a football game. No longer will the opposition be able to dictate play with their formation, movement, and their ability to turn defence into attack.
  • New Player Creator – Reconfigure players like never before. With our new Player Creator, how you build a team is now totally up to you. Whether it’s with a few quick clicks or by building a true club legend, you now have the power to build anyone you want, including new superstars, with complete kit and more.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team. Play in authentic competitions with thousands of online players, win the most iconic tournaments and compete for some of the greatest rewards in gaming and real life. Play your way.
  • Get ready for the all-new Perfect Timing Fatigue Running System. This groundbreaking system introduces a new fatigue-related tool: Fatigue Rating (FR). FR tracks every time you run, tackling, heading, shot, sprint, dribble…and more. The more you play the more FR you gain and fatigue – similar to real-life – starts to affect your performance. FR’s risk-management feature helps manage your fatigue by avoiding extreme scenarios, such as running when you’re out of breath and fatigued, or sprinting for your life in the penalty box.
  • FIFA Points: Earn and spend real-life currency to unlock new player features, and bring your favorite players and clubs from across the globe to your game.
  • Dynamic Player Attributes: Move with realistic physics, pose with perfect movements, sprint like never before, and soak up the atmosphere with advanced collision.


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The world’s #1 videogame franchise.

Sophisticated gameplay and unprecedented authenticity capture the drama, emotion and spontaneity of authentic football on every pitch. With improved gameplay, over 100 new skills and revolutionary new shot types, as well as deeper Team Management features, FIFA® LIVE unlocks all the strategies and tactics of the true sporting experience.

The enhanced gameplay of FIFA 22 also features many new stadiums and exclusive content with EA SPORTS ULTIMATE TEAM PASS.

Decisions, Decisions…

The biggest and most comprehensive career mode ever released.

New career options and player progression mean that you can start your own custom-designed Pro Player Career or progress through multiple teams and leagues, all in complete control.

Also included is a huge new in-game World Tour, which lets you step into the boots of any football-playing nation to get a first-hand look at the most exciting, competitive and authentic football on the planet.


Relive the true sporting experience.

The new Player Impact Engine – using CFD technology – gives the world’s best football players truely realistic movements and actions. Accelerated air dynamics allow players to jink, swerve and cut while also improving ball control, vision, accuracy and shot power. New Effort Creation technology gives you more freedom when generating shots, and superior AI-controlled players create better collisions in unpredictable situations.

The new physics engine also significantly increases the number of different ways you can play the game – like bring the ball out from under your feet to shoot from the spot, change direction on the fly, or put your trust in the long dribble.

A real-world, outdoor pitch – authentic or not – is automatically recreated from your first kick through to the end of the game. Test your skills with a comprehensive range of pitch types, including the new Artificial Turf, which brings an authentic feeling to a closed pitch.

The new Player Impact Engine also allows players to perform, react and adapt depending on where they are on the pitch. This is key to the dramatic changes in a match. Someone getting the ball in space is more likely to shoot or pass it, and a defender will now need to respect the position of their opponent and react accordingly.

The net result is a game that feels like the real thing on every single pitch, every single minute.

FIFA Championship Series (FUT)


Fifa 22 Crack Registration Code [April-2022]

A total of 50 unique squad players and 11 all-new kits join the fray, and with the introduction of Draft Battles, you can defy odds and conquer your opponents. From November onwards, we’re giving away packs of FIFA Points to season long pass holders, so you can instantly unlock your favourite new players on the go! In the new ‘set piece mode’, all players will be deemed as hard-to-score penalties against on set pieces during the 2017/18 campaign – with their respective team simply unable to pick up the ball. Choose your style of play now with the brand new Sideline Highlights and Ultimate Team Friendlies.

The all-new My FIFA feature is the first of its kind in the FIFA franchise, which allows you to create and customise your ideal FUT team with the player who fits the way you play. Every key difference and every attribute that separates the game’s top players from others are now available to you through players you decide to include, including your wishes for special kits, trickery, and more, helping you put together a team that is the very best version of yourself.


FIFA 2018 Season comes with a new way to play, featuring a total of 24 playable leagues across North America, Europe, and South America, incorporating all-new visual effects, player intelligence and animations. Players can connect with real-world leagues through the all-new Social Screen, adding a new layer of interaction, dynamics, and competition to the online league.

The Revolution experience will continue, with FIFA 18 updating and expanding on the best-in-class presentation of the franchise.

FIFA 18 on PS4 will be available globally on Friday, September 15.

The game can be pre-purchased in many major countries such as Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA and others. Pre-purchase your copy of FIFA 18 now to unlock the Super Deluxe Edition at launch, including a 20% discount on FIFA Ultimate Team Packs.

FeaturesIn “On the Road,” Jack Kerouac wrote: “Do not fear the seas, for it is not the waves, but the sailor, who must take them as they come, changing them to whitecaps if he will. The same with woman. Stand on your head and all will be miraculously beautiful in your eyes.”


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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