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The result is more free-flowing, unpredictable and intense football – with every movement impacting every one of the other 99 players on the pitch, FIFA Real Soccer 2022 adds a level of realism to the game that’s never been seen before.

To watch a video about the new motion capture technology, visit #FUT22.


The new FUT 22 gameplay brings speed, fluidity and intensity to the new FIFA experience in Europe. The ball moves faster, the shots come quicker, the movements of your opponents are more realistic.

The HypeMotion engine also offers a more detailed and realistic evaluation system, making tackling much easier to detect and evaluating your player’s run through speed and acceleration.

FUT AI has also evolved in UEFA, with a range of intelligent and versatile tactics, such as short passes and goal-scoring bonuses, in the tactical options menu.

On top of the skill game, Fifa 22 Free Download also introduces EA SPORTS FUT Champions, with its 12 new real champions joining the ever-growing list of FIFA Street legends. From brilliant goals and amazing saves to powerful headers and precise passes, the FIFA Street champions will add even more personality to your FIFA Street gameplay.

The new UEFA Tactical mode lets you run the match day as a manager and control tactics and substitutions. Or take control of the player’s position, controlling the speed, quickness and movement of your players on the field, with more than 25 different tactics and more than 60 different play styles.


FIFA 22 offers a number of new ways to play, including the Zone Attack and Turn On Push system. These two features are central to the game’s tactical playstyle.

The Zone Attack allows you to free your opponent from their position. So, once you successfully set up a player in a position to move into a defensive position, your opponent will slip out of their assigned zone, creating a space for the player to move into. This is very effective on those defenders who are reluctant to leave their positions too far up the field, or who are reluctant to follow your opponents’ runs and passes.

Turn On Push turns on your player’s instinct to press when the ball is played close to your


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Purely authentic new player movement – Camera’s follow players as they run, cut, shoot and pass.
  • In game tactics engine – Unlimited game like new, take on the opposing team by controlling your defensive and offensive play, and create new tactics and system of play throughout the game.
  • FPS gameplay – Lots of new movements to learn and master, keep an eye on touch screens. Aiming controls, shooting controls and ball control especially.
  • New game environment, plus improved AI player logic – Localised new environment settings, AI with a fuller voice-over that responds to the way you’re playing.
  • New mechanics and new play styles. – Choose the pass direction, number of players and call actions for your play style.
  • Superbly balanced football gameplay – Online Play and Multiplayer options are now available, with matchmaking guarantees against pre-made teams.
  • New presentation – hundreds of new animations, 30 second in-game presentation, new formations, more than 450 new first-person animations for over 400 new Pro Players and much more.
  • Improved goal and celebrations animations – The player’s celebration is impacted by the game settings, how close you are to the net, what time it is during the game, how many times your celebration has been seen, etc.
  • Soccer Ball – The detail of the ball is clearer than ever as it changes colours and nuances better reflect the current position on the field. The 3D radius of control has been improved.


Fifa 22 [32|64bit]

With FIFA Ultimate Team™ and the ever-changing EA SPORTS FIFA

Community, EA SPORTS Fifa 22 Torrent Download gives fans – and the FIFA community – even

more ways to express their individual style and showcase their skill.

Return to the Game

For the first time in the franchise’s history, FIFA’s popular Home Seasons – an annual celebration of teams, players, styles and venues – return. And the official soundtrack for the FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode, FIFA Music Unlimited, returns with an all-new set of songs. The Best FIFA Football Podcast™ returns, as well, with a brand-new team of co-hosts. This year, the award-winning FIFA FootballTalk™ and The Journey series returns as well.

FIFA Ultimate Team™

The experience of creating a legendary squad and playing the game with friends on the pitch is enriched with new experience points, customisation options, and the ability to share team content with friends. Ultimate Team Mode has a new “Flashback Draft” option that lets you re-draft a classic selection of club legends and share your team with your friends in real time! FIFA 22 lets you create a team based on your favourite player, and your team will be powered by top FIFA Ultimate Team™ card content. New card packs will also be introduced, so you never know when you might find the next big star.

The Experience of Winning

FIFA Ultimate Team mode has a new card pack balance system, making it even easier to master possession, passing and shooting. The mental and physical attributes of 11 players influence players’ rating, while the card pack attributes of all cards affect how a player’s attributes are rated. Change a player’s attributes by upgrading his card, or bring your player to the next level with carefully selected FIFA 20 Superstars! For the first time in Ultimate Team mode, you can earn experience points (XP) and unlock features on players’ cards, which will unlock additional attributes that allow you to further enhance your players’ attributes.

Home Seasons

Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode. The special home seasons in FIFA 22 are a celebration of player and club styles, and a demonstration of the depth of innovation throughout the game and how it affects the gameplay. Home Seasons sees familiar locales, such as St. Pauli in Hamburg


Fifa 22 For PC [2022]

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT) is a new kind of gameplay experience within the series. Play with your friends on FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) to create your dream team of real players and make the difference in your club’s style of play. FUT keeps you immersed in your Pro’s journey as you progress through the game and complete incredible FUT missions.

FUT Credits –
Earn FUT Credits through FUT matches, Online Seasons, and Challenges. You can spend your FUT Credits and unlock items that you can use to customize your FUT Team and Draft Packs. FUT Credits can also be used for items and experience in the FUT Draft Drafts.

Draft Pick –
As you unlock more players throughout your career, your customizable Draft Pick adds even more impact to your team. At any time you can select a key moment in a player’s career to take advantage of the Draft Pick Effect. The exact moment chosen is selected from the list of over 60 great moments in a player’s career and the draft pick gives you three options for how to improve your roster. It will add a player who is a mix of Attributes, Leaps, and Traits, allowing you to play any style of the game.

Player Ratings –
In Career Mode and on the pitch with FIFA Ultimate Team, you can view, edit and use a Player Rating to evaluate the overall quality and potential of your player. You can control every aspect of a player’s rating, including his Injuries, Team, Individual, Style and Strengths.

Player Customizations –
There are a huge number of ways in which you can customize players. You can select an ideal Body Shape for your players, Skin Color, Hair Color, Hair Style, Shoe Style, Jacket, Hat and more. You can also control the Attributes, Leaps, Traits and Skills that are available to each individual player.

FIFA Ultimate Team Champions –
Win the UEFA Champions League and the Champions League Trophy to unlock players from across the globe and win your way to glory. Every player, every attribute, every game is where the real depth of the game truly comes to life.

DLC will be released as a free download for all copies of FIFA 22. It will be available as individual packs that you can buy or as a season pass. Check out the gallery below for details on all the upcoming content and


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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