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Players will now know how to better perform these movements in-game and experience the full impact of HyperMotion Technology, which allows the players to perform all real-life actions with unprecedented responsiveness.

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Features Key:

  • Dynamic Dribbling – Easily adjust Dribbling to change how your Dribble runs, vanguard, speed, accelaration, and turning.
  • Improved Body Physics – New and more accurate data during flight. New way to make transfers based on lifestyle, teams & more.
  • Voice Calling – New voice calling system. Easier to switch to connected players and managers
  • New Refereeing System – Improved gameplay experience, a more high-paced, exciting & vibrant game.
  • Improved Team Management – Enhanced computer opponent AI and other improvements to coaching, tactics, player movements, and transfers.
  • Improved Kick Control More accurate and responsive Kick control.
  • Double Precision Control – New and improved double precision allowing smoother dribbling and passing.
  • Team Fit System – Improved optimisation and tweaking of the team to increase game quality.
  • Career Mode – Spend more time in the game and do more things in new ways with a revamped platform to progress.
  • New Ground-breaking Full Motion Technology (FM-FT) All-new in-game engine, FM-FT engine will give all players the chance to feel like they are FIFA 22 and play their way. Players will feel more energy and all new animations.
  • Enhanced Creativity tools – Create your own play actions using a new Create Tool, Export and Import functionalities, Modify Friendly game settings using a new Modify tool, more. Also improve your Personal Team Editor by giving you more tools to customise your teams.


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FIFA is where the world’s greatest players come to test their skills against one another. Whether they’re playing in a FIFA World Cup™ or competing in the Spanish Copa del Rey, FIFA gives players the chance to compete as one of the top teams in the world. FIFA encourages genuine competition between players with a unique match engine, created from the ground up.

FIFA World Cups

FIFA World Cups are some of the biggest events in the sport. Every four years, players compete for the title of world champion. Tournaments take place in every continent, with the most prestigious also hosted in this region. FIFA World Cups 2020 is set to be played in all corners of the globe, with games taking place in North America, Europe and Asia.

FIFA Confederations Cups

The Confederations Cups take place between the final of the World Cup and the beginning of the next World Cup. This event is played between teams from around the world to determine the representatives for the World Cup. Held every four years, the final tournament is the Confederations Cup in the same region as the World Cup, and is meant to determine a new world champion.

FIFA Women’s World Cups

Women’s football has exploded in recent years with the FIFA Women’s World Cups bringing together all the best teams in the sport. Women’s football is played on all continents around the world, and the FIFA Women’s World Cups 2020 is the next event, following on from the successful showpiece women’s event in Canada last year.

FIFA Club World Cups

The Club World Cups are a worldwide competition for the best clubs in each continent. Clubs can be based in any country in the world, but are required to play their home games in their own country to be eligible for the competition. Founded in 2007, the FIFA Club World Cup is just one of the many highlights of the FIFA calendar.

The FUT Season

FIFA Ultimate Team Mode, known as FUT Season, is where all players can create their own dream team from the best in the game. Each and every player has his own unique abilities and attributes, adding a layer of unique and authentic tactical flexibility in the gameplay. The annual mode also unlocks as you progress, bringing players together from across the world to build the ultimate squad.

FUT Champions

FIFA also offers a competition mode called FUT


Fifa 22 Full Product Key Free

So whether you’re looking to dominate matches and claim the ultimate title of FIFA Manager or rise to the top of the game with Premier League stars as your own, FIFA Ultimate Team is the system to build your ultimate squad. With hundreds of players to choose from, EA SPORTS has packed the game with a vast array of talent. Create your unique dream team, or go for the high-flying stars of the EA SPORTS Football League to build your own virtual super squad.

Arcade Mode

Fast Paced Arcade Mode – FIFA 22 now includes an in-depth Arcade Mode, where you can test your speed, agility and shooting skills in a series of easy to complete challenges. Play games against your friends and other FUT players or compete in speedy matches where you’ll unlock prizes for the fastest goals, saves and passes.

FIFA Customisation

Create Your Ultimate Team – Every FIFA match is won and lost on the smallest details. Take control of your tactics and carefully order the eleven players into your team. Modify attributes like speed, power and precision, or individual players like shooting, passing or even playing style to have the team best suited to your approach.

FIFA Legacy

Win the Treble – How many players have ever had a chance to play in a treble-winning side? In FIFA 22, that all-important feat is now a reality for you. Not only have you won the UEFA Champions League, you have also achieved the FA Cup and, with the addition of the Golden Boot and Silverware Trophies, you have become the first team to achieve a 3-in-1 Treble.

FIFA Shirts

Explore new shirts, with brand new animations, in the FIFA Shops. With a total of 80 shirts to collect, there’s plenty of reason to earn trophies. Each FUT set unlocks at a different progression level, so it’s a great way to earn your perfect ensemble. Start from the new Adidas stripes and end in a custom-fit shirt.

EA SPORTS Football League

Interactive Videos – Watch the world’s best players in full-motion, dynamic videos. With practice practice, and more than 30 new individual vignettes that demonstrate new dribbling techniques or specialist skills, you will feel like you are watching the stars as they play.

V.I.P. Benefits – In addition to all of the standard benefits of FIFA Ultimate Team, members of the V.I.


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Navigation of this Year’s football World Cup at the Online Tournament Game.
  • Simplified and accelerated Process when playing in Online to Gain Qualification in the Under-21 Player Statues.
  • Option to donate to the Foundation of FIFPro for players between 13 and Under to be in Fifa 22.
  • More opportunities for English clubs to qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

How to get started this year:

  • New shape to free kick mechanics
  • Brand new goal keeper model
  • Simplified player creation process
  • More Team Styles
  • New Team Changing functions
  • Unbeatable advice
  • Social and broadcast features
  • Coming soon: Play as a Referee

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Create the greatest team on the planet – and compete for the FIFA World Cup™. This is the only official video game of the world’s greatest sporting competition and the premier platform for soccer gameplay. FIFA is the official videogame of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, taking place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018.

Set up your team from across the world and lead it to glory. From choosing your ideal 11 to playing the final, take on your friends, your family and the world in this football masterpiece.

Enjoy over 1,500 players, realistic celebrations, touch screens, animations, crowd sounds and features not found in any other soccer game!

Featuring a new season, the FIFA World Cup™, new ways to play, improved gameplay, and new ways to watch the competition, FIFA 22 is the biggest game in the series yet.

Sneak Peek at FIFA 22

Watch a live stream of the final moments of the gameplay reveal, brought to you by EA SPORTS™ FIFA. Get ready for the biggest FIFA footballing experience of the year!

The FIFA World Cup™ is a unique opportunity to watch the sporting world’s biggest stars play each other. In FIFA 22, we’re bringing the way you watch the sport to a new level. Enjoy exciting live streams of the real show and catch every single game in EA SPORTS Football Club. You can also share clips and GIFs from your FIFA World Cup™ group stage matches directly from the game.

FIFA World Cup™ In Your Living Room

Watch the FIFA World Cup™ games of the Groups, Round of 16 and the Quarter-Finals right in Football Club.

Your FIFA World Cup™ group stage matches, streamed live from the world’s best stadiums, are now accessible via FIFA 22’s live stream experience. Enjoy high-definition streaming of all the group stage matches in a variety of ways, from a single screen to multiple screens. Track your favourite teams with expanded leaderboards and across the globe in real time, while accessing exclusive content and comments from your fellow fans.

FIFA 22 brings you even closer to the real thing than ever before. Watch multiple streams running simultaneously on one TV screen, or live stream to a different screen or device.

The live stream features a new commentary team and the world’s best commentators with access to exclusive interviews with real footballers and an expanded mix of views.



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