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“HyperMotion Technology allows the gameplay of FIFA 22 to be more authentic and authentic in everything from movement and tackling to passing and shooting,” said Craig Duncan, Senior Producer for FIFA on Xbox. “We’re excited to introduce new ways to play on a variety of surfaces, as well as control the game via Kinect on Xbox One.”

Following the jump, we’ve embedded a full 16 minute clip of the in-game movement tech, straight from E3. You’ll get to see soccer players from across the world preforming some of the most cutting-edge, athlete-intense on-ball actions ever captured.

This page will be updated as we add more information as it becomes available. In the mean time, you can sign-up for Xbox One live, buy FIFA 22 (or the EA Sports FIFA Championship Edition) and get access to the beta starting June 24th on Xbox Live.[Urine hCG; value of commercial hCG radioimmunoassay kits].
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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Master your biggest modes in Career Mode, including first-ever club competitions
  • Lead one of five national teams or own your very own playing club in Premier League, Champions League™ and Club World Cup™
  • Choose one of eight or 14 player classes and create your perfect Player card to run out in highlight-reel football moments
  • Create, customise, and control your physical attributes with the New Physical Engine
  • Relive top memorable goals, trophies and moments from FIFA 17, FIFA 18 and more from the entire FIFA franchise with the Focus camera system
  • Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in Career Mode
  • Create, customise, and control your physical attributes with the New Physical Engine
  • Support worldwide events including the EFL Cup and UEFA Europa League


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EA SPORTS FIFA 20 brings fun and excitement to football in over 200 official leagues and competitions, with authentic team and player detail. 60 clubs from all around the world, including Barcelona, Manchester United and Chelsea, are on board and can be customized to support any team and stadium. And more modes, more stadiums, more creativity and more control: FIFA 20 is further improved with innovations in gameplay and design.


Proving its commitment to improving the football experience, FIFA 20 brings a revolutionary brand new control scheme to the series. You now have full control over the positioning, speed and direction of your players with any ball with the new ZR Touch™ control scheme. The ZR Touch Touchpad is placed strategically on the bottom-right of the screen and unlike in FIFA 19 allows the placement of both hands on the pad. Increased sprint speed and dribbling allows for faster and more fluid movement in any direction, while the positional control options allow for precise ball control. The ability to perform the most complex of skills with complete control and precision brings a greater sense of accuracy, balance and control to the game.

The series’ trademark skill moves return in FIFA 20, but with a new design system for all players on the pitch and the introduction of Tactical Mastery. Players’ shot accuracy can now be optimized across the pitch, allowing players to master their craft, gain aerial dominance and strike pinpoint long-range shots.

New features and features

As well as a new control scheme, FIFA 20 introduces new content through the use of new kits, a new player model and a new and improved User Interface, all of which will help fans of the game to find even more of what they love about FIFA.

Kit customization will have a greater impact on the on-pitch experience, as for the first time ever a player’s appearance can be custom-made to match their favorite team. With visual editing tools included in the Create a Player system, players can now be customized to your exact specifications. Kits can be tailored to your exact needs, including creative adjustments to the number of buttons or even shorts. Fans are free to create and share their own kits, or they can purchase them from the in-game marketplace.

FIFA 20 introduces a new pre-season mode, where players and fans can engage in a series of player challenges to earn rewards for customizing the player’s outfits and accessories. Players can compete with one another to earn new content from the in-game marketplace.


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FUT lets you take your favourite players from around the world and put them in your Ultimate Team. With more than 1.5 million cards available, your collection will never get bigger. Use FIFA Points™ earned from gameplay on FIFA Mobile to buy new cards or complete card sets and complete a card set to add extra attributes. On the pitch, through FUT Draft you can draft a team from a rotation of best-selling and exciting player cards, or create your own custom team from the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, and Gerrard.

FIFA Mobile –
FIFA Mobile is all about going behind the scenes to experience the real emotion and drama of the sport. Take part in new features such as Mentoring, where your actions will be followed by a FIFA legend, and Select Your Booth, where there is a dedicated space on the pitch for you to run your very own show. All the action unfolds through immersive gameplay, which allows you to experience the thrill and excitement of the pitch from any angle. Whether you’re running down a loose ball or doing a tackle, you can use Gameplay Motion to make every play look realistic.

FIFA Ultimate Team – FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team offers a more robust experience than FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 22. In FUT Mobile, there are always new cards to collect and exciting content to unlock. Collect new FIFA Champions and pro the world over, or use FIFA coins to buy FIFA Ultimate Team packs, which regularly contain brand new cards. FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team provides an amazing core experience with the chance to earn cards and unlock amazing content. Best of all, there’s no card cap. So buy a FIFA Champions pack, play the game and get ready for some card combos.

Global Team Threads – Interact with your own Global Team Thread on the global leaderboard, chatting with your global teammates, as well as looking through the best customisation trends of the day.
FIFA Story Moments – Narrative moments have been reworked, with customisable voiceovers and additional dialogue. Each time the spectator mode fires up, a new story will be available.

Quest and Arena editor, a tool for producing or playing customised games and kits. It brings an intuitive and user-friendly environment to create, manage and share your own custom scenarios, kits and player rosters.

See for yourself

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What’s new:

  • Upgrade your attributes with ‘Athlete Trait Upgrades,’ which give you the in-game advantage over every opponent.
  • Create your Ultimate Team squad with over 3,600 FIFA Ultimate Team Maneuver cards.
  • Coach your team as you monitor your players’ performance and tournament ranking.
  • Compete in new and exciting tournaments to earn cards.

Off the Pitch Features

  • Share your favourite clips or highlight reels with your friends.
  • Comment on each move when you share a clip or highlight and it will be nominated for Plays of the Week.
  • Discover how players perform off the pitch with new Matchday Experience in-game promotion cards.


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FIFA™, the best-selling sports game in the world and a staple of the EA SPORTS family, returns in FIFA 22 powered by football. This August, FIFA returns to the pitch with a new ball, better transfers and a new Creative Assembly engine that brings the game closer to the real thing than ever. Prepare for the explosive new season of FIFA.


What’s New In FIFA™:

• A New Ball

The proven Adidas Telstar 20 ball returns, with a more responsive touch-screen feel and an authentic look and feel.

New in Ultimate Team

• Transfer Market

For the first time, players can make dynamic and real-world transfers with more choice and control than ever before.

• Improved Matchday

Matchday mode now includes a new depth of analysis for coaches and managers, and introduces the ability to build on player strength from the first game.

• New Match Types

Create your perfect First Touch experience with the all-new First Touch System. Additionally, FIFA 22 introduces more intense match types such as the Final Whistle and Six-a-Side.

New Match Themes

• The World Cup

A brand new World Cup game mode that represents the biggest sports event on the planet. Experience the chaos of the FIFA World Cup™, enjoy the unique atmosphere and party atmosphere of the tournament and test your goal-scoring prowess against the world’s best players.

• Head to Head

Meet your opponents before the game and strategize your opponent’s weaknesses for a more tactical Head to Head game.

• Skill Transfer

Transfer skills between players, both during and after matches to keep your team balanced during every game.

• Competitive Seasons

Players can keep their competitive level between matches to gain in-match experience.

FIFA 22 demo

The FIFA 22 Demo is available for download from the App Store and Google Play™. Experience all the new features, fun and excitement of FIFA in the palm of your hand.

FIFA 22 Community

Join the community of thousands of FIFA players by playing online matches and posting on the game’s forums.

FIFA 22 Rivals

Challenge your friends in head-to-head matches or go online with your own FIFA 22 Rivals team.

FIFA 22 Games

In collaboration with PES Pro Clubs, choose between


How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

  • Double click on the downloaded archive file. a digital key code will appear in the downloading folder.
  • Now just fill in the activation key and click on “Activate/Install” to activate the crack and download the content.


System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
64 bit OS
4 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
DirectX 9.0c
HD Graphics 2
HDD space: 7 GB
11.2 GB
Broadband Internet connection
CD-ROM drive
64-bit compatible.NET Framework 3.5 is required for installation and to take full advantage of the features available in this release.

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