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FIFA 22 will be released on PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox 360 on September 13th, 2017.

Full Match Replays

Full match replays allow you to jump right into a full match replay without having to watch the action play out. Watch an action play out from start to finish, select a challenging difficulty level, and then instantly watch a replayed, high-intensity match against AI or human players.

FIFA Ultimate Team Career Mode

FIFA Ultimate Team features all the latest player movements and play styles from around the world. Create dream teams of the next generation of footballers and strategise to advance through a series of epic competitions to prove yourself as the best.

Long Time Goals

New to FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 22, ‘Long Time Goals’ is a new feature that allows you to earn big rewards for crossing certain stats thresholds. In FIFA 22, players who you manage to score a long-time goal with will receive additional rewards such as titles, jerseys, and career contracts.

Referee’s Decision Ratings

Within the new “Referee’s Decision Ratings” feature, advanced football analytics now allow you to see which games you played a large part in influencing the referee’s decision making process. You can now see just how decisive you were when refereeing a match.

Gameplay Plus

In the new “Gameplay Plus” feature, the famous ESPN broadcast style, “The ESPN Experience,” brings a football match to life in a new animated replay format. Instantly rewind, repeat and go through a goal-by-goal match replay against AI or select a new option and enjoy watching the replay as it plays back in front of you.

Football Moments

Get behind the scenes with the “Football Moments” feature where you’ll be able to watch famous moments in football history, such as Diego Maradona’s Hand of God, Lionel Messi’s “Goal of the Century” and more.


* FUT 22 is for FIFA Ultimate Team on PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox 360.

Discover a revolutionary new way to connect with your football friends and create dream teams by playing FUT. FIFA Ultimate Team gives you


Features Key:

  • New stadiums, tactics, and team building.
  • Five new team kits
  • The largest and most realistic licensed team rosters including 600 official players with 16 million statistical ratings.
  • New Close Control engine, six times more responsive.
  • Career and Pro are more immersive, detailed, and flexible. The new Career mode lets you experience all aspects of your career from the lower divisions right to the top.
  • Lightweight motion capturing technology tracks player movements, tackles, aerial duels, and on-ball actions to power FIFA 22 gameplay.
  • New proactive shape-shifting ball system offers smooth and balanced controls as the ball defies gaps and seams.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – The largest and most realistic licensed roster with 16 million of the most recent player stats as found in the Official MLS Player cards and internationalised. With 600 official players, hundreds of new items to buy and an updated attribute system to make building your dream teams a true journey.
  • Realistic gameplay at its best. FIFA 22 is built upon one of the most powerful and flexible physics engines ever, the Artificial Intelligence engine. In FIFA 22, the ball moves naturally across the pitch, players naturally move and interact with their teammates, and the CPU now matches and exceeds your team’s level of tactical sophistication.
  • Protagonist comes alive every time you play.
  • New gameplay with less repetition.
  • Player Traits increases over time.
  • Influences increase gradually.
  • Bury results in career mode.
  • The player defines his own attributes.
  • The game feels more robust than ever before.
  • Personal Player Attribute.
  • Free-kick systems in all difficulty levels.
  • Target-man system in personal game allows the players to sit in the best position.
  • Advanced goal-keeper has an award-winning mechanics.


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• First-of-its-kind Details-Based Physiology System shows real-world player traits and delivers unique gameplay
• Groundbreaking new Details-Based Charisma system provides a fun and engaging way to play with your teammates
• Innovative, advanced new Tactical Defending
• Visceral authentic football atmosphere all-new Dynamic Atmosphere System
• Game-changer, new Rotation Timing system
• Comprehensive career mode features all 32 teams, real stadiums and authentic clubs
• There’s never been a better way to play.

FIFA 2017 has a story to tell, with new set pieces, team chemistry and training fields to master. Player traits and individual actions have been revamped for a better matchday experience. Create teams with your friends and see how they perform in innovative details-based Skill Games to climb the ranks.

Pre-order FIFA 2017 for a digital copy of the game on PlayStation®4.


• A new, physically-based Details-Based Physiology system that
delivers unique game experiences
• See the effects of player collisions in real-time.
• New Abilities of the player model enable the characterization of specific player traits, such as agility, balance and speed.


• A new Charisma system in FIFA that makes player interactions more engaging
• Meet your teammates and challenge them for player-versus-player matches
• Play your way through missions that capture the essence of the real football experience.


• The most authentic and athletic game engine in FIFA history
• Play the game in any mode
• New game engine is built from the ground up for FIFA and supports up to 60 players and 32 teams
• Up to 8,000 goalkeepers
• An all-new free-flowing and responsive control pad

It’s the most authentic and athletic game engine in FIFA history. Powered by the new FIFA details-based physics system, the new free-flowing and responsive control pad, and a deep integration with all game modes, FIFA 17 features the best gameplay ever on PlayStation®4.


• Build your squad of players, train them, challenge your friends on tournaments
• Choose Training Grounds and play friendly games to earn Coins to further upgrade your players
• Play short and long match modes in your career mode with up to 64 players


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New modes for Ultimate Team to help you manage your virtual inventory, improve your squad, and get ready for a new season with new and classic cards from the past and present.

Season Experience –
Experience matches like the ones you’re in as a manager and player, in 5 game modes:
– The 18-team UEFA Champions League – Prove yourself as a manager and player against peers, all over the world.
– The new format of the ICC World Twenty20 – Prove your ability to excel as a coach and player.
– The new format of the ICC Cricket World Cup – Prove you can master one of the longest tournaments in the world.
– The three-yearly FIFA Women’s World Cup – Experience matches that are just like those you’re in as a manager and player.
– New modes for experience mode like Ultimate Team and EA SPORTS FIFA

Create a stadium just as you would in real life, and personalize it with your club’s history and look. Authentic stadium graphics bring the stadiums to life, with thousands of elements to custom-design and change the look of your stadium to make it unique.

Use your tools to add new neighborhood details to make your game play feel more immersive and realistic. The Neighbor API pulls in information from real-world neighborhoods to display signs, businesses, stadiums, and even other clubs, making the game world feel more like the real world.

Personalize your clubs with a unique logo, typeface, or history. Enhance your team’s look with your team’s emblem, white away shirt, or other customization options.

• Bet using in-game currency, which is earned from winning matches and accomplishing the objectives
• The number of line bets per match has been doubled to match the number of games in a season, allowing for more bet lines to be made per game
• Other match and player information has been improved and optimized to make betting on the most important aspects of the match easier
• New ladder page for rankings, line odds, and hot streaks
• New live line adding
• Line bets feature for English, European, South American, and Australian games. If there are no live bets available, the “buy” option will be added to the �


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team.


Free Download Fifa 22 X64

Football is the most popular sport in the world. And the most popular football video game. Join the conversation, and connect to FIFA. Get FIFA.

FIFA is powered by Football.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 celebrates football’s return to FIFA. Play in any stadium on any surface with ease and fluidity with the new ball physics and a complete overhaul of the marking system. Discover new offensive and defensive tactics to become unstoppable.

FIFA is powered by Football™.

FIFA, powered by Football is a totally new game engine that will usher in a new era of gameplay. Now your opponents will be forced to adapt to you and move around the field more than ever before. In the blink of an eye, you can make a new pass and a new chance, a new shot, or a new goal.

The game world feels more alive than ever, and the new animation system allows players to move with the ball in a way that’s never been seen before.

All that power won’t do you much good if you don’t control it. Now you can predict your opponents’ moves and counter-attack with greater precision than ever before. Change your line-up, tactics, or formation instantly.


If you’re not leading, you’re lagging. The kicking meter has been split into three components: Accuracy, Power, and Finishing. As your stats grow you’ll unlock additional special moves and more positioning.

Pitch Awareness

The most dynamic game pitch ever. Now you can design stadiums of your own and tailor each surface to suit your play style. Explore the new rules set and make world-class adjustments to a stadium’s dimensions and challenges.

Beautiful Faces

An all-new player intelligence system is the secret to tracking players on the pitch. Track their every move using facial recognition and use different camera angles to learn more about them and find the holes in their defense.

New Camera Angle Settings

From wide to tight, every view is possible and customizable. Highlight, full screen, and change camera angles with the click of a button.

*Full Details

Brand New FIFA Engine

FIFA is powered by Football™. The game world feels more alive than ever and the new animation system allows players to move with the ball in a way that’s never


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

When you start a new session, you’ll see the “Simplicity, not Power” theme displayed on the world map, and not in battle (unless you have additional themes selected).
The theme affects many elements of the UI, including the UI and battle maps, the number of characters per category, and more. It also has an effect on the sound effects, as will be explained below.
The theme is selected from the Settings > Interface > UI Settings sub-menu.
Each theme has its own set of options,


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