File Encrypter Secure Delete Crack With License Code Free Download (Final 2022)


File Encrypter & Secure Delete is a neat application that has Swiss Army knife feel to it and packs five main tools that are available for use form the same UI. If you are looking for a tool with multiple purposes, you can give it a try.
Simple and compact GUI
The interface keeps it very simple, as it categorizes all its tools in neatly arranged panes. Every tab has its own buttons and controls, which gives the illusion that there are five different apps within.
File-encrypting capabilities
The files encrypter tools allow you to assign a password to any files you need. The encryption will make your files more resilient to hackers or other users that may have access to your computer. Furthermore, any password-protected file can also be decrypted from the same tab. To make this process efficient, make sure you never lose or forget the password you assign to your files.
Merging and unlocking PDF files
To merge tow PDF fiels, make sure you have them selected in the right tab, then proceed to glue them together. The final result will be generated on the desktop, while the search files remain untouched.
Regarding locked PDF files, the application can remove all restrictions and give you full access whether you need to edit it or send it to the printer. All unlocked files are saved on the desktop.
Secure and efficient eraser
If you want to erase files and need to make sure that nobody will recover it, Secure Delete can give you a helping hand. The app will over-write the targeted files some times ( user designated) in order to render the files useless by scrambling all information about it. After the override is done, the files are permanently deleted from your system
All in all,
File Encrypter & Secure Delete is a handy tool that can execute a series of important operations, all under a simple and intuitive interface.


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File Encrypter Secure Delete Crack Full Version Free

File Encrypter Secure Delete License Keygen 2022


File Encrypter Secure Delete Download [2022]

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System Requirements For File Encrypter Secure Delete:

Mac: Mac OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite or later
Windows: 8.1, 8, 7 (64-bit) or Vista (64-bit)
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