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FingerTec Data Processor Crack + [Mac/Win]

FingerTec Data Processor For Windows 10 Crack is an application that can be installed on any Windows OS machine.

FingerTec Data Processor Crack+

• Organize FingerTec clocking and attendance information
• Organize FingerTec print data
• Centralize FingerTec data
• Backup FingerTec data

Application Functionality
Organize FingerTec data
This application helps you organize fingerprint information, clocking data and attendance information recorded by FingerTec Attendance Disks and USB Disks.
If your company uses FingerTec Fingerprint Login and FingerTec Terminal Disks, you can organize fingerprint data using this tool.
You can do so by performing the following steps:
Open the tool.
Select FingerPrints from the left menu bar.
Select Organize from the right menu bar and then the Create option.
Add the necessary data to the application.
View the data.
Organize fingerprint data using the filters provided in the application.

Backup FingerTec Data
With this application, you can restore your FingerTec Attendance Disks to an electronic folder. You can backup the data recorded in all of the FingerTec Attendance Disks that are connected to your computer.
To use this tool, perform the following steps:
Open the tool.
Select All FingerTec Attendance Disks from the left menu bar.
Select Backup from the right menu bar and then the Make Backup option.
In the Backup Files dialog box, save the backup file on your computer.
The backup file will be in the same location where you saved the software.
Restore FingerTec Data
This application can help you restore FingerTec Attendance Disk data. You can restore it to an electronic folder to read it using the FingerTec Attendance Disks that are connected to your computer.
To use this tool, perform the following steps:
Open the tool.
Select the folder where you want to save the backup file and then the Restore option.
Restore the data.
View the data.

Using FingerTec Data Processor
Download FingerTec Data Processor from here
Unzip the downloaded file.
Extract the extracted file to the desired location.
Open the application.
Select an Attendance Disk from the left menu bar.
Select the Browse button under the Attendance Disks tab.
Select the folder where you saved the backup file you created earlier.
Drag and drop the required files into the window provided

FingerTec Data Processor Crack + Keygen [Win/Mac]

FingerTec Data Processor is an advanced tool that lets you record, store and transfer FingerTec data.
This application lets you collect data from FingerTec terminals and upload it to your company’s network, for further organization.
Furthermore, you can use this software to read FingerTec data, backup/restore the information and print documents containing FingerTec data.

FingerTec Data Processor Review:

Name : FingerTec Data Processor
Version :
Link :
Installer : 1-click download from Pentlabs
Team : Pentlabs
License : GNU General Public License (GPL)
Size : 49.16 MB
Requires : Windows 10 or later, Internet connection, FingerTec Data Environment,
Windows certificate

What’s New :

Workstation 6.0.5
FingerTec Data Environment 6.0.5

Changelog :

Version :
Build :
Date : 2018-12-17

Settings :
Pre-Installed Fingerprint-Explorer
Pre-Installed Fingerprint-Recorder
Pre-Installed FingerTec Data Environment 6.0.5
Pre-Installed User-

What’s New In?

FingerTec Data Processor has been used worldwide with great success and popularity. It is flexible and secure enough for any large corporation that requires deployment of an employee attendance system. FingerTec Data Processor is compatible with all of FingerTec terminals, including FingerTec Active and FingerTec Passive.

Am I going about this in the right way?


FingerTec is indeed an ‘Enterprise Attendance software’.
You are correct it will replace terminal counters, it will allow you to keep track of access / denied access and the finger prints and come with additional tools to do audit.
When using FingerTec it looks almost identical to the actual terminals. I guess you can setup a ‘dashboard’ for the user.
There are a lot of choices for application that will read the terminals but that’s beyond the scope of what you are trying to accomplish here.

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System Requirements For FingerTec Data Processor:

Minimum Recommended OS: Windows XP (32-bit), Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit) or Windows 10 (32-bit)
Installed RAM: 128MB recommended
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (3GHz+)
Hard Disk: 6GB of space
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Installed RAM: 256MB recommended
Processor: Intel i5 (3.2 GHz

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