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Commerce is one of the many areas that is greatly enhanced by computers. Specialized applications help create inventory databases, invoices and reports, with some focusing on specific types of businesses. For instance, we’re going to ask George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant what exactly it is that keeps him alive.
Simple interface and data editing
Right after George gets familiar with your system (the setup process is complete), you can go ahead and see what it he can do for you. All of his skills (features) are presented in the list under the form of buttons that trigger new windows with corresponding options.
Pressing the small Show Details button makes George show you a work and income overview for the current week, those to come, months, as well as yearly report. This info panel is fully editable, with the possibility to write down the amount of Work done, as well as Takings, simply by modifying the values fields.
Add company info and generate reports
For your business, George is capable of looking after Jobs, Debts, Expenses, Mileage, Reports, and general System options. Navigation is a bit confusing, and difficult at times, with a new window being brought up for each section, while the last is discarded, making it impossible to compare areas or easily borrow data from different places.
Adding details and info doesn’t require much experience, or effort for that matter. The general design makes George practical as an assistant for more than just a window cleaning business. Even though there are several presets in each area, you’re free to add details with values and names as you please, with little to no limitations.
However, George is a bit greedy when it comes to sharing. In other words, export options are rather limited or missing entirely. If you don’t have a connected printer, or at least a virtual one installed, you need to completely rely on George for managing your business.
To sum it up
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant offers a helping hand in a bit more areas that what the name suggests, because of the general design. Visuals are simple, which might make some individuals look for alternatives, especially because of requirement fields that are confusing at times, or the overall difficult navigation system.







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George is your very own personal assistant, with tasks, actions and history for all kinds of window cleaning jobs.
Feature rich and complete
No advertising, no setup required, no trial, no hidden costs.
Customize work, income and expenses information
Easy navigation, intuitive and light at the same time
Create new tasks, jobs and dates
Add company data and more
Export information
Exportable to excel
Visuals and toolbars are simple
Search for jobs, contacts, tasks and data
All settings are backed by a database
Can be used as a simple assistant
George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant
Our Score: 7/10

If you want to know more about George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant – download the George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant manual.

George is a really easy-to-use software product for window cleaners to manage their jobs and customers. The interface is easy, logical and very intuitive. Customers can easily view and book jobs. George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant is a great addition for window cleaning services, handy to organize and keep track of customers and jobs.
George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant Description:
George is a friendly, interactive window cleaning software program with all the features you need for a successful window cleaning business.
Has all the key tools for window cleaning
Simple to use, easy to customize
Creates and sends invoices
Displays cost per job
Allow customers to view multiple windows
Compare rates, jobs and quotes
Add new windows
Automatically updates statistics
George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant
Our Score: 9/10

If you want to know more about George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant – download the George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant manual.The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee has sent a letter to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff demanding a briefing on the recent string of cyber attacks on US critical infrastructure that have recently come to light.

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Multiboxed web-based project management system supporting a range of use cases including timesheets and invoices.











Site Planning.




New Features.


User Ratings:
(95 votes)

What is the Free Edition for?

To report bugs, request enhancements or to use this service in an internal network where restrictions are not applicable.

This site includes resources for not-for-profit projects. If you are commercial, please visit Links2 for information on buying licenses.
If you are commercial, please visit Links2 for information on buying licenses.
If you are commercial, please visit Links2 for information on buying licenses.Ouvrage Lafosse

Ouvrage Lafosse is an adhoc ouvrage of the Maginot Line in Belgium. It is located at the western end of the Fort Souville-Bieflaisse block, on the left bank of the Ourcq (Dronne). The ouvrage consists of two fighting blocks, an infantry block, and a radio block; a partial block, without a battery or barracks, was planned, but not built. The combat blocks were abandoned in 1975. The ouvrage is to the immediate west of Ouvrage Limal, and connected by a trench to the fort.

Lafosse is a “base position” (service cache) at the western end of the block, it was not intended for heavy armament. It was unfinished when construction was abandoned in 1936.

An infantry block of 3,270 m², armed with 4 machine guns, occupies the northwestern corner, in place of an artillery piece. The artillery piece, with a planned but not built 88 mm gun turret in concrete, was never installed, apparently because of construction problems. A -chambered trench runs to the northeast from the infantry block, forming a backlink to Ouvrage Limal.

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Allcorn, William. The

George The Window Cleaner’s Assistant 2.0.2 Crack Free Download

Nespresso Home Coffee Machine – Speda costs $200, and make instant coffee without the mess and messiness of coffee capsules. Nespresso is compatible with a range of home coffee machines.

The Device
Speda – which means juice in Italian, and uses a high-pressure air pump to create a source of inspiration.The coffee is produced by a patented process, which uses a rotating head to create the espresso shots. When the box is opened, it will be filled by air up to the level of the top, which creates pressure that inflates a balloon around the device.
The coffee is produced by a patented process that uses a rotating head to create the espresso shots. When the box is opened, it will be filled by air up to the level of the top, which creates pressure that inflates a balloon around the device.
The Nespresso device inflates once the glass cap is popped by a single hand, and the device will then produce a steam of espresso. You simply place the capsule in the machine, press the button, and enjoy your beverage.
Once the one-time fee expires, you will be able to refill the machine with a Speda capsule. A standard capsule refill costs $10. With the Speda package, the company provides an extra-large refilled capsule, which is the way it is designed to be filled.
What makes it a time-saver
Speda is a special version of the Nespresso machine with several advantages. The machine isn’t limited to Nespresso coffee capsules, which means that you can use whichever capsule you prefer. No mess is associated with the process of measuring and measuring water, as well as the separate capsule opening process.
The area around the machine isn’t as cluttered, as you don’t have to take the machine out from the plastic to access the chamber. The external chamber is the size of a small coffee cup, which makes it easier to locate.
It also has a life span of up to five years. The Speda range of coffees can be heated in the machine to make Nespresso-like coffee, but no capsule is required.
The machine has about 8 to 10 cup capacity, which makes it ideal for standard households. The volume will grow slightly when the last coffee is removed. The process is simple. You attach the cannister on a cup, put a cup beneath the machine, press the button, add the water, and that’s it.
The machine is dish

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