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The Versions of Photoshop

Photoshop CS5 – Version 15.0.2

Photoshop CS6 – Version 17.0.4

Photoshop CS7 – Version 18.0.2

Photoshop CS8 – Version 19.1.1

Photoshop CS9 – Version 20.2.1

Photoshop CS10 – Version 20.3.3

Photoshop CS11 – Version 22.2.1

Photoshop CS12 – Version 23.0.2

Photoshop CS13 – Version 24.0

Photoshop CS14 – Version 24.0.2

Photoshop CS15 – Version 25.0

Photoshop CS16 – Version 26.0

Photoshop CS17 – Version 26.0.1

Photoshop CS18 – Version 26.1.1

Photoshop CS19 – Version 27.0.1

Photoshop CS20 – Version 32.0.0

Photoshop CS21 – Version 34.0.0

Photoshop CS22 – Version 36.0.0

Photoshop CS23 – Version 40.0.1

Photoshop CS24 – Version 41.0.2

Photoshop CS25 – Version 42.0.2

Photoshop CS26 – Version 44.0.4

Photoshop CS27 – Version 45.0.1

Photoshop CS28 – Version 46.0.2

Photoshop CS29 – Version 48.0.2

Photoshop CS30 – Version 50.0.3

Photoshop CS31 – Version 52.0.2

Photoshop CS32 – Version 52.0.3

Photoshop CS33 – Version 53.0.2

Photoshop CS34 – Version 53.0.3

Photoshop CS35 – Version 55.0.3

Photoshop CS36 – Version 55.0.5

Photoshop CS37 – Version 56.0.3

Photoshop CS38 – Version 56.1

Photoshop CS39 – Version 57.0.3

Photoshop CS40 – Version 57.0.4

Photoshop CS41 – Version 57.1.3

Photoshop CS42 – Version 58.0.3

Photoshop CS43 – Version 58.0.4

Photoshop CS44

Swirl Shapes For Photoshop Free Download Free (2022)

Adobe Photoshop is an exception to the usual rule of software we love being owned by a company, because Adobe has a long history of giving away the software for free. Since 2010, the software has been given away for free in an academic setting for use by individual students and professors.

However, not all students and professors have access to a computer to run the software. So, an organization called “Adobe DreamTime” stepped in and gave the entire suite of Adobe software away for free on DreamTime’s own website.

DreamTime has been giving away the software for a long time now and currently has millions of registered users. A lot of users have had to pay for Windows (but can use it on DreamTime), a computer processor and a lot of RAM. However, DreamTime is now upgrading to a new service.

The suite costs $19.99 per year and $39.99 per year for the entire suite. One of the six websites you can use to pay for your DreamTime subscription is

Here are a few places where you can get the software for free:


The website for all the locations is:

DreamTime now has six locations, which means they are in more than 200 countries (as of 2018). These are:

United States

United Kingdom








Czech Republic







New Zealand





South Korea



United Arab Emirates

The United States is a major location and continues to be a top location. Germany is also a major location but was added late in the DreamTime expansion.

A more official PDF document on the locations can be found here.

You can also go to the DreamTime website and look at a map of all the current locations.

DreamTime License

DreamTime is a free license and comes with no strings attached. If you are willing to install the software and read the license for DreamTime, you are welcome to use it.

If you want to host the software, you’

Swirl Shapes For Photoshop Free Download Crack + With Registration Code Free Download [Win/Mac]

Brushes and Pens are used for creating vector graphics by tracing objects with various shapes.
Retouching lets you alter an image to improve its overall appearance. For example, you can change the color of objects or erase blemishes or objects in an image.

Photoshop Elements comes with a range of basic tools and features, including basic editing tools. If you’re looking for a tool or feature that’s not available in Photoshop, you can choose to download it from the Photoshop Elements application.
Elements has tools for erasing, cropping and rotating images, a colour palette for picking colours, and effects tools. It also has tools to enhance and work with photos.

The following guide will help you see all of the tools you can use in Photoshop Elements.

General Tools

These tools let you open and edit images. They can be used for photo editing, editing videos, web graphics, and other graphics applications.
You can open and edit a variety of image formats, including.jpg,.png,.bmp,.gif,.tiff, and.pdf.
If you have videos, you can view, save, and trim clips. You can also add and remove audio, change the speed of videos, and adjust colour, exposure, contrast, and many other features.

Edit Image

This tool lets you crop, rotate, resize, and apply effects to images and videos. The crop tool lets you remove unwanted parts of an image, including video frames. Other tools include a lasso and eraser tools. The rotate tool lets you rotate images or videos and use various presets or your own settings. You can also use the warp tool to transform images.


The Pen tool lets you trace objects, paths, and text on the screen. Pen tools are also useful for editing, retouching, and creating vector graphics. The Pen tool lets you use a wide range of shapes to create objects. The original shape is stored in the Pen tool, and the new shape can be moved, changed, or erased. You can also add an effect when creating a path with the Pen tool.
The Pen tool can also be used for image retouching, removing unwanted images from photos, and creating drop shadows or reflections.

Text Editors

The Text tool lets you remove text from photos. It lets you customize fonts, text size, and style, including alignment. You can move and edit

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System Requirements:

Minimum specs:
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.6 Ghz
Memory: 2GB
OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10
Graphics: OpenGL 3.3
DirectX: 11.0
Hard Drive Space: 20GB
Recommended specs:
Processor: Intel Core i5 3.3 Ghz
Memory: 4GB

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