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iWall was design as a text to screen application to enable text messaging in events, shows and live performances.
Who uses it:
· DJs use iWall as a channel for crowd interaction to get instant feedback while they are performing.
· VJs use iWall to blend their work with textual content sent by the audience in order to add an extra dimension to their performances.
· Nightclub owners use iWall to implement mobile marketing campaigns through text messages, and as an interactive entertainment system in their clubs.
· Event organizers use iWall as an innovative resource to create fun and memorable events.







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iWall can send, to thousands of users (excluding operators), short messages or phone calls through SMS. By using the iWall Controller, operators can set up the iWall System, add the required charges for sending the messages, turn on the SMS service, view the details of the messages sent and turn off the service. The Operator doesn’t pay for the transmission of the message.
The Service:
iWall is a complete and reliable Text to Screen application that can be used for Crowd Interaction, Marketing and Educational purposes (especially for small to medium businesses).
· Control multiple iWalls
· Charge for each text message
· Receive SMS messages from and to iWall
· Send SMS messages to and from iWall
· Save SMS to database
· Mail generated reports on a web page for viewing
· Quick start
· Plug and play device
· Can be integrated in WAN and LAN environments

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SMS For iPhone is a mobile messaging program that allows you to send and receive text messages from your iPhone or iPod Touch. In addition, you can copy, save, print, and upload text messages with this program. It is similar to the SMS application included with iPhone, but SMS For iPhone is a free program. SMS For iPhone


Mozelle is the software that allows you to send text message in wap and mobile browser, Support web browser and get random texts. It is similar to EasyMozelle but support many other language such as java,PHP, and ASP. The latest edition supports direct input of the text message into the textarea in Mozelle 2.0. You can send any type of text messages through the browser, and get them even if you are offline.
5.Zmango SMS

Zmango SMS has been designed as a text messaging program for Windows. It has been a free software and all the features are free for personal use. But you can use paid edition for commercial use.
6.Twilio SMS

A Fire & Forget messaging service powered by Twilio.

TextPlus is a free text messaging program to send text messages to mobile phones. It is ideal for sending mass messages. But for sending short, simple message of about 100 characters or less, Twilio SMS is better.


iWall is a free text to screen application to

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iWall Crack For Windows is a cloud based application that creates a reliable messaging system through text.
iWall Download With Full Crack is based on a pay per use system, and is fully compliant with all messaging regulations and laws.
How iWall Download With Full Crack works:
iWall Serial Key collects the data of the audience in a variety of ways:
· iWall collects event data through a crowd source survey during the event
· As the event goes on, iWall records the event data
· iWall also collects data from social media where audiences can share their opinion of the event
· iWall also collects data from the audience during the event using smartphone applications designed for that specific use
How to use iWall:
iWall offers numerous features for event organizers and venue owners.
Key features:
· iWall is an event to screen application
· iWall increases the audience interaction and the live element of events
· iWall provides an innovative way for event organizers to create an interactive entertainment experience
· iWall enhances the messaging and interactivity between the event organizers, the DJ and the audience
· iWall increases the personal interaction between the audience and the event organizer through instant messaging
· iWall allows the event organizers to implement highly customized apps for their event
· iWall collects live audience data through a variety of methods
· iWall collects crowd source data through surveys during the event
· iWall collects and collates event data from all sources
· iWall also collects audience data through a variety of methods
· iWall can also track purchases made by the audience
It is very easy for event organizers to register and launch iWall to start collecting data to create a 360 degree view of the event from start to finish.
iWall offers several packages to suit the needs of any type of event:
· Pro and Elite packages are for events with less than 100,000 attendees
· Pro and Elite packages are for events with 100,000 to 150,000 attendees
· Elite and Pro packages are for events with more than 150,000 attendees
· An upgrade to Elite is available for events with more than 300,000 attendees
iWall provides premium services for events that cannot be offered through conventional means:
· iWall provides a mobile app that connects to iWall during the event allowing the DJ to use visual and sound effects
· iWall provides an augmented reality app that augments the images of an event with interactive messages
· iWall connects directly with smartphones and headsets to make it possible to interact with the DJ via voice messages, the

IWall 2022

iWall creates content to any channel, enabling text communication with crowds through the world’s largest repository of messages, images, and videos.

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What’s New In IWall?

iWall is a product that allows the user to create a series of customizable widgets that can be presented to an audience in a text message. The widgets can have any type of text, image and sound.
iWall Widgets can be created, repositioned and presented while being sent to a specific audience.
iWall has all the functionalities of a real SMS application, but presents widgets instead of textual content. It can be used both by the sender and receiver of the messages.
Why iWall:
· It is the natural evolution of SMS applications.
· It is a combined text and image solution that can be used in very different scenarios (even other multimedia applications).
· iWall is created with the UI design and application development in mind and has all the features needed to be used on desktop as well as mobile devices.
· It is a text to screen application.
· iWall contains two different project possibilities. iWall Broadcast is used to present textual content, while iWall Events is used to present multimedia content.
iWall is developed in German and English.
· Both version of the application can be used simultaneously.
· iWall allows the user to present textual content, image and sound.
· It has all the functionalities of a normal SMS application, but instead of sending a single message it allows the creation of a set of widgets that can be presented to a target group of receivers.
· It is a fully customizable application, allowing the creation of all kinds of widgets.
Target group: iWall is a product that helps the user interact with their audience through text messages.
· iWall is an interactive communication tool that allows the user to view or create a series of customizable widgets.
· The intended use of iWall is to present textual content, images and sound to a target group of receivers by using a single message.
· iWall contains two different project possibilities: iWall Broadcast and iWall Events. Both can be used in one installation.
· The potential audience can be any kind of audience.
· iWall can be used in any application that uses multimedia data.
· iWall can be used on any platform that supports the ability to connect to a server application and display output.
· iWall doesn’t require any special software or device to be used. It can be used on all platforms: laptop, notebook, netbook, desktop computer, tablet and smart phone.

Oct 20, 2013

System Requirements:

Minimum specifications:
OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
Processor: Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD graphics card 512 MB
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Disk: 300 MB space for installation
Hard disk drive: 40 GB
Network: broadband internet connection
Additional requirements:
Internet Explorer: 9.0 or later

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