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Most domains of activity today greatly benefit from what a computer has to offer. This even includes education, with dedicated software components which aim to assist both students and teachers. For classroom enhancement, KinBoard comes as a virtual blackboard which is especially useful with touch-enabled screens.
Quick setup and accommodation
The application comes in a lightweight package and doesn’t keep you busy for a lot of time to get it up and running on your computer. When done, running it brings up a large empty canvas on your screen wrapped around a classic window frame. Most of the space is the canvas, with a slim upper toolbar which shows all hotkey commands to manipulate brush and other elements.
Interaction is done with the mouse alone, and the keyboard needs to be used only to change the color of the brush, switch to eraser mode, or clear the entire screen. Drawing is done just like in any common paint tool. Sadly, the background color can’t be changed, but tints used on the brush create enough contrast so everything is clearly visible.
Good, but far from being a pro
Customization leaves much to be desired. For starters, colors you can assign to the brush are pretty poor in number. The brush itself is only fitted with a fixed size value, and this also affects the eraser, which makes it incredibly difficult to remove unnecessary items or fix any possible errors. Drawing is freehand only, with no lines or shape tools.
The larger the target screen, the more space there is for drawing. With no zoom tools, you need to plan everything you draw to fit on the canvas. There are no save options, so every drawing is temporary.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that KinBoard comes with good intentions, but isn’t really polished to fully replace the classic classroom whiteboard. Drawing tools are poor, and so are customization options. With no possibility to save, everything needs to be performed on the spot.







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KinBoard is a digital whiteboard application designed for touchscreen devices. It has an intuitive interface and easy to learn but highly configurable scripting language. As a result, KinBoard can assist you to get the most of touchscreen and pen input devices. KinBoard supports a range of useful features such as strokes, lines, shapes, colors, text, multiple users, extra buttons and much more. It is a good way to design an interactive learning aid or a whole interactive presentation.

In the first part of this series we looked at how you can capture a photo, resize it, and watermark it. In the second part, we are going to look at how you can watermark an existing image, add additional text to it, and apply a “dissolve” effect on it. In the third part, we will explore how you can resized an existing image into multiple sizes.
Watermarking an Image
In this tutorial we will be using the File > New Image or Image Capture feature of Adobe Photoshop.
Step 1
Open an image file in your photo editing program.
Step 2
In the image capture section you have a set of options for selecting a white background or a black one. If you choose to watermark an image using a black background, make sure the “black background” box is checked. (See image)
Step 3
Once you have selected the right background, click on the white or black button to begin the process. (See image)
Step 4
After you click on the white or black button you will see the background of the image appears on your screen and you will be able to draw the outline of the text or the image that you wish to place your watermark.
Step 5
Once you have completed your outline you can begin typing your text. Once you have completed your outline and text, click on the white or black button once more. The black or white button will disappear and you will be able to see the shape of the outline of your watermark.
Step 6
Once you click the white or black button you will see your outline and the watermark shape simultaneously appear on the screen. (See image)
Step 7
Once you are satisfied with the way your watermark is positioned and the look of it, click on the blue button which is on the upper right corner of the palette. This is your save option which will save your image with the watermark you have created in place. (See image)
Step 8

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Show all kind of shapes and patterns right on your computers screen. Create, paint and erase with your mouse. Choose from the brush the color you want to use or use your finger to paint with.
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KinBoard With Product Key

KinBoard is a virtual blackboard for Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. Share your ideas and projects in a creative way using a digital chalkboard and use the power of the Internet for easy and free collaboration.
Is it a must-have for teacher?

Educational software for Windows phone is mostly in the form of classroom set-up software which has features for lessons, quizzes, exams and eventually projects. This is about the best of the lot, and as a learning tool it’s really going to be utilized by students. It has the advantage of allowing access to a professional-looking classroom, where students can go through a variety of activities in a controlled environment, while teachers can gather observations at leisure.
A quick, scalable route
If students are given free choice for where to set up their classroom, it’s going to get a chaotic look. Depending on the size, students can either choose between scrolling or a grid view, but the number of options is limited. Teachers can set up a classroom, so that they can open the app once and have it show all the information on the screen, with no need to constantly open the program and enter different classes and different courses.
The alternative is to use a browser, where you can create as many individual windows as you like, but this greatly limits the number of devices which can use the same resources simultaneously. By creating a virtual classroom you can have only one classroom per device at a time. Windows phone has a great degree of shareability between devices, but if you want the class to be “on” you need to figure out a way to address that.
Great little educational tool
The application has the right level of customization, with plenty of options for teachers and the fact that you can set up a classroom to work across multiple devices.
The interface is very simple to use, but effective.
Limited choice of background colors
Limited space
Bad impression
Not a perfect classroom

Voice to text tools can be seen as being necessary for people who have vision disabilities. We’re all familiar with the terrible experience of having to struggle with a difficult keyboard when we just want to send a quick text message. The need is obvious, but an application like SpeakText is surprisingly absent from Windows Phone.
Incoming calls may be diverted to this application
SpeakText lets you convert a spoken message into text automatically. This makes it a good tool for those who are not good at typing, or for

What’s New in the?

The Macintosh does not need to go through yet another…

Web sites continue to shift away from the use of Windows Media Player to play the streaming media and back to Adobe Flash Player. Why? Web sites require less code for a user to purchase the application, and it also works on more platforms. But don’t think that Flash is a one-way street.
In the same way that the Web site for teen chat site, is built on its own platform, so can Flash-based sites be. This week the online gaming company, SecondLife, used Flash media to launch its latest feature, to no one’s surprise.
Aiming for the internet
From today until Wednesday, November 2nd, SecondLife launched a new feature which lets you use your phone or tablet to interact with the pages you load in your browser. Using the previous mobile access method through a PC, it now lets you use mobile access to any Web site running Flash.
With a mobile device, if you want to play a game or have a chat with the pets in the video game you’re playing, you could use the same interface as you would on your computer. At first sight, it appears that it is only mobile access, but it opens up a whole new world of gaming.
The interface, like most Flash-based sites, is very simple and straightforward. Under the screen for the mobile site, it shows a large, clear picture of your phone. Inside it is a small menu bar and a larger picture which displays the website you are visiting. Along with letting you load the website, you can also watch videos, find people, view shop products, add friends, send private messages and chat to other users.
SecondLife is the most well-known site for using Flash to connect users in a virtual environment. Recently, it added video game chat to its offerings, and mobile access plays an important part in this. With the iPhone’s increasing popularity, people are using it to interact with SecondLife. The site is also used on smart phones and PDAs.
The benefits of Flash
First, what good would it be to embed the Flash files into your browser? Users would have to download a single package and it would work anywhere. It would stop older versions of the browser from supporting the rest of the site, but most websites go this route anyway. With Flash media files, it is easier to view your site on mobile devices.
So why did SecondLife choose

System Requirements For KinBoard:

Windows 10 64-bit / Mac OS 10.11 or later
For more info, please visit:
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