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You are the hero of the game! You have been asked to defeat the terrors of FuriCorp. For a meager reward you will be lead into their research lab to battle an army of enemies and awaken their ultimate secret weapon.
This is how the game play looks:
The Ascent in a nutshell:
The Secret Weapon:
The Ascent on Steam:

The Vive is a very affordable VR headset that was launched by Valve Corporation on 28th of April this year. It is powered by two high-performance, low-latency displays, and its consumer launch has been supported by best-in-class hardware partners, to ensure that VR content from partner developers and publishers works optimally on the Vive.
We talked to the Valve Research and Development team about their VR hardware experience at CES, we also had a chance to talk to their console game production team about the challenges of producing AAA content for VR.
The interview is split into two parts. The first part will cover the Vive and Vive Pro, the second part will cover the Valve Index and Index 2.
Valve Index and Valve Index 2 – Day 1 – Interview
Chris Remo, Valve Design Group – CES 2016
We got an exclusive hands-on with the Valve Index and Index 2 and had a talk with Valve R&D director and studio design Lead Chris Remo.
Lets check out the video:
[h=4]CES 2016 – Day 1 – Valve Index and Valve Index 2 Hands-On[/h]

The HTC Vive Cosmos is a virtual reality headset that was released by HTC Corporation in July 2018.
The “HTC Vive Cosmos” is the first standalone VR headset that is tied to a mobile phone to contain all the components and peripherals needed for a complete VR experience, including two touch-enabled displays and controllers, and it also includes a built-in kickstarter speaker.
Lets talk about the different hardware components of HTC Vive Cosmos in this article.
The interview is split into two parts. The first part will cover the HTC Vive Cosmos and HTC Vive Cosmos full room scale in brief, the second part will cover the HTC Vive Cosmos SteamVR Tracking in detail.
The interview is also split into two parts, one is Vive Cosmos Day 1 interview, the other one is Vive Cosmos Day 1 post-mortem interview.
Thanks for watching.
[h=4]HTC Vive Cosmos Day 1 – Interview[/h]
The Vive Cosmos Day 1


Lullaby Days – Original Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Accept a lot of scenarios without memory leak
  • Open Source Simple Alchemy:

    • Simple Alchemy Kernel
    • Accepts any position function from objects and can assign it to any position without memory leak
    • Simple Alchemy Physics, Fire, Lightning, Wind, Gravity for you to use as you wish

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    So, I stopped packing clothes. Huh? yes, I did, and so glad for it. I found that getting dressed for work is not so much a process of pulling off an alotted amount of clothes, but it’s a series of matching pieces, clashing outfits, and making decisions. (especially footwear) Thankfully, the committee organizing this huge renovation party of mine were all particular souls. No criticizing eyes or common sense below the neck!

    All the matching (and mismatching) can be found in the picture above, in the order they were worn on the first day after unpacking, rolling away, putting away, testing and repacking. The first day back was a riot.

    The key can be found in that nothing was unpacked, and almost everything was put away. Clothes languished on palettes and hangers, and shoes lay untouched by the foot.

    I might have had a slight hankering for a burger (likely the meal that was the first of many to arrive) so I popped to the corner gothic style, while ogled my definition of classy, under-construction exterior, and picked up some frozen ingredients to prep my lunch. The flat had no oven, and certainly no microwave, so a bbiq was the best option.

    Having eaten something I ate makes it kind of easy to commentate on and remember. So, what did I eat today? A precooked flat on the wall to make the cooking experience a bit less insular, and the day’s first packet of spinach, divided in half, to eat one side, and save for the kids later. The portion was pretty large. I put my needle in the bag once it was sealed just so I had no reason to go back in.

    That, and I tore every paper bag, packed it back in again, and


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    THE LOST SERGEANT is a coming-of-age psychological First Person Horror game set in a world that has been invaded and corrupted by the growing presence of the Monsters. THE LOST SERGEANT promises an emotional experience that will demand you to react and adapt to any situation that might happen, no matter how insane it may be.
    Third Person Shooter-Horror game experience
    Unique Unveiling of the story
    3 difficulty levels
    Decide between Short Gameplay or Hard Gameplay
    Two Game Modes
    Zombie horde Mode
    Search For Logs, Look For The Weapons, And Kill Them When You Can
    Help Each Other
    Help your teammates, or even better, be The Good Guy… that saves them
    Immersive 3D graphics:
    Very high-quality 3D graphics without any effect or lag
    Original Soundtrack
    Beautiful and atmospheric original soundtrack composed by the composer known to horror games, Carlo Ognibene
    Game Key Features:
    Immersive 3D graphics without any effect or lag
    Original soundtrack composed by Carlo Ognibene
    Two Game Modes: Zombies and Survival
    Possibility to create a group with up to 10 players
    Play Online
    Play against your friends or with strangers online, in the same room or anywhere in the world
    Survival: End Of The Line
    A new frontier of challenge in the Survivors 2.0.
    Play with up to 4 friends or without friends. Play the same game in both circumstances. Use the tools that you find to avoid the unwanted. Or attack your friends, but be careful!
    Online Community
    Talk about this game with other people who play and are considering to play it.
    Have your own ideas about how to improve the game experience.
    A game unlike any other.
    Discover a new world with themes and world with themes that will make you feel.
    “Survive, Survive”
    THE LOST SERGEANT is all about surviving in a hostile environment.
    It is the dark story of a man seeking to survive in a place where death is the smallest, and reality is the biggest lie.
    GAME Modes
    Zombies: Kill or be Killed.
    Survival: Survive Until Sunset.
    Team/Split-Player: Team up and kill your friends.
    Splitscreen: Co-Op Gameplay
    Modes Difficulty Ratings:
    – Easy: more sane, easier gameplay
    – Normal: more sane, mid-level gameplay
    – Hard: more insane,


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    One of my favourite features of the game is the ability to lose to time and encounter your former selves! Want to revisit your previous play sessions or set of game progress? No problem. The game remembers everything and when you restart the game, your old data will be automatically restored and previous gameplay will be as fresh and new as ever.Bonus Games
    Here is a list of hidden games that you can start!Beep beep! Only five (5) masks are left!
    Simple yet addicting mini-game, in which the beeping sound will constantly increase to create pressure to collect masks.Note: this game is coded for Windows only.Beep beep! Paper Mario game!
    Funny, minimalistic, platform game with collectibles and enemies. Unlike other Paper Mario games, in which you need to collect as much as possible, in this game, you need to collect as little as possible and finish it without collecting all!Q:

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    You can’t save the contents of a webpage as a text file without downloading it. You can however save the page’s source code as a text file.

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