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The master boot record (MBR) is a separate boot sector found in partitioned mass storage devices that stores information about the structure of logical partitions and file systems. Additionally, it contains executable code that allows it to load the installed operating system. If it should somehow be damaged, any data present on the hard drive may be lost.
MBR Backup is a straightforward application that can help you create a backup of this boot record so that it can be restored in such an event.
The utility can save the data to a BIN file or print it, as a physical copy of the info can prove to be invaluable when your files can no longer be accessed.
Analyze and backup your master boot record
When the program is launched, it displays the MBR in its main window. You can view the data as text or hex code, as well as select and copy selections from it.
The application can save the entries to a BIN file that can then be used to restore your master boot record in the event of device failure.
The MBR can even be printed, so that you can still view the information when your digital backup file becomes inaccessible.
View partition table
The program can also display the partition table for a selected drive, providing you with relevant information about the size and structure of the local partitions.
Lightweight and fully portable
MBR Backup is a small program that you can easily transfer to any machine that needs to have its boot record backed up.
Additionally, it can be run from any storage device without being installed on the target computer.
In conclusion, this is a handy tool that allows you to create a backup of your master boot record, either by saving the data to a separate file or printing it. It is easy-to-use and can provide you with a way of rescuing corrupted hard drives.







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Try MBR Backup for free.
To print MBR Backup, go to File -> Printer Setup…, choose “Printer Setup Wizard” and choose “Front Side” as the printer.
MBR Backup User Guide:
How to use MBR Backup.
1. Run MBR Backup
2. Select the desired drive using “Drive Selection”
3. Choose “Save to BIN file” or “Save to HWBIB file” to save the data to an external file.
4. Select “Print only” to print your MBR.
1. Press the “Print” key on your keyboard.
2. Choose your printer from the list of choices.
3. Press “OK” to print your selected MBR.
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What’s New In MBR Backup?

MBR Backup is a relatively simple application that allows you to back up your master boot record.
The application runs from a CD or DVD and requires you to first burn it to a disk. When launched, MBR Backup displays the MBR data on the screen, either as text or in HEX format.
What’s New in MBR Backup:
– Added -[…]- to search box.- Added menu item “Copy MBR to clipboard” to Edit menu.- Added new option “Save MBR BIN”, that saves the MBR hex code to a file. MBR BIN can be used in any other program.
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Download MBR Backup
OS: Windows XP
Download MBR Backup
OS: Windows 2000
Download MBR Backup
OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8
Download MBR Backup
MBR Backup has been reviewed by Dennis Burger on
7 Jan 2013.
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