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in a dating app world, bumble is still your best bet. ladies, once you start using it you’ll be surprised at how incredibly easy it is. once you open a conversation, you can skip right to liking them or not. bumble takes the pain out of the conversation, and you also have an activity feed. so if you’re interested in someone, you can open their profile and see what they’ve been up to lately.

livelovesocial is a pretty cool dating app for the lgbt community. it makes dating really easy, because when you open up the app it shows you both the gay and lesbian users as well as the straight users. so if you’re looking for a good gay hookup or bi hookup, just pick one and you’re pretty much good to go!

okcupid is always in the top five for most used dating apps, and i know a lot of people who use it and find good matches. it’s simple to use and requires a fairly minimal amount of work on your end as well.

but the best thing bumble has going for it is not that it’s a female-focused dating app but that it encourages self-reflection. in a sea of mismatched selfies and video profiles, it’s refreshing to see someone not only express their best side on camera, but to also have their photos taken by someone who really cares about them. you know you’re in a good app when you start feeling more confident about yourself after matching with someone. would you rather not feel embarrassed about your square mug and bad hair?

some apps, like honest , require you to write down a list of the pros and cons of the types of people you’re looking for before you can start messaging and making plans. (hint: downton abbey is not a good starting point.) you never know how you’ll feel about meeting a potential partner, so honest encourages you to take a full-length personality test before entering your vital information.