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The program will read your sentence in Morse Code from a text file, or write Morse Code as a new text file based on user input.
It can also be used as a teaching tool to learn the Morse Code.
• Reads and writes files and can be used with any text editor
• See the Morse Code in large print by choosing the Text option
• Choose the length of the code you want to type by clicking on the length button (any text file can be edited)
• Type the code into the text box by holding the Ctrl key down and choosing the “Edit” command. (options: none, a simple clear screen, or a translation into regular print)
• Reads text into the text box (options: none, clear screen, or English to Morse code)
• Type text into the text box and press the “Enter” key (options: none, clear screen or English to Morse code)
Morse Test File Types:
• Write Files: (.txt) Text files with Morse code in them
• Open Files: (.txt) Text files with Morse code in them
• Edit Files: (.txt) Text files with Morse code in them
Morse Test Language Files:
• Windows: Type “language.txt” into the text box and press the “Enter” key
The language file is used when you type in English text into the text box.
• Macintosh: Type “language.txt” into the text box and press the “Enter” key
The language file is used when you type in English text into the text box.
• MacOS X: Type “language.txt” into the text box and press the “Enter” key
The language file is used when you type in English text into the text box.
First type the text into the text box and press the “Enter” key. Then select “Edit” from the “File” menu.
Then choose either “None” or “a simple clear screen” or “a translation into regular print”.
Second type the Morse Code into the text box by holding down the control key. Then choose either “English to Morse” or “nothing” from the “Edit” menu.
Third type the Morse Code into the text box by holding down the control key. Then choose either “English to Morse” or “nothing” from the “Edit” menu.
To start using Morse Test right now, press the “Test” button.
Full Description

Morse Test Crack

The application can be used in text windows to learn the Morse Code, but also lets you write down strings of code, so you can learn them to speak them. It lets you choose different hearing instruments, while the speed of the code is also adjustable.

The application brings different games to the windows to show different systems. You will be able to use the mouse to play a simple game. The games have a timer and only a few rounds to a game. After every round a question is asked. To answer it you have to press a key on the keyboard. The games have three different rounds.
The application has been tested on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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Morse Test

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What’s New in the Morse Test?

Learning Morse code can be easy with Morse Test, a software application for the Windows OS that features a brilliant interface and easy-to-use functionality.
Morse Test allows you to learn and practice Morse code using a variety of text-based modes. For example, you could load existing text documents from your hard drive and have them read to you through Morse code. Or, you can simply listen to a sequence of Morse code text strings, with Morse Test reading each one at a time. Or, you could even record your own audio using your microphone, and have Morse Test play it back through Morse code audio.
Even if you’re not sure you’ve mastered all the codes, Morse Test also includes a complete reference system to help you keep an eye on what codes you’re missing. Other features include the ability to learn new codes with one or two easy-to-follow lessons, with the option to repeat any lesson. And, as you progress in your efforts to learn Morse code, you can save and quickly re-access your progress to keep on practicing until you’re ready to pass your test.
Morse Test is a simple software application that’s easy to use and learn.
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System Requirements For Morse Test:

Mac OS X 10.3 or later
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Pentium III or later
PowerPC G3 or later
Macintosh Display controller with 32-bit color (30-bit true color)
800K or more
320K or more
Hard disk:
13MB or more
4MB or more

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