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MSI Core Center is a hardware monitor and overclocking utility that can be run from BIOS or Windows startup. The software is able to monitor and control multiple components of your PC to create a more stable overclocking experience. You can view the amount of voltage, temperature, fan speed, video settings, information about your system, and much more. MSI Core Center displays all of your system information on the screen and it can even adjust settings such as fan speed and voltage.

This feature rich overclocking monitor can help you troubleshoot issues that can cause instability.

Solidly working overclocking software. When adjusted properly, it is the perfect tool to run a stable system with the maximum overclock possible with the hardware.

Variable fan speed and temperature control

This allows users to directly control fan speeds to reduce noise and temperature inside their PC.

Full-featured video and audio settings control

You can adjust the fan speed, video modes, audio settings, display settings, and more for a better and stable experience.

System information

View important system information such as CPU, RAM, PCIE, chipset, GPU, power, voltage, fan speed, temperature, and fan type.

3 UI Modes

MSI Core Center has 3 different user interfaces: Easy, Computer, and Basic

MSI Core Center comes with 5 presets for different scenarios.

1260×1024 24-bit True Color

800×600 24-bit True Color

640×480 24-bit True Color

1024×768 24-bit True Color

1280×1024 24-bit True Color

Here is the video of the software

MSI Core Center Features:

Rescue Your PC/Notebook

MSI Core Center – Software that comes to the rescue

Fully Automated • Many Customizable Options.

Full Sequential Functionality. The Easiest Overclocking System in the World.

Instant overclock features. There are 6 levels of fan speed. Each level has a maximum overclock level. All in all, you can easily overclock your computer.

Fan Speed Control: You can easily overclock your PC with full control over fan speed. The fan can be set from 0 RPM to 30 RPM within 3 levels.

Monitoring: All your hardware settings, temperatures, power, and CPU load is monitored.

Power Supply Control: You can control your power supply

MSI Core Center 2018.10.508.1586 Crack + Free Download For Windows

MSI Core Center (MCC) is an overclock and a vigilant application developed by MSI that was incorporated into a PCI-Express PCI-based motherboard. The application is designed to provide the monitor, overclock, and fan control of a motherboard while using a single graphical user interface. MCC can be used on an individual PC, or as a companion application to a motherboard BIOS.
This application has two different sections: the left half is a motherboard configuration window. The window is divided into various tabs that provide different details of the motherboard’s configuration. In this window, you can edit the things such as the voltage of the motherboard as well as the programming of the motherboard’s chipset.
However, the right half of MCC’s window has to do with the CPU and the RAM. Here you can perform various functions on a CPU such as creating a new CPU governor if you wish to save energy, remapping the CPU cores to the one that you want to assign as default, adding users, and assigning governors to them. The RAM window is where you can see the current and maximum memory clocks as well as your RAMs. You can also check the amount of RAM.
A typical CPU interface is shown here: you can access the BIOS menu and access functions such as a memory map and a boot menu. What are a lot more interesting are CPU overclocking tools. Here, you can set the voltage of the CPU.
Overclock is when a CPU’s oscillation is changed without changing the core voltage. For example, if you are overclocking a CPU, you could overclock it by overclocking the core voltage, increasing the throttling, or creating a voltage increase or a voltage decrease in its particular region. And in the overclocking manager, there are some useful tools, such as the CPU speed control, APIC overclock, and safe under clock. This application also has a program that allows you to easily check your socket.
Looking at overclocking from another perspective, the BIOS must be configured for overclocking. What MCC does is that it gives you a large configuration section (which acts as a small BIOS) that can be used to quickly apply the settings.
What MCC brings to the table is that, it also has a very simple programming interface that can be used to adjust the motherboard’s main settings. It also has a very large help section that can be accessed by pressing F1 on the keyboard.
Furthermore, the MCC supports multiple

MSI Core Center 2018.10.508.1586 Crack +


– Taut encoding with unrivaled encoding technologies and interfaces for finest picture fidelity and best sound quality.- Full-range full-HD Audio 6-channel support.- MPX direct feeds to AV receiver with USB convertor and 3d-pass sound. – Visualize system information and in depth analysis.- Make your system faster with control panel, Hardware monitor, and overclock.

What’s new

Chip Sense! Make your System more efficient and make it work at its peak-best!

Fan Sense! Control Fan speed for cooling performance.

Low FPS Warning! Monitor your FPS in real-time, to help prevent the risk of performance loss.

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Audio Thermometer is a program that monitors temperature of the CPU cooler, memory modules, chipset and other components that may be overheating. According to the readings, if you have selected, the program will allow you to adjust and control the fan speed in order to keep the temperature within the desired range.
The Audio Thermometer on an ATX machine is composed of several components (such as the CPU and chipset), which are connected to a thermistor plate. As the components heat up the plate they expand and cover a larger area and the thermistor provides feedback of the temperature. As the temperature gets too high, the expansion of the plate slows down as temperature is reduced.
The main feature of the program is its DYNAFORMER cooling system, which allow users to easily build custom systems by plugging-in multiple components, then adjusting and controlling the fan speed of the components via a panel, right in the program. The program’s graphical interface is simple and intuitive, and allows for data entries which will be processed into real-time information regarding the CPU temperature.

MSI’s latest version of BIOS features a set of new enhanced OSD (On Screen Display) features including BIOS load screen, CMOS settings screen and more.
When you choose the BIOS screen

What’s New In MSI Core Center?




Intel Core i7 i3590


Intel Core i7

Processor Type

Core i7 6500U Dual-core 1.86 GHz

Number of Cores


Number of Threads



14.27 cm

Maximum Speed

2.67 GHz

Maximum RAM Memory

6 GB

Display type



Intel Z390 (mainboard chipset)



Number of Ports



Passive & active power


120 x 81 x 24 mm


2.5 kg


Advanced features

Software Included

Hardware & Software




Windows 10 Home 64-bit

By the looks of it the Core center is a all in one hardware monitor for the mother board. But of course it’s not the only application, it was just the first one I found to show up on my search. I’m using and testing it on an MSI Gaming mother board, but I don’t have this application on any of my mother boards just the MSI.

The program is very well made and it does monitor the temperatures as well. It does not look very pretty though but it’s a good program. Also it monitors voltage. A good overclocking application with some interesting features. I don’t recommend this software for daily use though. It is very stable and I haven’t found any issues with the software.Open this photo in gallery A large islet of Lampedusa, seen from the coast. Italy is facing its worst migrant crisis in decades and is sending thousands of migrants to a prison island for processing. GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/Reuters

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System Requirements:

* Windows 10 Home/Pro
* 2GHz or faster CPU
* 4GB of RAM
* DirectX 9.0c
* At least 32GB of available space on the PC’s hard drive
* Intel GMA3600 or Radeon HD 4250
* 1280×720 display (16:9 ratio)
The recommended retail price is $14.99 USD / $19.99 CAD
This game is free to play
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