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myUnxCmd was developed as an Open Source, easy to install and easy-to-use port of Unix commands.
myUnxCmd comes integrated with UnxUtils, Console2, bash and other common command windows.









MyUnxCmd For Windows

myUnxCmd For Windows 10 Crack is a friendly command window implementation that makes the transition from Windows to Linux very smooth and easy, no matter whether you use WIndows, Linux or Mac. myUnxCmd is easy to install and easy to use. Just add all the actions to the startup folder of your shell. you will be ready to type…

myVIm is an extension for Vim to support coloring of files in various languages with colons that separate blocks of colors, as well as adding Unicode character representations (colons included) for Language. myVIm was made for use on Windows and Unix and can be installed to a number of different locations that you can specify in the settings. myVIm does not work with only one color at a time and…

myPen is a console application that helps you to draw images, shapes, freehand lines, paths, diagrams, curves, freeform curves and paths. It works on all platforms and with any graphics package.
It is very easy to use with no learning curve. Just type and draw. From a few basic shapes (e.g. circle, line, rectangle, text, etc.) you can build any kind of image. myPen features…

myEdge is a (Batch) utility that simplifies the process of managing large list of files. With myEdge your files can be automatically uploaded to the Windows Explorer (My Computer), Outlook, or any other regular user’s browser (IE, FF, Safari, Opera, etc.) For more information, see the myEdge User Guide.
myEdge allows…

Following is a list of my own list of useful Windows command line tools. Their purpose is to make your life easier by simplifying the way you use applications and tools that you may need to run on the command line.
Use of any of these tools by themselves is not advised. When in doubt, ask your favourite gurus on the [Unix & Linux] mailing lists, IRC channel or forum. Use them carefully, save often, and…

myWLAN is a command line utility that allows you to access all of your wireless LANs in one simple interface.
It is more flexible than the standard “iwconfig” command and can recognize devices over 802.11b/g networks. In addition, it provides authentication of users and groups from domain(windows) or Active Directory and supports multiple wireless networks.
myWLAN is also free if…

myTasks is a useful little tool


The myUnxCmd is a small command line tool for accessing Unix/Linux commands on a Windows system.
myUnxCmd is not Unix and is not related to Linux or BSD. It is developed and works as a 100% native application.
– Just runs on Windows (no installation required)
– Very clean and well designed user interface
– Supports Linux like commands
– Can be used with Console2
– Have a persistent config file (myunx.ini) and command history
– Supports tab completion
– Can create shell (cmd.exe) aliases
– Works with rxvt
– Works with bash for windows.
myUnxCmd Download link:
myUnxCmd Requirements:
The following programs are required in order for myUnxCmd to work:
– Console2
– Quack
– ExEn
(note: myUnxCmd does not work without these two programs).
Here are the commands that are supported by myUnxCmd.
[=] Add Command to Envirionment Variables
[*=] Populate the command history.
[]] Replace command history.
[^=] Clear the command history.
[v=] View commands in a list mode.
[*v=] View command options.
[*^=] View command options, the list of commands, ex: /bin/ls, /bin/cat, myUnxCmd::view_command_options
[**=] View the command in list, ex: View MyUnxCmd:add_command_to_env_variables
[] View command options, but keep the list (intellisense help), ex: View MyUnxCmd:add_command_to_env_variables ^
[c=] Show the command usage.
[+=] Add to the command environment variables, ex: add JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk 1
[d=] Remove command from the environment variables, ex: remove JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk 1
[e=] Edit command in the command file, ex: Edit myunx.ini JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk


myUnxCmd is a small and easy-to-use command line for Windows and Linux that combines useful built-in commands in Windows with the command line on Linux.
myUnxCmd comes with a simple GUI that allows easy drag-and-drop from Windows to Linux, and back again. It also comes with an optional command line (a terminal is also called a console). With myUnxCmd you can save a lot of time and increase your productivity! myUnxCmd can do just about everything a Linux console can do, but in Windows.
: Supports UNIX shell-style commands and switches.
: Quickly access UNIX commands and switches.
: Ability to run UNIX commands from Windows.
: Support many common BASH commands.
: Integrated with Console2.
: Integrated with bash.
: Can run both bash commands and myUnxCmd windows/console commands.
: Ability to run BASH scripts from Windows.
: Supports UNIX switches.
: Ability to run pure Linux shell commands and switches.
: Ability to run Linux commands.
: Ability to run Windows commands (cmd).
: Easily drag and drop Windows/Linux commands to myUnxCmd
: Ability to execute batch files.
: Command Line: Optional command line.
: Unlimited command history.
: Ability to edit command history and command line.
: Support to edit/change text.
: Support to pass command line arguments to the child command line.
: Support all common UNIX commands.
: Supports many Linux commands.
: Supports many UNIX environment variables and options.
: Supports Microsoft Windows ENVIRONMENT variables and options.
: Supports Microsoft Windows UNIX environment variables and options.
: Supports Microsoft Windows BASH environment variables and options.
: Ability to add and remove command line arguments from command history.
: Ability to add an alias command.
: Ability to add a function command.
: Ability to add a batch file.
: Ability to add an executable file.
: Ability to add a batch file.
: Ability to add a shared file.
: Ability to print directory listing.
: Ability to terminate the command window.
: Ability to toggle full screen mode.
: Ability to toggle minimization.
: Ability to change to other directories.
: Ability to set DOS Mode.
: Ability to add a batch file.
: Ability to get the current

What’s New in the?

Screenshots of myUnxCmd :

You can see that myUnxCmd has many features.


How to create a direct link to the YouTube iOS app?

I have been trying to get a link that takes me directly to YouTube to load, as I have a screen where there are like 20 of these ones, it is pretty wasteful to load the video at the start again. The URL I use is:

But it redirects to the YouTube app and then to my intended page.
I already tried to get a link that leads to the player page but it does not seem to exist.


This should work:

Saturday, January 26, 2011

The good, the bad, and the World Cup

After all the weeks of anticipation, excitement, and uncertainty, the World Cup has officially begun. Sure, the matches have already begun (as if it matters at this point), but the World Cup is all about who can be the best in the eyes of the soccer world, and who will be at the other end of the pitch at the end of the day.

I’m a huge soccer fan and I’m excited for this World Cup. In addition to the variety of teams and excellent media coverage, it’s finally football to watch, something that I’ve wanted to watch since puberty. It’s the perfect match up for my passions: serious and fast-paced action, teamwork and strategy, something to think about, and for once, something that is not the typical USA-vs-England fare.

The other thing I’m excited for is the feeling of connection and unity that the entire country seems to be experiencing.

I had to decide on where to watch games. I decided to start off watching the games on laptop, which is so old that it’s really more of a laptop that you use for cheap entertainment when you’re watching football on TV. I’m glad that I did; I got to see the Brazilian keeper “0’ing the goal in” his own net, and it was awesome. It was the first sign that football would be an extremely fun way to watch, and that it would capture my heart in a big way.

However, on television, the TV right now seems to be responding to the World Cup with a drop in ratings.

System Requirements:

Deep Silver has released the latest installment in the award-winning, franchise, The Darkness II. The Darkness II continues the story of The Darkness as she attempts to rescue her daughter and take her rightful place on the throne as the reigning Demon Queen. The Darkness II contains several improvements to the game’s combat system, including the introduction of new skills and combos, as well as a revamped upgrade system. The game features over 100+ new weapons and traps, as well as, countless others that are brand new to the franchise.

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