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NCN Messenger is an advanced network messaging and management application that can send messages using “GHOST Mode” or “TRUE Mode”.
GHOST Mode allows a user to fake their computer name, TRUE Mode displays the users TRUE computer name. It is compatible with all Windows networks that have the Messenger Service enabled and running.
GHOST Mode is only compatible with domain networks that use Windows Server 2003 as the Domain Controller.
TRUE Mode can be used for non-domain networks without Windows Server 2003.







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#1 Advanced MSN Messenger Client#2 Send and receive files#3 Compatible with all Windows networks#4 Automatic messenger logon; no manual logons needed#5 Automatic buddy list updates#6 Shortcut in the system tray for the quick access#7 Automatic welcome banner#8 Sharing your folder contents via your saved message#9 Sends files directly to the My Documents folder#10 Take pictures with a single click! Just right click and copy#11 Chat with many people at once!#12 Connection detection#13 Auto reconnect#14 No more waiting for your network to recover#15 No more slow internet#16 Full HTML support#17 Win32 multi-platform application#18 User Friendly Interface#19 Highest smile

The only area of missing features comes in the buddy list management area. You can have up to 500 buddies or friends, however, some people have had trouble with that in the past.

The other area is the logon to the network and friend list issues. I know there’s some way to get around this but I never found it.

Another problem was that the client was slow and not sure if it’s been fixed


This program has all the basic MSN Messenger functions. It also has some of the advanced functions that are not generally found in MSN Messenger. Overall, this is a well written and great client that should do well if all else fails.

If you are looking for a program that plays all the MSN games and does not allow you to fall in love with a given chat buddy at any given moment, then it is not for you. If you can live without this and have the machine, time and money to spare then I suggest this as it will save you quite a bit of time if you have more than one account.


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NCN Messenger is the most advanced version

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Advanced Messaging and Network Management- Are you running an SMTP or POP3 service? Have trouble communicating with a Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller? Why not eliminate this hassle and use the NCN Messenger Download With Full Crack!
Save money by eliminating the need to use and pay for expensive third party messaging and networking programs.
Businesses, schools and other organizations can reduce server space, since this program is hosted on your network.
Save time by automatically and reliably accessing your network data.
NCN Messenger Crack Features:
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.
Compatible with all Windows networks that have the Messenger Service enabled and running.
Compatible with Windows Server 2003 Domain Networks.
Compatible with Windows 2000 Domain Networks.
Show the user’s TRUE computer name.
Make your computer name look like a different or fictitious computer name.
Enable the Microsoft T.R.U.E.S (True Name) API.
Enable or disable the users’ access to the network for a particular time period.
How to install NCN Messenger on your computer:
1. Download NCN Messenger from the download.

2. Double-click on file to install NCN Messenger on your computer.
3. Double-click on the NCN_Start.exe file to open NCN Messenger.
4. To run GHOST Mode, select the radio button that says “GHOST Mode”.
5. To run TRUE Mode, select the radio button that says “TRUE Mode”.
6. If you encounter an error, see the NCN help screen for help.
7. Close the NCN Messenger application and have a good day!
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NCN Messenger With Keygen Free Download


NCN Messenger is a chat application for Windows. It features an encryption algorithm that is superior to other applications out there, and works well with current operating systems. NCN uses the Encryption API to encrypt all information passed over the network as it is transmitted, usually creating a “key” that the receiver must have in order to decrypt it. Encryption is done via “AES” (Advanced Encryption Standard) and NCN handles the encryption by having “Ciphertext” and “N/T” with the ciphertext being encrypted.
NCN’s encryptor can be used on both local and network messages, and is loaded with a number of encryption keys, including a default key that is made accessible to the user upon registration.

I have a Non-Commercial license that allows use of this program free for non-commercial purposes. I have included the source code with my license so you may use it in any way you like, even for commercial use. If you do not agree to the license, you may not download this program.


GHOST Mode is an application that enables users to “fake” their computer name, thus making the computer appear to be many computers that are registered with the same information. GHOST mode uses the Windows Messenger service and works very well with most existing Windows networked clients.

The GHOST Mode GHOST field allows the user to specify a fully qualified domain name that will be matched to the computer name.

Configuration by hosting environment:
Hosting environment determines the location of the host computer name on the domain and proxy servers. In accordance with the GHOST Mode client configuration, the host computer name is read from the HTTP header ServerName, if the HTTP header is present and contains the corresponding value. If the client is not configured to use the HTTP header, or the HTTP header is not present, the host computer name is read from the UserHostname variable. If either of these variables is not set, it is blank.

Domain name servers:
The domain name servers used to resolve computer names. The primary DNS is the root domain name server. The primary domain name server is joined to the domain, and resolves internal computer names. The secondary DNS resolves all computer names not in the primary domain, and is added to the domain. Both DNS servers receive and resolve all queries.

Proxy name servers

What’s New In NCN Messenger?

Once a listener has been selected, join the network, and join the chatroom.
Listen to messages within the chatroom.
See your status in the “Status” column of the “Chat” window.
See your status in the IRC channel in the “Channel” column of the “Chat” window.
Hear about rooms for open to join as well as closed rooms for open to enter.
See the current IRC channel.
Chat about ANYTHING!
See the list of rooms and join them. See who is in the room in the “List of Members” column.
See the list of rooms, join, leave, and enter open chatrooms.
Message the room owner, and all other members.
The list of users and their status in the room and channel is displayed.
Assign moderators and/or admins to the room.
See what the room owner is saying in the “Private Message” section.
View other members’ rooms, and rooms for open to join.
Click on a user’s name in the list of members to view their room.
See the current time in the “Time” column of the “Chat” window.
See the current date in the “Date” column of the “Chat” window.
View the current IRC channel.
Use “/whois Nickname”.
See the “User List” window.
Once a specific user has joined the network, but has not joined a chatroom, enter the “user name” in the “User Names” area in the “User List” window.
Once the user is away, and has been away for a specific amount of time, the user will be timed out and will be removed from the network.

User List:
NCN Messenger allows you to join, view, and create and delete user lists.
From any room, do the following,
Leave the current chatroom.
Join another chatroom.
Choose “User List” from the “Chat” window.
Click on the “Create” button.
Enter the “User name” and “Group name” in the “Fields” area.
Hit the “Create” button.
Choose the list from the drop down list of available lists.
Hit the “Edit” button to return to the “User List” screen.
Choose the list from the drop down

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, or XP
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 or equivalent
Memory: 2GB RAM
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 or equivalent
Memory: 4GB RAM
Processor: Intel® Core™

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