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Not all game controllers can be enabled or disabled easily, which can lead to issues. If multiple devices are connected, some games may receive unintended input from several sources.
NoJoy is a relatively simple application that lets you turn these devices on or off from a minimalistic user interface. It is very easy to use and can come in very handy, but this is still an early version that may not offer support for certain devices.
Enable or disable game controllers quickly
While certain devices, such as the Xbox One controller, can be turned off with the press of a button, others have to be unplugged or disabled from Device Manager, which is far from an ideal solution.
With this utility, however, you can see every controller that is connected to your PC and disable it with a single mouse click. If you’re looking for a simple way to turn devices on or off, this program will certainly do the job.
Minimalistic user interface
The UI features a very simple design, with a single window where all the detected devices are listed. There is a small button below each icon that can be used to turn them on or off.
However, it would have been nice if it were possible to send the application to the system tray. Since some users may need to switch between devices frequently, being able to keep the program running in an unobtrusive manner would be great.
Early release that may not support some devices
It is important to note that the developer has not specified which game controllers are supported, so it is possible that the one you are using won’t be detected. Until we get more information, however, just go ahead and try it out, as it doesn’t need to be installed before use.
All in all, NoJoy is a small, handy utility that makes it much easier to manage multiple game controllers. It needs a bit more polish, however, and it is unclear which devices are supported at the moment.







NoJoy 0.2.1 Crack+ License Key Full [Latest 2022]

NoJoy Full Crack is a small, simple and light-weight utility that lets you enable or disable your connected Game Controllers, Joystick or other Input Devices with the click of a button.
NoJoy Product Key is primarily designed to enable/disable your game controllers whenever you switch between gaming consoles or just to enable/disable various devices from your PC or other system components to save you from troubleshooting useless drivers.
NoJoy Crack For Windows Features:
1. NoJoy enables or disables various game controllers with just the click of a button and is highly sensitive to the device name. NoJoy works fine with both wired and wireless controllers.
2. NoJoy also lets you disable game controllers that are not listed in Device Manager but detected by NoJoy.
3. NoJoy displays all connected controllers on the taskbar. You can select any of them to enable/disable it with a single mouse click.
4. NoJoy is very lightweight, requires no installation and can be run from any directory. NoJoy uses system tray icon, so it can work with both home users as well as power users. It also requires very less memory and does not require any time-intensive scanning.
NoJoy Requirements:
1. Windows XP or higher
2. Minimum 1 GB RAM
3. DirectX 9 or later
NoJoy Homepage:

NoJoy File Details:
Size – 10.6 MB
Download NoJoy – Enable/Disable Game Controllers With The Click Of A Button
Source :

Activate game controllers with ControllerConfig.

General menu will now appear, from there you can configure controller settings.


In this video we will guide you on how to turn on or off your game controllers using NoJoy, a tiny application that allows you to do this with the click of a button. The application is totally free and does not need installation.

Gameplay Footage

To help you get the most from your game controller,

Full release with Thank You email

If you’re interested in what you’ll find in the full NoJoy,

NoJoy Manual Page

As a Thank

NoJoy 0.2.1 For PC

NoJoy 2022 Crack is a small and easy to use utility that allows you to enable and disable game controllers connected to your PC.
You can see all connected controllers and easily enable or disable them with a single mouse click. If you have multiple controllers, you will be able to see them all at once and turn them all on and off with a single click.
Currently, the following game controllers are supported:
– Xbox One controller
– PS4 controllers
– PC mouse
– Keyboard and mouse
Supported game controllers can be enabled or disabled in few clicks.
NoJoy Free Download doesn’t need any installation and can be launched from one click. You just need to create an account to log in.
Supported game controllers:
– Xbox One controller
– PS4 controllers
– PC mouse
– Keyboard and mouse
NoJoy License
NoJoy is freeware. It was designed and created using only free and open source programs, and does not require any warranty or registration. There are no bundled components or downloads, and there is no annoying advertising.
NoJoy is completely free, and there is no hidden cost.
Go to the developer’s website to find out more information about the full version.

1.3 (11/12/2014) – Updated the UI
Fixed a problem with controller disabling.
Fixed some other issues.

1.2 (08/20/2014) – Compatibility with Windows 10 Update (14316)
Added support for Xbox One controllers.
Added support for the PS4 Dualshock 4 controllers
Fixed a bug that prevented certain controllers to be disabled properly.

1.1 (06/17/2014) – Compatibility with Windows 10 Update (14215)
Added support for PS4 Dualshock 4 controllers.
Improved the loading time of the program.

1.0 (06/12/2014) – Alpha release
Added support for the Wii U Pro Controller and Windows VX mouse.
Added support for Xbox 360 gamepad.
Added support for all other controllers.
Added support for new and existing controllers.
Removed compatibility with older operating systems.

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Control multiple game controllers at once.

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What’s New In?

NoJoy is a very simple, fast and free program that lists all the hardware that is connected to your computer as well as being able to turn it off / on. It has it’s own built in configuration interface so you do not need to have any fiddling or drivers installed.
– What devices are you trying to turn on/off
All the USB, Bluetooth, DP, VGA and other devices connected to your PC. You can also turn any serial, parallel, game port, SCSI, and other supported devices you want on or off. To use you only need a mouse and click to turn them on or off.
– What languages do you support?
English and German

A Beta application which does not display which devices are connected to my system. Does not detect any USB, Remote Desktop or Multimedia Device Controller devices as well as all of the other devices I have connected via Blue-Tooth (which is the only method I have found to connect to the “My joysticks are all shut off” exe).

Update: The settings for Windows Device Manager are reset when reboot
I was trying to solve an issue with multiple game controllers on my home desktop by enabling/disabling them with the settings in Windows Device Manager. I selected the option to enable the “Joysticks” category, with the expectation that I would be able to disable the controllers I do not want to use for games.
After rebooting my desktop, it seemed to have reset the settings for Device Manager which meant that all of the controllers were still enabled, and the program NoJoy no longer worked (even though the controllers showed up in the Device Manager).

Worse than that, NoJoy shows up as being installed on my system, as if it still existed, as I am currently logged in. But the exe keeps “Loading” as it should be loading, and there is no option to start.

I deleted the files and tried to reinstall NoJoy, but the exe crashes when trying to connect to it.

1. Details & Screenshots

Windows XP, Windows 7

Browsers: Chrome, IE, Firefox

Programs (Up-to-date):
NoJoy — 7.1.1 (Tested & works)
NoJoy Pro — 7.1.1 (Tested & works)

1) Start your computer. [Press and hold] the [on]-button on the front of your computer for 5

System Requirements For NoJoy:

Minimum Specifications:
Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 4850 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive Space: 10 GB
Additional Notes: Erebor software requires a hard drive, so make sure it’s there and available. If you don’t have an external hard drive, connect your hard drive to another PC, format it, and install Erebor on

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