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Phonebook System is a software application you can use to maintain an address book with contacts. You can gather all personal and business details about persons and keep them stored in an optimized database that occupies little space on the disk.
Needs .NET Framework to work properly
The downloaded package contains the .exe file and the database item, which can be dropped into any folder on the disk or transferred to a USB flash drive to seamlessly launch the tool on any computer.
Since it auto-updates the database file, you should make sure you're not running it from a write-protected device. Moreover, .NET Framework must be installed on the PC, otherwise it won't work.
Attractive interface for adding contacts info
The interface is clear-cut, represented by a large window with a neatly structured layout and an elegant appearance.
New contacts can be added by filling in personal details about the identifier, title, first, middle and last name, birthday and photo, in addition to phone, fax and mobile numbers, web links, and email addresses.
Easily manage contact details
Company details concern the company name, country, state, city, zip code, address, phone number, and notes. It's possible to add as many contacts as you want while keeping in mind that this affects the database file.
Their properties can be edited anytime, or their entries can be removed from the list if you change your mind. In the main window of the application, you can also find out the date of creation and last modification of each contact. Information can be printed.
Evaluation and conclusion
The software product worked smoothly in our testing, without hanging, crashing or prompting errors. It had low impact on the computer's performance, using low CPU and RAM. Thanks to its intuitive GUI and options, Phonebook System can be easily handled by all user levels.







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Business.NET Phonebook System is a software application you can use to maintain an address book with contacts..NET Phonebook System can be used to track all personal and business details about persons and keep them stored in an optimized database that occupies little space on the disk.It is also useful for collecting and managing non-enterprise contacts, including personal contacts, students, business contacts or just the people who belong to the same companies and organizations that you do.
The application has the following features:
* Organize contacts into names, birthdays, titles, addresses, phone, fax, email, cell phone, social networks and web links.
* Add new contacts in three simple steps: 1) choose, enter and verify.
* Edit or delete contacts.
* Share contacts with others and print them.
* Import contacts from.CSV files.
* Choose backgrounds, colors and fonts.
* Split contacts into sub-entries to add information about different groups.
* Organize contact folders in different ways.
* Change the display mode between grid and card.
* Export or import contact databases to.CSV files.
* Use the built-in Zebra paper printer.
Package Includes:
* A.NET Phonebook System Stand-Alone.exe installers file.
* A.NET Phonebook System Database.mdb file.
* Zebra Printer Driver.
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Phonebook System License Keygen Download For Windows

Manage contacts, business cards and calendars with one software solution
Phonebook System offers a wide variety of tools and functionalities for phone book management.
Easily manage contacts, and save them in a database
Phonebook System can handle contacts from your memory cards, as well as from most mobile phones.
Gather and organize information about your contacts
The software offers many other features for organizing contacts, including the possibility of importing and exporting contacts to most formats. With Phonebook System, you can easily search for contacts by using their first name, last name, and email address.
Set reminders for contact details
When you associate a contact with a reminder, you can invite him to a phone call or meeting. In addition, you can attach an alarm with reminder sounds.
Automatically upload your contacts to a PST file
You can easily copy the phone numbers and emails in your contacts, and upload them to a personal storage software such as Excel, which lets you organize and manage all information.
Manage calendars and events with one tool
Phonebook System can synchronize calendars and events from your mobile phone or your PC. The software also allows you to publish event reminders, and search for them.
Stay connected with family and friends
When you use this tool, you can easily manage your contacts.
When you need to go further with your contact details, the application provides a simple and flexible solution for organizing and managing contacts.
Staying in touch, through mobile phone, email, messenger, instant messaging, and web sites
It’s not always possible to be in touch. Phonebook System, that can easily be integrated with your mobile phone, can do the job for you.
With this tool, you can stay in touch, stay organized and stay in control.
A comprehensive solution for phone book management
Phonebook System helps you manage your phonebook data in many ways.
A system that makes life easy
It’s a complete solution, which makes life easier.
Contact details are instantly available
The contacts you manage are immediately available, always up-to-date and organized.
Smart integration
Phonebook System is easy to use and integrates with many other applications.
Set reminders, search for contacts, synchronize your mobile phone and stay in touch with family and friends.
A low cost solution
Phonebook System features an affordable price.
Accepts.NET 4
Phonebook System includes.NET 4, and requires the.NET Framework 4.
Serverless data base

Phonebook System Activation [2022]

Manage contacts from any PC – Phonebook System is the most user-friendly Address Book. This program will speed up your work with contacts.
Here is what you get:
· Data base with over 1.5 million contacts.
· Color coded database with up to 1.000 contacts.
· Insert new contacts from any window.
· Edit contacts.
· Text Search.
· Sort and print contacts.
· Clear contacts list.
· Add new contacts from any window.
· Print contacts list.
· Rename contacts.
· Edit contacts.
· Remove contacts.
· Sort contacts.
· Add one more tab.
· Create categories.
· Sort contacts by categories.
· Search contacts by name or phone number.
· Edit contacts.
· Delete contacts.
· Import and Export contacts.
· Multiple contacts interface.
· Add multiple contact.
· Delete multiple contacts.
· Import multiple contacts.
· Export multiple contacts.
· Convert contacts to raw text.
· Import contacts from any text-file.
· Import contacts from any email message.
· Merge contacts.
· Add multiple email message attachments.
· Export contacts as raw text.
· Export contacts as HTML.
· Add multiple HTML files.
· Resize all contacts.
· Resize icons of all contacts.
· Resize position of headers of all contacts.
· Create multiple reports.
· Print all reports.
· Print HTML-based reports.
· Export contacts to HTML.
· Export contacts to HTML.
· Search contacts by name or email.
· Record all contacts.
· Copy contacts to Clipboard.
· Paste contacts from Clipboard.
· New Properties dialog box.
· Property sheet.
· Change background color of window.
· Status bar.
· Preview contacts as icons.
· Preview contacts as table.
· Read contacts from text-file.
· Search contacts from any text-file.
· Search contacts from database.
· Search contacts from HTML-pages.
· Search contacts from email messages.
· Print all contacts.
· Print contacts from any window.
· Find contacts of all windows.
· Find contacts of any windows.
· Print contacts by categories.
· Print contacts by date.
· Sort contacts by categories.
· Sort contacts by date.
· Add one more tab.
· Delete one more tab

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