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The best way to truly master Photoshop is through proper training from a professional photographer with years of experience in using the program, but if you’re eager to learn the basics you’ll find all the tools you need to get off the ground in this chapter.

Figure 1-1 shows Photoshop’s default workspace.

Photoshop Elements

There are three versions of Photoshop that are part of the Elements line. These are the versions that you should purchase if you’re serious about learning to create sophisticated photo editing projects. In Figure 1-1, the Elements version is third from the left and is the gray toolbox. A full version of Photoshop also includes a version of Elements.

An image in Elements can be used as a template for the full version. Even if you don’t actually make any changes to the image when you use Elements, the program automatically updates the image with the changes you make.

Photoshop touch

In addition to the desktop version Photoshop and Elements, Adobe offers Photoshop touch. Photoshop touch is designed to work on the iPad and iPhone. It allows you to access the image editor without a mouse by touching a finger on the screen for interactive editing.

You can use Photoshop touch to edit your camera RAW and JPEG images when you have a free version of the software. However, you’re required to purchase the full version if you want to do any advanced image editing.

Photoshop touch allows you to edit your JPEG images, and in the future, Photoshop for Mac and Windows may include the capability to edit RAW images with touch as well. However, right now, it’s limited to JPEG images.

**Figure 1-1:** This is what the default Photoshop workspace looks like.

Knowing Your Way Around the Work Space

Although the default Photoshop workspace may look familiar, you can customize it, as shown in Figure 1-2.

**Figure 1-2:** The image in the background is the layer content.

Understanding the workspace

You may not realize it, but most of the elements of Photoshop’s workspace are relative. That is, the controls and features on the workspace are all related to the size and shape of the image and the size and shape of your monitor.

So what exactly does the shape of the workspace represent? Think of your monitor as a flat box. The top left corner of the flat box represents the upper left corner of your monitor. The lower right corner represents the lower right corner of the flat box.

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Photoshop comes with a free version that is available to download as an installer on Windows computers, and as a portable application on macOS and Linux. It is free to download for personal use and up to five users can use the Photoshop program on a single computer.

The Bitmap tool is a 2D tool that creates or modifies pixels in a bitmap image. The tool applies the paintbrush and text effects to areas within a bitmap image.

The Brush tool is a 2D tool that is used to draw new shapes or paths in an image or other graphics. The brush can be imported, copied or saved to and from image. The active brush can be modified with its tools, and new brushes can be created and added.

The Channel tool is a 2D tool that is used to create composite channels or layers. A Channel tool can be added to a layer, and it creates or modifies images made up of channels.

The Crop tool is a 2D tool that is used to crop an image. The Crop tool is similar to the marquee tool, but it can be used to crop images. The Crop tool can also be used to resize an image to any size. The Crop tool can be imported, copied or saved to and from image.

The Curves tool is a 2D tool that modifies the black point, white point, and overall image contrast of an image. The Curves tool can be imported, copied or saved to and from image. It can also be used to adjust the Hue-Saturation color wheel.

The Paint Bucket tool is a 2D tool that is used to select an area of an image. The Paint Bucket tool can be imported, copied or saved to and from image.

The Palette tool is a 2D tool that is used to customize the look of the layers in an image. The Palette tool is similar to the Channel tool, but it can only be used to change the Look & Feel channel.

The Pencil tool is a 2D tool that is used to draw lines in an image. The Pencil tool can be added to an existing or new layer, and it creates or modifies shapes in an image.

The Pixel Bender tool is a 2D tool that is used to modify or create pixels in an image or other graphics. The Pixel Bender tool can be imported, copied or saved to and from image.

The Plugin tool is a 2D tool

Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4)

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