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Although you may have heard Photoshop referred to as both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop CS, CS means the fourth version of the program. The previous version was Photoshop 4.0. The newer versions are Photoshop CS (CS means “Certified Satisfactory”). You can download them for free at ``.

When designing an image for the web, your goal is to create an image that fits the screen exactly, from the top to the bottom. You want the end product to be displayed at a very high resolution. You may be tempted to create your design at a low resolution to cut costs and save time, only to find that later when you want to make it bigger, you have to resize it all over again — and at a lower resolution. (For more about designing for the web, see the earlier section “Designing images for the web.”)

Photoshop CS version 5.0

You can open Photoshop CS version 5.0 with a single click on the Download Adobe Photoshop CS (Windows) or the Mac Installer (Mac) at `` and download the installer, either via a direct download or via a secure download through the Adobe Systems Web site.

Photoshop CS version 6.0

If you’re a Photoshop newbie, you can download the free trial of Photoshop CS version 6.0 by following the link at ``. You have to register for an Adobe ID (at ``) and then click the Install Photoshop 6.0 button to download the program. You also need to install the Adobe AIR (Accelerated Integrated Runtime) plug-in, which you can download from Adobe’s Web site.

After you have the program, you create a CS6.0 document by default. To open this file, look for it in the main window, or create a new document, press the New button, and then change the file type to Photoshop CS6. Be sure that the Edit in Photoshop check box is selected in the Create New Document dialog box.

You can also make this document your default workspace and open all future Photoshop CS6 documents by default by dragging your current file onto the Photoshop 6.0 icon in the dock, or by pressing Command + 1.

You can also save your image as a Photoshop 6.0 document by selecting File⇒

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How Do I Get Photoshop to Open?

Opening Photoshop in Windows 7 requires following a few steps to set up the program.

1.Open up Start Menu and open Control Panel by clicking on Start Menu and then clicking on the Search button, and type control Panel on the search bar.



2. Click on the Control Panel Search Results button in the Control Panel window that opens.

3. Click on the Programs button that is located at the top of the Control Panel.

4. Click the Microsoft Office button and then click on Programs and Features button in the right side.

5. Double-click the Adobe Photoshop Extension (Automatic) icon under Programs and Features (Left side).


6. You’ll see a list of applications available to you (Right side).

7. You may click on the Adobe Photoshop Extensions (Automatic) button. Then the dialog box below the list of programs will open.

8. Click on the Continue button to download the Photoshop programs.


9. Once you have downloaded Photoshop, you’ll notice a new icon (Somewhat like the Windows System icon). Right-click on it and move the icon to the place of your choice.

10. Open the program by double-clicking on the Photoshop icon.

11. Your computer will ask if you would like to run Photoshop. Click the Yes button or press Enter to open the program.


If you have installed Photoshop but you can’t see the program on your system, try these things:

Make sure the computer hasn’t detected the program as a different operating system. If it does, do the following to fix the problem. This can take a while.

Click Start and then click Control Panel.

Double-click on System and then click on the Change the Control Panel’s settings button (looks like a wheel).

Then click on the Change the Control Panel’s settings button (looks like a wheel). Then click on the Computer icon in the top right corner.

Click the System icon (top left).

Click the File System tab.

Click on the Advanced Options button (looks like a DOS window).

In the Advanced Options window, click on the MS-DOS Prompt item.

Click on the

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System Requirements For Free Download Photoshop Actions For Portraits:

RAM: Minimum 2 GB, recommended 4 GB.
CPU: Intel Quad-Core 2.4 GHz
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Download Linker
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