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* **Lightroom**. The Lightroom program enables photographers and designers to edit, retouch, and organize images. Use it in concert with Photoshop for even greater control and productivity.

The program stores images in a catalog where you can search and edit them.

* **GIMP**. GIMP is a free program for retouching images. You may also want to use it for organizing and printing images.

## Selecting and Building an Image

The earliest computer graphics were done in the days before computers were powerful enough to handle complex image creations. Professionals and hobbyists had to construct a plot in order to create a picture.

After creating a final, plotted image, a professional could place it on a glass plate and develop it with a film. This process took time, and many professionals worked with small batches of images to test the techniques they would use in their final piece.

Today, using graphics programs such as Photoshop enables you to build a picture all at once. The result is much faster and more complex.

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Before Adobe Photoshop, there was a set of tools that were commonly used for editing graphics. Photoshop has replaced this older set of tools, but Photoshop Elements offers most of these tools and it’s possible to use Photoshop Elements and Photoshop at the same time if you prefer.

There are two ways to edit photos.

Select the photo you want to edit, activate the editing tool, and press the right mouse button to set the sliders.

The direct way is inconvenient because it requires you to use the four or five buttons of your mouse. You also have to use a tool like the zoom tool to see the photos in the Photoshop Elements Editor.

The second way is to use the sliders provided by the Edit menu.

These sliders control the brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, sharpness and hue on the Photo.

You can also use the Curves tool to add color and gradients to photos.

Opening an image in the photo library

To open images in the photo library, click the Emblems icon in the toolbox.

Select “open as” then select “photo library” (or “import”).

The images are sorted in the photo library according to the date that they were imported and alphabetically.

You can browse them by date and click the first image to open them in the Photo Editor.

You can also use the search tool in the toolbar to display the image you are looking for.

Use the “Paste and Lookup” tool to find images that are similar to a photo you want to edit.


Photoshop has at least four layers (Masks, Layers, Channels and Components).

A Photoshop document is a set of layers that contain some information about the image.

Photoshop Elements has only one layer for the image.

In the layer properties, you can assign a name to the layer so you can identify which layer is the background, which is the image, and which is the face.

The “Document properties” section contains the following important properties:

Layer name (or ‘Background layer’)

Face layer name

Object layer name

This image will be used as the background, and the face will be the active layer.

Click the eye icon to display the dialog box with the active layer.

Select the face layer and use the “Paste into

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System Requirements For Photoshop CS3:

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista
OS X 10.11 or later
processor: 2.8 GHz Dual Core Intel Core 2 Duo (Intel or AMD)
memory: 1 GB RAM
video: 512 MB VRAM
speakers: stereo speakers, headphones, computer/gaming headset
Keyboard, mouse.
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