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Nowadays, it seems that there are software solutions for almost anything you need so if you're studying advanced chemistry then you should definitely check out PhysProps.
It's an advanced and complex application that lets you view properties of chemical formals and make all sort of calculations. It comes with everything that you might need, including a periodical table with details on elements and the option to make all sort of settings.
Easy-to-use interface with plenty of tools at hand
The application doesn't take long to install and it opens with a very intuitive graphical interface that has all features at hand.
The GUI is quite clean and it comes with some instructions that you can check out, in case you needed some tips on how to use this application. It has a quick shortcut to the calculator and there are plenty of tools that you can use.
Check the periodical table
You have the option to check the periodical table and get details on all elements, like the name, symbol, orbitals, balance, electronegativity, atomic radius, weight number and more.
You can check the crystal structure and read the description and select elements by name. Change the units of measurement and pick from metric units, units and imperial engineering units. Pick the unit for temperature, pressure, energy, volume and more.
Make all sort of calculations
You have the option to change the data base properties and select components. Load all sort of formals and get properties, like molecular weight, pressure, volume, melting point and heat of combustion if applicable.
You can also adjust temperature and read properties in a table. Use the application to calculate all sort of things like liquid head capacity, liquid density, viscosity and more. You can also change the surface tension and adjust vapor therm conditions.
All in all, PhysProps is a very nice application that helps users make all sort of chemical calculations, check formulas and the periodical table with all sort of details.







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PhysProps Crack + Free

PhysProps – Molecular Properties-Chemical Formals:
Physical properties of chemicals may be found from chemical formals listed in chemical databases, such as Molport.
Depending on chemical database, they may contain more or less detailed information about chemical molecule, including names of atoms, substituents, isotopic composition, bond orders and ring systems.
PhysProps provides chemical formals from a variety of chemical databases, including Molport.
It is also possible to create your own chemical formals and define their properties using format definition in a new file using physicochemical properties calculator.
Forget about lab skills and create your own chemical formals in a fraction of second!
PhysProps combines several unique features that are not offered by any other application:
Molecule Calculations from chemical formals:
Periodical Table Report
Calculate all sort of physical properties from chemical formals.
Add atoms to formals and get a list of properties.
Calculate thermochemical properties (heat of formation, enthalpy of formation, enthalpy of sublimation, ice point etc.), structural properties, calculate surface tension, calculate liquid volume, calculate vapor pressure and more.
Check physical properties on any kind of chemical and much more.
Dose not require any physical chemistry lab skills and includes all sort of properties.
Over five years experience in developing chemistry software.
Physical chemistry software for engineering students, research chemists, chemists and organics chemists.
Chemical formals: chemical formula, CAS number, SMILES, IUPAC format, molecular weight, net charge, rotational energy, atomic mass, density, vapour pressure, boiling point, etc.
CAS No: structure, atomic number, and element name;
Molport number: IUPAC name, substituents, molecular weight and structure;
Molport B: ball and stick model with atomic number, connectivity and single bond info. Add atomic number and get rotational energy.
Have ChemCalc or NuCalc?
It won’t be too difficult to switch from ChemCalc to PhysProps if you’re currently using ChemCalc.
Always an easy mode to switch.
Following an easy, intuitive interface, with plenty of quick access to tools and available functions.
Collect in a single, easy, Intuitive interface:
Results report of all sort of calculations.
Advanced formatting to quickly change formatting of a field.

PhysProps Free Registration Code

Physics Properties Calculator


PhysProps is a chemical physics software. It lets you calculate:

Radiative properties of molecules


Dissociation energy

Condensation energy

Melting and boiling points

Leakage currents

X-ray scattering factors

Electronic conductivity

The application is free of charge and open source.

Note: PhysProps calculates physical properties of molecules directly without the use of chemical reaction input.

The physics of liquids and solids are treated in a unified manner using the fundamental concept of dimensionless properties.

The application covers a wide range of solutions: aqueous solutions, sugar solutions, non-aqueous solutions, saturated vapors, supercritical fluids, solid and liquid metals, minerals, aqueous and non-aqueous mixtures, bulk suspensions, unary and binary mixtures, ionic liquids, amorphous and crystalline solids.

Physics Properties Calculator

PhysProps is a chemical physics software that lets you calculate a wide range of physical properties. In this tutorial, we will explore the application and learn how to use it.

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How to use PhysProps

How to use PhysProps

Lets see how to use the application.

Open PhysProps.

Start a new project

Select a name for the project.

Select the unit to be used for the calculations.

Set the unit to be used for the input of data.

If you are not sure which unit to use, you can choose Imperial Engineering.

You can choose a number of water molecules (n) or a number of aqueous ions (a).

It’s very important to get a value for n or a, because it will affect the properties calculated.

If you want to use the standard conditions, use n = a, and if you want to use only some of the physical constants then set a lower limit.

Change the temperature range in case the standard temperature is too high or too low for your set up.

In this tutorial we will use standard conditions, so n = a.

This setting will be stored as the default value.

When you open the application again, you can quickly change the previous

What’s New in the PhysProps?

PhysProps is an application for viewing and calculating the properties of chemical compounds. It allows you to check the formula of compounds and change input parameters, like pressure, temperature, ideal gas, compression and expansion, vapor therm, and surface tension.
It also has a database that lets you check a property of elements, like melting temperature, boiling temperature, melting point, most stable form, disassociation energy, vapor pressure and more.
You can also adjust temperature and read properties of liquids and solids, like density, viscosity, vapor therm, surface tension, and many more.
PhysProps is completely free, can be downloaded with a single click and doesn’t take long to install.

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What is Google Sheet?
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Setting-up Google Sheet
The application is pretty easy to use, though may need some configuration.
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Pick the template you want to use and confirm it.
That’s all for setting-up the application.
Simple interface with all the features you need
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If you’ve never used a spreadsheet application before, Google Sheet is a good way to start.
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Dual-core or faster (AMD or Intel)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 460
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Processor: Quad-core or faster (AMD or Intel)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 560

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