Portable EF AutoSync 2.70 Crack With Keygen (Updated 2022)


It's always a good idea to keep an extra copy of important files in case unexpected events occur. In this regard, synchronization and backup utilities can be found all over the Internet, fitted with more or less helpful features. As such, you'll find that Portable EF AutoSync isn't just a lightweight safety plan for files and folders, but has a lot more power stored under the hood.
Can be used on the go
As the name suggests, you don't need to install this edition on your PC for proper functionality. For a backup utility, this is a major advantage because at least one target folder can be kept along with the application itself on a USB flash drive so you can synchronize data with multiple computers.
Simple design makes it easy to use
You might be a little confused when first running the application, with a simple, compact main window greeting you and a small toolbar holding several buttons. Most of the space is empty, but it's used to display all created tasks, which you arrange as you see fit and equip with menus or separators.
Oddly enough, a task can be created out of any element present in your list, namely menus, separators, as well as the jobs themselves. This provides some degree of flexibility, as no space is wasted whatsoever.
Multiple sync methods and filters to apply
The creation process is incredibly thorough, but easy to set up. You can add multiple pairs of folders to a single task, with the possibility to pick whether or not it's part of a removable disk drive with a fixed drive letter. Additionally, you can edit a task and temporarily exclude specific folders from the process.
A fair number of synchronization methods are bundled up in a drop-down menu. Below you find a list of actions that literally define the task. So whether you pick mirror, augment, refresh, update, consolidation or bidirectional, corresponding actions are ticked. Another advantage is that you can fine-tune each process, because options are not locked, regardless of your choice.
Furthermore, the application lets you apply custom filters to better define each job. With a few mouse clicks, folders and files are only managed if date / time, length or attributes like archive, read only, system or hidden are met.
Manage tasks from the tray icon
When not defining jobs, the application quietly sits in the system tray not to take up precious desktop space. The dedicated icon is fitted with various controls for quick access, trigger and editing. Moreover, a built-in in scheduler gives you the possibility to create planned tasks according to time, add delay or make them recurrent.
To sum it up
Bottom line is that Portable EF AutoSync deserves a seat at the winners table. Although simplicity might cause some confusion at first, you quickly manage to find your way around. The abundance and diversity of conditions you can apply make it possible to create tasks that meet any demand. To further add to practicality and flexibility, this edition doesn't waste any time with deployment, making it a must-have after a fresh install of Windows.







Portable EF AutoSync 2.70 [Latest 2022]

The information presented in the table above may not be presented in all versions of Windows. Therefore, the table may not be 100% accurate or up-to-date. For a version of Windows, see Help and Support Center for more information.


Worrying about your computer and the data on it can be quite a challenging job for many users. First and foremost, there’s the issue of saving files and folders you need on a regular basis. It’s also crucial to protect them from any kind of damage or loss, as well as being easy to access. It’s also important to keep up with updates of applications and possibly entire operating systems. A problem with Windows, of course, is that it likes to swap these on you, so you’re always in a rush to get it all set up.
There are a great many backup solutions on the market, but they often cause complications, lack of integration or are slow to manage. To fix all that, a couple of years ago we at Tech Support Alert tried to bring together a whole set of application for Windows that really work as you’d want. In a nutshell, we aimed to create a highly flexible, easy-to-use, multilingual and cross-platform application that would not only provide an extra safety plan for your files, but also be quick and efficient to set up. In that regard, we created Portable EF AutoSync.
What’s inside?
One of the first things you’ll notice about this edition is that it’s packed with features. Although very lightweight, we never intend to be in a hurry to chop off functionality. To provide the user the best possible experience, we aim to offer a minimum of fuss but without any compromise in quality and usability.
One of the additional great aspects of this edition is that it’s compatible with a wide range of devices. As such, you can synchronize files and folders to an external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, external CD and more. In addition, it runs on mobile phones and tablet devices, so you can have a highly portable tool at your fingertips. Moreover, the program will serve files and folders no matter what operating system is running on the target device, so it can also run on external media that aren’t directly connected to your PC or mobile device.
Furthermore, Portable EF AutoSync has its own built-in scheduler, so you can plan your tasks and set recurrence to avoid being too forgetful. This is something that

Portable EF AutoSync 2.70 Crack + [Win/Mac]

Portable EF AutoSync Overview:

Ease of Use: 5/5

Application is a great software

Quality of its Product: 5/5

Many useful options

User Interface: 5/5

Very simple

Value for Money: 5/5


Portable EF AutoSync Downlaod Link:

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OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

How to download and install Portable EF AutoSync:

First of all, download the Portable Ef AutoSync Crack from the link given below this article.
Then run setup.exe file.
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Portable EF AutoSync 2.70 Crack With License Code

Give your life some extra meaning with Portable EF AutoSync! Just by using Portable EF AutoSync, you can manage your business activities in a very effective way. With Portable EF AutoSync, it is possible to keep your life more organized, your information more secure, and your files portable. The program allows you to create, edit, and perform synchronization tasks on a whole range of storage devices (smartphone, USB flash drive, SD card, internal hard drive, et cetera) just in a few mouse clicks. You can use all major types of flash storage devices like USB pen drives, SD cards, SDHC cards, Compact flash, USB hard drives and many more. The program provides various synchronization features like mirroring, shadowing, synchronization, asyncronous, synchronous and incrementals synchronization. All these features can be enabled or disabled individually. The program also supports encryption of files. This unique feature allows you to keep your files protected, even when you transfer them to other flash drives or to the cloud. The program includes all features that may be required for you to keep your personal information safe and organized.
Key features
Easy synchronization of files:
With Portable EF AutoSync, it is possible to keep your life more organized, your information more secure, and your files portable. The program allows you to create, edit, and perform synchronization tasks on a whole range of storage devices (smartphone, USB flash drive, SD card, SDHC card, Compact flash, USB hard drives and many more).
Manage tasks:
Using Portable EF AutoSync, you can create, edit, and perform synchronization tasks on a whole range of storage devices (smartphone, USB flash drive, SD card, SDHC card, Compact flash, USB hard drives and many more) just in a few mouse clicks.
Advanced features:
This unique feature allows you to keep your files protected, even when you transfer them to other flash drives or to the cloud.
User interface and installation:
Portable EF AutoSync has a very simple user interface. You can check the task list easily. You can manage the synchronization, encryption, backup and more from the main window. The program is easy to understand and easy to install.
The most essential features:
Create, edit, and perform synchronization tasks on a whole range of storage devices (smartphone, USB flash drive, SD card, SDHC card, Compact flash, USB hard drives and many more) just in a few mouse clicks.
Manage tasks:

What’s New in the Portable EF AutoSync?

You can easily create, edit and delete your folders, either using the graphical interface or command-line options. Folders are synchronized at intervals, so you can manually define them and configure them to meet your own needs, whether you want a daily or weekly scan. The folder manager can be called from the command line and was designed to avoid problems when checking updates.

The application comes with loads of filenames, so it’s important that you enable filters on the folder managers, including you find the databases with keywords and regular expressions.

When it comes to file management, the basics are in place. You can search for files by name, size, owner, date, last modified, creation and modification dates. And because Portable EF AutoSync is a portable application, it doesn’t need to create a database if it can’t find one to use.

Archiver tools such as Portable EF AutoSync make it possible to compress and uncompress files. The software includes an options section, and you can operate it from the toolbar in the main window. There, you have access to all the options included in the Portable EF AutoSync.

Portable EF AutoSync gives you a detailed overview of all the files that are being dragged or dropped into the folder manager window. You can view, modify and close all the files and folders, as well as manage searchs with the search tool.

As for the advanced features, the menus are quite big and help you choose either the most common tasks or the ones you need more detailed information about. Having said that, you’ll find that you can use Portable EF AutoSync in a way that makes its functionality extremely comprehensive.


Windows XP SP1

* Portable EF AutoSync is free to use but to use the on demand scanner, you may need to purchase a license. It is available for download at www.portable-ef.com.

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Key Features

The following table shows what features are available in this software and how they are integrated with the rest of the program. The second column shows whether the feature is in the program and


System Requirements For Portable EF AutoSync:

OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7;
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or AMD Athlon Dual Core 2.8 GHz;
Memory: 2GB RAM;
Hard Disk: 12GB of available hard disk space for installation;
Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 550 TI or AMD HD 7970 or Intel HD 4000;
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible, 15.1 channel Sound Blasters;
DirectX: 9.0c compatible;


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